BBB8-4 Nibiru,etc. Continued.

Sunday, 15th July, 2,012.


1. The Polar Shift(Geographical, Physical, AND Magnetic), NOW ON, is said to have begun December 31st, 2,010. New Year’s Eve, 2,010.

2. BILLIONS, four to seven BILLION HUMANS, are expected to die. Terribly, – and horribly.

3. This is a once in 26 MILLION year(sic) event. At least once in 3,600 years.(Because not MERELY due to Nibiru!)

4. It is hard to find ANY MENTION of this Polar Shift or Nibiru,ETC. in The Mainstream Media.(Should The Public be warned – or not??)(Rightly or wrongly, I am undertaking, along with a number of others. What you do with my information – is up to you. It is the result of about TWELVE YEARS very careful study!!)


6. I am speaking for IN THE WEST. The West has this policy of not discussing marvellous and wonderful events. Presumably because most humans do not like those! But also to INDOCTRINATE us for greater control!

7. The sun and the moon, not look as they used to look. And are rising and setting in unexpected places – much farther east.

8. Haven’t any of you NOTICED the changes in the behaviour of the sun,moon,stars,etc?
9. How many of us care to be thumped on the head by a boulder or some dire event occur to kill or injure us??(Like a lavic spring shooting up between your feet!!) Then WHY all this apathy and silence??
10. How many of you have GOOD VERY STRONG shelters to get into? You face LIKELY sudden VERY unpleasant death if you don’t have an adequate shelter to flee into!
11. You have heard mention of Pole Shift, Doomsday, Apocalypse, Nibiru, End of the world, End of the age, Planet X, The Annunaki aliens, 2012 AND SO ON? It will START to happen in a few days time!

As the orbital trajectories of Earth and Nibiru run parallel – but slowly closing together!!
12. When a SECOND big red moon appears in the sky ANY DAY SOON, then discussion SHOULD burst forth!(It will be Nibiru. Nibiru ITSELF, PROBABLY will not hit us, but part of its massive retinue JUNK tail – almost certainly will!)
13. How many have seen THE SECOND SUN?(It is Nibiru!) Been visible years. As has the polar shift – or its approach!!
14. Just look on The Internet for Nibiru,2012,Doomsday,Apocalypse,Pole or Polar Shift,Planet X,End of the world, End of the age, aliens,etc. – and you will find PLENTY!! Including videos. Many reports.

15. Doesn’t feel(yet) as if The Earth is tilting more does it. But it WILL do!! Just be READY for it!
16. MANY animals are dying, dropping dead(humans,next) because electro-magnetic compass magnetic north has changed!(2.5 degrees eastwards,as yet)(but will continue until about 200 degrees(!) and then ROCK BACK a bit)

17. Life as we know it can only continue a few weeks or a couple of months longer!

18. People TEND to think, Oh, things will continue as usual. As they usually do. Why wouldn’t they?!(You think wrong, then!)
19. There is no such planet Nibiru ACCORDING to ORTHODOX Modern Man. But THERE IS – according to The Ancient Sumerians! AND The Crop Circles. It is Planet X. The next planet out past Neptune!(Pluto-Charon demoted from(large) planetary status.)(It is needed to account for perturbations to Uranus and Neptune – and various other disturbances in the solar system!)(It JUST fits the bill – for a big planet twice as far out as Neptune!) I fail to understand why so many have a problem accepting the existence of Nibiru!
It FITS the bill!! EXACTLY. Are the sceptics saying “We KNOW for CERTAIN that there is no BIG planet out beyond Neptune?!”(HOW do you KNOW for CERTAIN?? Hmm??)(Come on,now!)(Do YOU know EVERYTHING, to know that?!)(World is in for A MOST TERRIBLE SHOCK then!!)(Any time now!!)(Are the sceptics saying that there is NO POSSIBILITY of Nibiru existing??)(On what grounds??)

20. I recall how one planet after another was being found FARTHER OUT. We had Jupiter, Saturn, … then came Uranus, and Neptune. (Pluto showed up(with Charon) – but is NOW demoted from(large)planetary status.)

21. According to Titius-Bode’s Law, we can EXPECT(distance out roughly doubling each time) a planet out ABOUT 2x Neptune’s distance!

So I have great DIFFICULTY figuring WHY YET ANOTHER LARGE planet should not be there!

But for reasons I am STILL unable to fathom,am I to understand that there CANNOT be a LARGE planet out past Neptune!

I fail to see the logic.(Never mind Science(Meaning CURRENT Man’s Astronomical knowledge!)) – Please point out the error(if any) in MY logic!
22. Orthodox Science is VERY wrong about MANY important things!

