BBB1 Be warned: Danger of nuclear attack at London Olympics!! PLEASE PASS on to AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!

Friday, 6th July, 2,012.


Be warned!!

London Olympics

and London Underground.

I find myself producing a Newsletter, one devoted to astonishing news!!

Now this is EXTREMELY important. I keep picking up Nuclear Attack(coming strongly into my mind) when I think of the coming(now three weeks ahead)Olympics. Very strongly. I think this is psychic rather than my imagination!!

I thought this BEFORE viewing the video I am going to send you with this. But the video seems to CONFIRM my suspicions.

Either a nuclear device or a dirty bomb is what the video people expect. Which would kill about 100,000 people. Plus at least as many again from radiation later!!

I expected it right in the middle of the pitch!!(But THIS part MAY be my imagination.)

PLUS a biological and/or chemical attack on The London Underground!!

DO NOT go to The Games!!(The London Olympics). Or you risk a horrible death or injury. That is my thought.

I feel it ACUTELY.

Do NOT go!!

Spread the news! IF enough people get awakened to the possibility, it might be called off!!

Send this article(AND the video!)(Which goes into much detail.) off , by e mail(and otherwise), to AS MANY as you possibly can!! In the hope of preventing this occurring.

I urge you to view the video I am sending!

       Nor is this all!  It could well even be a False Flag attack!!  That is, The U.S., The West,  needs an excuse to attack Iran(and maybe Syria). 

They can blame this on Iran and/or Syria – and attack Iran and/or Syria.



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