BBBB10 Is Magnetic North moving – or Geographical North?

Monday, 16th July, 2,012.



Polar Shift??


What KIND of a Polar Shift am I talking about??

Some confusion here.

Earth has a North Pole and a South Pole. Two GEOGRAPHICAL physical poles. As do many objects. Whether they carry magnetism or not.

There is a North MAGNETIC Pole,too. Only The North end being magnetized(currently the north is magnetized).
We hear a lot about the magnetic pole moving towards Russia faster and faster, currently 40 miles per year. This pole is caused by motions in the liquid iron part of Earth’s core. It moves around per the fluctuations in the liquid iron.
The GEOGRAPHICAL physical poles(north and south) – are fixed.
The Earth is a solid sphere(more or less spherical)(a spheroid actually). With a crust, mantle, liquid iron outer core and solid iron inner core – in that order – going down within.
This is what we are taught – by orthodox science upon this subject. Just the very basic verities.


However, I have learned differently over time.

I will state MY findings:-


1. The Earth is HOLLOW.(As are all large igneous bollides.) With a hole at each end – leading down into THE GREAT WITHIN.(When the liquid Earth cooled, CENTRIFUGAL FORCE obliged it to have the inner molten fluid cleave to the sides, and leave two holes, plus a small core at centre, one at each end, called poles. It then solidifies in this shape. What else can it do?? It is SOLID Earth(or whatever solidified igneous globe) that is STUPID!!(Hollow globes, including Earth, are a LAW OF PHYSICS’ REQUIREMENT!!)

2. The core is a PLASMIC(but still magnetic) red sun. The Inner Sun.

3. There is the outer lithosphere crust. And there is the inner asthenosphere crust. One on top of the other. This double crust surface BENDS AROUND, down through the two holes, – to form The Inner Surface of The Earth.(Lava only goes down a little way. It only gets hotter as we descend – UP TO A POINT, and then gets cooler again.)(Lava,etc. is inside of THE DOUBLE CRUST SHELL, NOT within The Hollow INTERIOR!!)
4. The Inner World is temperate, about 73 degrees Fahrenheit CONSTANTLY. No night. Because of the small red inner sun. VERY inhabited. Similar to the outer surface – except that everything is double size.

The inhabitants don’t fall off because gravity generally points to CENTRE OF MASS – regardless of the visual aspect. So they don’t walk around upside down in there, any more than the people at The Antipodes stand upon their heads!!
Just a little prelude.



The Earth has a crust about 400 miles thick. I live upon the OUTER surface. Along with those I am sending this to.



Geographical North Pole is the PHYSICAL uppermost point. South is diametrically opposite.

Magnetic North is where the PLASMA dictates.


But is this IN FACT right?
Might not Magnetic North be true North, and the alleged topmost(The Physical GEOGRAPHIC North) point be the one that wanders around?

Which would mean that this fleeing North Magnetic Pole was actually stationary. But the physical north pole be the one moving!
In other words – A Polar Shift!


There IS a Polar Shift ON. But what is moving is the PHYSICAL, GEOGRAPHICAL pole – not the magnetic one!
There is an alternative explanation. The DOUBLE CRUST of The Earth is moving! Taking with it the so-called Magnetic North Pole!
Now WHICH of these three explanations is the correct one?
WHAT is moving? Magnetic North? The Crust of The Earth? Or The Physical GEOGRAPHICAL North Pole?! Of course, it could be the first two. The crust of The Earth taking The North Magnetic Pole with it.

Or perhaps it is The Physical GEOGRAPHICAL North Pole that is doing the moving! – Along with The Crust of The Earth.
WHICH is correct?!

Or have we FIVE possible motions?! Physical GEOGRAPHICAL North Pole, Magnetic North, Crust of The Earth. Or Crust with physical north. Or Crust with Magnetic North??

Which applies?

And which lot carries The Axial Tilt(Angle)?!(In other words, WHAT is tilted? It is the axis of the rotation of The Earth. Which angle is to The Earth. That is The Earth minus The Crust(IF the crust is moving!).)5 possibilities. But which is the correct one?(But none of them ITSELF carries the rotation angle axis.)

We know that Physical GEOGRAPHICAL North is moving – because there is NOW a different angle of view onto The Sun,moon and stars!

Is The Crust moving WITH physical GEOGRAPHICAL North? – POSSIBLY.
Is The Magnetic North Pole moving TOO??
No. Because then there would be no separate reference for the plasmic core’s magnetism(or the liquid iron core’s magnetism – if you reject plasmic core).

We would also lack a REFERENCE for any motion.


Perhaps magnetic pole is moving – taking crust with it. But that would give magnetism too much power. Would not make sense.
Therefore, we are reduced to a MOVING physical GEOGRAPHICAL North, with a STATIONARY magnetic north. But POSSIBLY a crust moving WITH The moving physical GEOGRAPHICAL North Pole!!

The CRUST has to be moving with The physical GEOGRAPHICAL North Pole – along with all other points upon the surface – because attached!

So where does axial tilt fit in?

The Earth has an axis angle. Being TILTED from true physical GEOGRAPHICAL North.

It is the axis of rotation.

So when the surface moves, it moves along with true physical GEOGRAPHICAL North. But the axial tilt rotation angle stays the same. Therefore the crust IS MOVING!
AND moving in and out the polar holes(entrances)!
(Because The Earth is not a solid sphere!)(This IS POSSIBLE – because rock can BEND!!)
Examination of satellite photos(but hard to obtain!) will show TWO dark holes at the ends of The Earth(And of other heavenly bodies and fields!).


Where does this leave us? With a VERY different Earth,etc. than what we have believed in! – What we have been taught!!


THERE IS a Polar Shift ON!!

Otherwise WHY the strange angle views of Sun,Moon and stars!!
The CRUST HAS TO BE moving WITH the observer!


Tennis, anyone?















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