BBB6 Nibiru,etc. continuing. Save yourselves!! Especially SPIRITUALLY!!!!

Friday, 13th July, 2,012.




1. Nibiru should pass us around October 31st, 2,012. Give or take a day or two. And wreck this civilization. I don’t believe it is REALLY a judgement. It is just that bad behaviour and Nibiru seem to go together.

I think the prospect of Doom gets many to go into denial – and even worse behaviour. CHRIST should precede Nibiru,etc.(In General The Galactic Alignment.) To take The Faithful HOME!!

2. There is a nasty penalty for bad behaviour. A lower place in The Spirit World after death. A bad karma in future lives. And increased woes here and now. So DON’T do it!!

3. I urge repenance and acceptance of CHRIST. Burn it out. To ease one’s lot.

4. It is NO GOOD disbelieving, and going into DENIAL!!!!

ONLY in the mind(delusion) does that work!
5. Just keep The Ten Commandments! Love God. And love one another!!!! At least all that. To keep on track. Do MORE if possible.(Or be THAT much worse off later, after death in particular). You ARE being TOLD. You ARE BEING WARNED!!!!


6. I notice much HIGH SPIRITS. And evil bounding up. We need GOOD spirit, not HIGH spirits.

7. Australia is saddled with Labour(And The Trade Unions,led by Gillard.) – and therefore the very regressive results coming from THE GREENS!! Held in place by the two traitor independents, and Wilkie. Abbot has good ideas, but in a world that prefers evil, he won’t get anywhere! Turnbull would be worse. Little hope of this situation changing for the better.

Asylum seekers pour in.
Gillard is sitting pretty. As usual. And is likely to continue so ALL of the way!! I am not judging her for going for position, power, wealth, and The Lodge,etc. Just stating a fact. Unfortunately the country, Australia, is being ruined. Independents will never give up their power postions!!

The key figures are choosing position and power before the good of the country. I understand. Cannot see this changing.
Tony Abbot is good, but is too high minded for the good of Australia!(He needs to become religious or something. But WHO, better, to take his place??!!
And so he always gets rejected. Because Australia is Red blooded!! Not going to change. Turnbull is too left-wing.
8. Now many are going to die – even before Halloween.

Head for the blue-white light as soon as in Spirit World. Or risk going to HELL!!
9. Nibiru, at present, and for the next week, should stay at about the same distance from Earth. 15 million miles – or whatever it is.

Then AFTER THAT – will slowly get nearer. So destruction will gradually increase from THEN on(a week to go!).


10. I gather that most of bad things currently happening, disaster wise, at least, are due to The approaching Galactic Alignment, rather than Nibiru. And also The Wobble of The Earth. On top of THE USUAL woes, as unevolved Man gets even worse.

Expect the increasing bad – due to us being in the LAST DAYS of this age. Only 5 months or so TO GO!! ACT in time,now!!

So the sequence of bad causes chronologically is: Man, The Wobble, Nibiru and then The Galactic Alignment.

After that it will be Man’s RE-ACTION to The Start of The Age of Aquarius.(December 22nd, 2,012.)

And THEN, Police State, Martical Law, NWO and firm rule by The Annunaki aliens.
Beyond that Utter Devastation, Ice Era, ICE AGE, and Civil Disorder in the face of all these ills!!
11. Why is it so warm for the time of the year? I think because of The Wobble of The Earth – hauling up MAGMA via Centrifugal Force. The heat is coming from the magma below.
12. As are the strange noises!!


13. Yes, the worst time, for Man on Earth, EVER – lies over the next 2 years, especially the next year, and particularly the next 6 months!!


14. A bit late for prayer.
15. We need to get DOWN The North Geographical POLE. Head straight for Physical NORTH by Gyroscope – and KEEP ON GOING – for at least 600 miles.

You will EVENTUALLY find yourself upon the INNER surface of our Hollow Earth!!(Upside down, but Gravity will point upwards THERE!!)


16. Otherwise you will depend upon the aliens!! Whether they think you are good enough, or not!!
Do ALL the good you can, NO evil. For your OWN sakes!!


17. I can only advise you for the best!!


18. DO these things – for the least bad result!!








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