BBB4-4 Helpful secrets. Nibiru,too!!

July 9, 2012

Tuesday, 10 July 2012.


You got it all wrong, world!



1. Many think, especially in The West, that when your physical body dies, that YOU die.(This is because SO MANY THINK that they(we) ARE our physical bodies(or whatever vehicles we are currently wearing,( They are only GARMENTS!!))

This(premise) is not true. When your physical body dies, ONLY your physical self ends!

Conciousness fades out from the physical brain – but fades IN to The Spirit Body’s brain! You find your self in a finer body – and continue living at THAT level!

The next plane up – is The Etheric. After that The Astral. Some leap straight into the Astral Brain – and live in ITS vehicle.

We live for ever. And already have.

It is possible to PHYSICALLY die – and experience NO CHANGE!! By continuing in the etheric or even the astral at the ORIGINAL level(it looks like a carbon copy of the physical), and simply carry on. Often not realizing that one has PHYSICALLY died!(Because STILL alive! And in a world that LOOKS very much the same!!)

Our spiritual vibratory level determines what level we shall find ourselves in the etheric or astral(two different planes) planes. The higher our vibration – the pleasanter the sub-plane we go to. The lower our vibration – the more unpleasant!
So when people do good, like the saints, they are NOT fools. They KNOW that they will earn a better etheric or astral level when the time comes to PHYSICALLY depart!!(How many actually PREFER more unpleasant conditions? Come on, now!!)(So better do maximum good,then! Because what determines our place in the after-life is the BALANCE of our spiritual account. If we have done more good than evil – we go UP, in the measure of that surfeit! Vice-versa, if more evil than good, – then we go DOWN – to that degree!!)
This can be engineered from the head(brain), or from the heart(where it goes when indulged in long enough(habit)). So that one AUTOMATICALLY does good.
I hear it said sometimes that if one has done more evil than good – then not to worry – you will be with YOUR FRIENDS!!

Even if that were true, living in bad conditions with any number of “friends” – will not lessen the suffering!!(Many men drowning together STILL suffocate!!)

On the other hand evil associates are only kind to you- so long as YOU continue wicked!

Meaning you will NEVER get out of Hell!!(Note: Hell, meaning Hades(here), or an unpleasant astral level.)(The level of Hell or Heaven one goes to(Hades or Paradise), – is IN PROPORTION to your surfeit off evil over good(or good over evil).)(So don’t write yourself off if you have done A LITTLE harm!)(LESS harm done THE BETTER!!)

So when Jesus,etc. say Pray for those who despitefully use you, and love those who hate you – he wasn’t being stupid. But was WELL aware that returning good for evil – incurs more Paradise and Heaven.
When one does evil, it is like being in water and attaching more lead weights to yourself. So you sink DOWN!!

Contrariwise, when you do GOOD, you release a weight – and float UP!!(Or add a BALLOON)


When you do good or evil, The Spiritual LAW(The Lord) AUTOMATICALLY loads you with good or bad KARMA accordingly – and you suffer in that measure(lead weight or balloon)!!
Karma takes effect immediately. Even in this physical world. Because when you are weighed down – people can GET AT you more easily!! And not only mortals, but spirits on the other side!!(At the physical level, the corresponding spirit level is of LOW spirits. It is THEY principally who give us such a hard time!(WITHOUT US knowing about it!!))

Your karma will also affect your FUTURE LIVES!!



2. The majority think that physical birth starts life, and physical death ENDS it. This is quite wrong! It is true ONLY of one’s PHYSICAL self!!(Which resides in the physical brain’s conciousness!!)
We did not have a beginning. And shall not have an end. So those who are angry at god for terminating their life at physical death – are berating GOD for giving them a merciful END to their physical misery. And then letting them live in a MATERIALLY better world!!(The Spirit World)(Did this not occur,we would drag an increasingly aged and ailing physical body around interminably!)(So GOD gives us what is best!)
We also alternate(perhaps not EXACTLY) male and female lives – to have a change and a break.
3. I will tell you what happens. Re-incarnation. After some time in The Spirit World, you may get bored and wish for harder conditions – whereby to evolve faster. So you decide to get re-born.(Or you are GUIDED or ADVISED to – by wiser spirits!)
You dive down into some new foeutus you(or a helpful spirit) have(has) chosen. And THEN you are LOCKED IN to it – until it gets born – and finally dies!!

Do you blame God for a hard lot? Don’t!! Look to WHAT YOU DID in a PREVIOUS life-time!!(THAT is what determines not only our place in the After-life – but in future INCARNATIONS!!)

And our KARMA (good and/or bad(it could be both)) decides what we get saddled with. What sort of a body, and our vibratory level!!