It may be Today’s “Religion” – but does THAT make it INFALLIBLE??
23. Failing getting down North Geographical Pole(Entrance to Great Within), or rescue by aliens, or your OWN VERY STRONG shelter, or cave,cavern, or SOME SUCH – then you will need a SUBMARINE – failing which your chances of survival are “rather slim”…(In an event now within a year, six months more like it!)(Do not expect a Christmas or New Year Festivity THIS YEAR!! Because of atrocious conditions predominating!!)
24. With a well equipped and stocked submarine deep down, well away from coasts, going WITH the flow of water, you may stand a chance!(Until your supplies run out!)(After that you should have problems,…)(Expect NO THING to be left standing!!)(Try middle of Pacific or Atlantic.)
25. If you check for Futuristic Maps on The Internet – you might get AN IDEA of the world’s geography POST APOCALYPSE.

26. New Zealand seems to survive pretty well intact!
27. The Rest of The World is UNRECOGNIZABLE!!

28. Keep CALM. Do NOT panic. Just PREPARE, NOW!!

29. I know that there are those who question what I am saying. But I NEED a logical criticism of what I am saying! Pointing out where I(am SUPPOSED to) figure wrong.
30. There was a time when Neptune had not been found! But it turned up! Now WHY wouldn’t Nibiru do likewise?? Hmm??

31. CURRENT ORTHODOX utterances – are NOT NECESSARILY sensible!!

32. The WORLD won’t end, no. But THIS AGE will!!(December 21st, 2,012.)

33. Come the next six months to a year or so, UTTER CHAOS will exist WORLD WIDE!! The most APPALLING DEVASTATION!!!!

34. Good idea to have plenty of batteries and equipment – to set up AT LEAST LOCAL communications with ANY fellow SURVIVORS!!

35. Listen to what I am saying, because studied this subject SO LONG and CLOSELY. But back it up with Internet reports. Better hurry! Internet will be gone soon…(See what others are saying on the subject!)
36. How are you reasoning? Are you going: “I don’t like this, therefore I will reject it. Then hey presto, it has gone!”(Which surely is UTTER IDIOCY!!)

Or are you deducing: This fellow studied it long, MAY have a point, if not two. I will check Internet. Provisionally listen to what he is saying.
FACTS rule, NOT wishes!!

Whether the facts be ancient – OR MODERN!!
37. So what is coming next? Increasing heat and disasters. Until(unless you are in GOOD shelter) it gets UNBEARABLE.
EXPECT EVERY imaginable terror and horror. And STILL may fall short!!

38. I am trying to reach AS MANY as I can. But resistance and opposition prevent me getting to more than a few. Which is INSANE! I am TRYING to save world!(Materially and spiritually.)(So am almost totally blocked!!)(Which makes NO SENSE to me. Don’t know about you!)
39. We shall be lucky to have any AIR to breathe, let alone water to drink and food to eat!!!!(As some atmosphere sucked off.
Whoosh – out into space. And petro-carbons burn much of remaining air!)

The ubiquitous RED DUST(From Planet Nibiru) will be everywhere – and a(very bitter) problem!!

So IF you survive you will be among the UNLUCKY ones!!

40. Expect at any moment to be instantly shot up to about 8,000 m.p.h. When Pole Shift GETS GOING!!(We are presently ONLY in its VERY FIRST MURMURINGS!!!!)

Yes, this pole shift looks like taking MONTHS!!

I am trying to give you best picture.(I mean the truest.)

41. Sun and moon rising and setting at new positions, suddenly.

Therefore, either Earth’s CRUST has slidden around – OR The Earth’s AXIS has changed. Or both. But not neither!!

I think it is The Earth’s AXIS, currently.(I believe that there will be CRUSTAL DISPLACEMENT/S,TOO – later!!)

If you try to work out SLIDE of crust, be aware that The Earth is HOLLOW. And that two great holes exist! One at each pole!! So crust has to slide in and out of THERE, both ends!!
42. If anyone can come up with any ideas useful to me, – PLEASE SEND THEM IN!!
43. I do not understand WHY Nibiru should be so unlikely.
44. I don’t believe the perturbations have been accounted for!!(Other than by Nibiru!)

45. Our sun is VERY disturbed – but I do not think that IT is the source of the perturbations.

46. And CO2,etc. being to blame – is ludicrous.(Only 00.004% is ex Man-made carbon dioxide,etc!)
47. Likewise for Nature.(Only 00.016% sources from there!)
48. The Warming is due to the RISING MAGMA – and the approach of Nibiru!!
49. The Earth is going to turn upside down.
50. Thereafter, the sun will rise in The West, – and set in The East!! For the NEXT 3,600 years.


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