BBB3 Some woes we face.

July 8, 2012

Sunday, 8th July, 2,012.

Some woes we face.


Our future is exceedingly grim. We face, immediately:-


1. Nibiru.(If Nibiru is approaching(and it certainly is!), WHY do so few speak about it? And WHY cannot we SEE it?! The Controllers want to KEEP control, not just avoid panic. We cannot see it because it is coming from the south, and is hidden in the glare of the sun. Apart from its distance away. It is approaching at a sharp angle. It is dim., might only really be visible in the infra-red. (It will appear big close up soon, suddenly!!) It itself should not strike us, but some of its retinue might!)

2. WW3. Etc.

3. NWO.

4. Aliens landing en masse(to evacuate the best).

5. World civil unrest and rebellion.

6. World Martial Law.

7. Police States.

8. Hot spot in space.

9. The Photon Belt.

10. Radiation from Fukushima.

11. HELL and Hades, or whatever after death – in the measure we have earned.

12. World Economic failure.

13. World Financial failure.

14. Black holes from The Particle Accelerator!

15. World Electric failure.

16. World Economic failure.

17. Transportation from The Earth.(To save us from what is imminent.)

18. Ice Era.

19. Ice Age.

20. In addition to the usual mishaps.

21. Return of the old diseases as anti-biotics fail.(Plus new diseases.)

22. The Aftermath from the devastation to be caused by Nibiru.

23. The terrible heat from Nibiru.

24. And the hail of junk from its tail.

25. Along with the awful RED DUST.(From Nibiru.)

26. A great and terrible FLOOD(amongst many other things).

27. Return to a Stone Age,etc.

28. FIRE. I understand the air will catch fire.

29. Packs of roaming humans.

30 Pack of beserk animals.

31. Little air to breathe.

32. Little water to drink.

33. Little food to eat.

34.. Almost nothing of ANYTHING we need. World-wide!!

35. Nuclear RADIATION.

36. Solar wind,etc.from the sun.
People complain about our PRESENT state – which is materially good.(In The West, at least.) What will they do amid the terrors and horrors to come??
Nibiru comes around every 3,600 years.(Some say the orbital period is changing. I question this.) We need to WARN those of 3,600 years hence. Perhaps via time capsules.

Nothing unusual. Nibiru was needed to explain a shortfall in influences to explain perturbations in Neptune and Uranus.(Pluto-Charon was insufficient.)

There are MANY strange things up there in space. But Nibiru is very clearly real. It is rather more than a lens flare,etc!!

Soon we shall all know. Feb.14th; 2,013 worst day apparently.

It is only 14 days to the best estimated date for its arrival.

Perhaps that estimate was wrong. But Nibiru SHOULD pass within about nine months.

If it doesn’t come, I hope nobody will be disappointed!

Remember,too,that it is being used as a warship – and is under intelligent control!

It should APPEAR up close about a week or two before it passes. From then on it will be HORRIFIC.

The West cannot keep Nibiru hidden from The General Public much longer. I am curious to know WHAT they will explain it to – when it does appear up close?!

“Drat it! We thought it was the moon. Sorry, folks. Yes, we are all gonna die.(I wonder how the public will re-act??!!)(Many will die, but far from everyone(About 30 to 90%). Some will be evacuated to Mother Craft above,etc. Don’t suicide! This will be the most devastating EVENT EVER experienced(future included) by Man on Earth!! Stay around and watch!!(Far less than this is what wiped out Atlantis, Lemuria and Poseidon. Nibiru was behind all those!!) But this time we have a CONFLUENCE of many BIG HORRORS!!




Nibiru is a smasher of planets – and a destroyer of civilizations!!

Take cover!! But WHERE??





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