4. Karma is simply BALANCE of ACCOUNT(GOOD OR BAD.)

It is a weight(or a balloon)attached to us. Either a burden – or lifting us up. Repenting, or doing good will lighten it.


You can go to church(or whatever place of worship) FOUR times a day, and/or speak about Jesus all day long, but these things OF THEMSELVES mean NOTHING!! WHAT COUNTS is WHAT GOOD YOU DO, by GOD(Since we can do nothing from and of OURSELVES!!), FOR OTHERS – including animals – and even plants,etc!! YES!!(It is what WE do that matters, not what Jesus did!)(Jesus saved HIS SELF by his good deeds. Not us! He SAID “Save YOURSELVES!!”)


Back to diving into your next chosen foeutus(or chosen for you, perhaps). You then MOULD that foetus(whilst still in the womb) to the SHAPE you had in your previous life, and after-life. So you usually get born LOOKING LIKE what you did in the previous life.
You don’t like what you are, personality or vehicle(body). Then change it!! By your DEEDS!!
5. Some times you long for a mate of the same gender. This could be because in your last incarnation you were OPPOSITE in gender to what you are now!! Perhaps your personality hasn’t had chance to change fully. Or even your body!!
6. If we murder(or whatever) someone in this incarnation, we may find roles REVERSED in some future incarnation! Though it may not mean that you now will get murdered.(Though IT MIGHT!!)


Did you know that there is a tendency for wounds and scars,etc. suffered in life TO BE PASSED ON into your next INCARNATION.

When you got wounded(or whatever) – the MARK gets imprinted ALSO in the SPIRIT VEHICLE. And you may take it with you into The Spirit World. Then when you dive down into the next foetus – IT will COPY that MARK!!(Imprint to MOULD to imprint… …)

Some times as a birth mark, or mole(Moles are said to be ex syphilis or some such in the previous life!)
We usually get re-born in another country.


7. Some times ROLES get reversed. You may be the son or brother of your previous REVERSE role!!

8. Cases of people getting born with two heads, six arms, and so on, are actually compressions of TWO or more individuals, who in a genetic crush-up had to SHARE the same body, or extra arms,ETC.
9. It is possible to get re-born on another planet, or even around another star.


10. We do not usually, if at all, get born again – as an animal or other non-human form.(Though SOME animals get re-born as humans.)(WHEN they qualify for such.)
11. Ghosts are SIMPLY creatures viewed from one plane to another.(Like seeing someone taking a shower through the mottled shower screen. Nothing more than that!! NO big deal!)

Why are ghosts often scary? Because of the GAP between The Spirit World and The Physical Plane. This usually distorts the resulting image!(We are not seeing THEM as they actually are.)(Some ghosts are unpleasant because they are nasty people. USUALLY because at OUR CORRESPONDING PHYSICAL level – spirits are low – so we usually only see LOW ghosts!)
There is usually a SCREEN of ether(eal) between spirit and the physical. This is icy cold and VERY low vibrationed. It is THIS, rather than the ENTITIY concerned PER SE – that makes us feel such terror!(As it CHILLS our hearts!!)
It is also very disturbing to have one whom we know is “dead” – to be seen again!(We KNOW that their physical body is ROTTING IN THE GRAVE! – Yet here they are smiling(or whatever) at us!

Their physical body is USUALLY still in the grave. What we are seeing IS THEIR SPIRIT FORM!!

SOMETIMES their physical body IS involved. Either directly

OR via having it DE-MATERIALIZE – and re-shape itself around the spirit form of the ghost!!


12. Nibiru may appear at any time. Or it may be 8 or 9 months yet, or even a longer time!!

It EXISTS!! It is the NEXT PLANET out past Neptune(discounting Pluto-Charon!). The next BIG planet.

Nibiru is either a captured planetoid OR a captured planet from Sirius B.(It is not one of ours.)(Which is WHY it does so much damage each time it whizzes by us – every 3,600 years(or thereabouts)!!)

But it IS NOW part of our solar system.(But, being A CAPTURE, is still on a VERY ELONGATED orbit.)
Many stars have these IRREGULAR outer planets. Due I think to being CAPTURES.(Because captures they are OUT OF SYNC with the solar system concerned – and therefore SMASH IT UP!!)


13. Does saying Sorry to god remove the sin? Not for me to say! But I would THINK that you NEED to BURN the misdeed OUT of your psychic system – to minimize it!

It is easier(a LOT) to get trapped in GLUE – THAN it is to get RID of it!! THEREFORE do MINIMUM wrong. To God or Man!!

Do yourself NO harm either!! Since we are God’s property!! Not ours!!

When we harm others, the most harm is done TO OURSELVES!!

We are helping THEM pay off their bad karma!!














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