BBB7 Nibiru,etc.continuing.

Saturday, 14th July, 2,012.

Geographical Polar Shift definitely HAPPENING!! Has been at least about 18 months!!(My MOVTIVE is that you BE SAVED. So am WARNING YOU!!)(Saved spitiually too, if not ESPECIALLY!!!!)
I am referring to a PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHICAL Polar Shift. Not ONLY a magnetic one!

It has begun, but this should ONLY be the START.

Cause is Planet X(Nibiru) pulling on North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole.

The Shift should take a while. Nibiru due to pass us(Earth) October 31st, 2,012. Halloween.

Worst day claimed to be February 14th, 2,013. Saint Valentine’s Day.

Two easy dates to remember: THIS COMING Halloween, October 31st, 2,012. and Saint Valentine’s Day, 2,013.

Worst time for shift ITSELF, which will peak by about November 1st, 2,012: February 14th, 2,013, – date is probably due to electric arcing from Sun and/or Nibiru. Which could fry us alive!!
Watch how the heat rises from now on.(Current heat is from RISING MAGMA ex Earth’s WOBBLE.)(The strange sounds are from THE ROCKS below getting STRETCHED by Earth’s Wobble. Centrifugal Force is heaving and hauling ground upwards, increasing surface area AND stretching the rocks. Consequently we get sink holes, cracks in the ground, strange sounds,etc. As gaps are obliged to appear IN The Earth to accommodate the increased surface!! V. Vic.)


It will be VERY SEVERE. (The consequences of this PHYSICAL Polar Shift.)MANY deaths. Great Earthquake. Whole world flattened. And sea to rise hundreds of feet. Britain, British Isles, slated to go under water, along with Eastern U.S. And MANY other lands.

Western half of Australia, and more should go under(water).

As near top of Great Dividing Range in Queensland, should be best(In Australia.). But, understand, death and destruction will be flailing out from all directions and from all levels.

Like Noah’s Flood – or worse!!

ALL words will fail.

From a few days hence(mid July, 2,012.) until about a year hence, catastrophe will RAGE. Rising to a peak October 31st, and final coup de grace, Feb 14th, 2,013.

You either get into shelter – or almost certainly die. As just about NO STRUCTURE will be left standing.(After that dark sun, ice era, ICE AGE and just about EVERYTHING ELSE unpleasant!!)

Consequently, trying to flee, MANY will be rushing to and fro(for about a year).

Best hope is in a UFO craft high above, or in a Human Shelter(but little chance of that!), OR WITHIN The Earth,as Earth is HOLLOW. Best entrance is near North Pole. Just aim by Gyroscope for The North Geographical Pole AND KEEP ON GOING past the pole for at least 600 miles. Just MAKE SURE you don’t overshoot. You must aim STRAIGHT DIRECTLY for The North Geographical Pole. By GYROSCOPE(Or fly in South Pole. BIG risk!). Most practical entrance is as near to North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE as you can get!

Aliens MAY rescue you, if you are good enough.

Otherwise just expect and await death.

Luckiest will be those who die!
But expect very unpleasant death.

Unless you can find your own VERY STRONG shelter!!(Like in a cave.)(Surviving IT – would be a LIVING HELL!!)

This is as near certain as can be.

And will happen WITHIN ONE YEAR. More like within 6 months!

Best place – in a submarine! Or some-such.

THIS IS The Apocalypse.

Yes, PITY those giving suck in THESE days!!


From about mid July 2,012 on, it just gets worse and worse – until UTTER DEVASTATION AND DESOLATION, world wide.

Try for ASCENSION. Failing that – just HOPE for TRANSITION!!


But EXPECT CHRIST to return for The Faithful BEFORE Doomsday.


Do, now especially, ALL the GOOD that you POSSIBLY CAN!!

As evil doers will just be left to it.

Got the message all right??!!



Vic.(But worse after death IF you have not accepted God and CHRIST!!)(BE THEREFORE WELL WARNED!!)(Repent and ACCEPT CHRIST – WITHOUT DELAY – IF you are wise(and in ANY case!).)
Love and PEACE to ALL.


If you check on The Internet you will find I speak VERY TRUE.


Key terms: 2012, Nibiru, Doomsday, Apocalypse, End of The World, End of The Age.

Do NOT be fooled. THIS IS real and true!!!!


We face Wobble(now), Nibiru, October 31st, 2,012.,

The Galactic Alignment, December 21st, 2,012.
AND Man’s RE-ACTION of UTTERMOST ANGER at the start of The Aquarian Age.(December 21st, 2,012.A.D.)(Because of its higher spiritual vibrations. Which world IN GENERAL hates.)(So it will REBEL!!)(Destroying EVERYTHING(of WHAT is LEFT!!))


YOU HAVE been warned!!


Take CARE!!


Note: Nibiru comes around every 3,600 years. So warn those of 3,600 years hence!! Even as we have been warned!! ALL the VERY BEST!!!!)

It could be that CHRIST is with the aliens!
The most difficult time for Man on Earth,EVER. Should BEGIN – within a few days – and just get worse AND WORSE,…
I just hope and pray that you are taking me MOST SERIOUSLY INDEED!!

Sun and moon,etc. are appearing where they did not formerly. BECAUSE Earth is being TILTED OVER. Only about 2.5 degrees AS YET. But should go to 180 degrees!! So FAR worse tilt to come!! V. Vic.

Once in The Spirit World(“dead”) – head immediately for The Blue-White LIGHT!!

All the while perspiring BLOOD in your prayers!!


V. Vic.






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