AAA44-2 Some secret tid-bits. Titanic and WW2.

July 3, 2012

Wednesday, 4th July, 2,012.

Some secret tid-bits.(ALL responsibility and accountability for my reports refused. I hold that information is common property.)(I am simply giving MY FINDINGS, gathered from The Internet.)


1. The ship that sank via being hit by an ice berg about a century ago was not The Titanic! It was The Olympic, DISGUISED as The Titanic. (The Titanic lived on disguised as The Olympic – a full life!!)Furthermore it was deliberate, and done for the insurance money by a Mr.Morgan.(All these people and associates have long since died.) What sank The Olympic so quickly was not the ice-berg, but an explosion engineered to be set off and BLAMED on the ice-berg. The explosives were DIRECTLY OPPOSITE where the ice berg struck – on the port side. Which blew a tremendous hole in the ship’s hull. THIS is what sank The Olympic, WRONGLY alleged to be The Titanic.(It’s Number TEN coal bunker was also on fire. Its coal was burning.(Burning coal occurs quite frequently spontaneously – where much is accumulated.))(The number of engines also was not those of The Titanic(But were of The Olympic.).)(Titanic and Olympic were identical sister ships.) The whole thing was a get-up. Apparently via deliberately proceeding AT TOP SPEED into the PATH of the ice berg!(To try to win The Blue Riband.) A short series of punctures occurred.(NOT a long GASH.) Some of the rivets in the bow were badly done jobs. Much of the screaming was from them.(Incidentally, a collision could easily have been avoided by reversing engines IMMEDIATELY – and going STRAIGHT AHEAD – towards the ice-berg(instead of trying to get around and past it(thus enabling IT to hit the ship)(A BOWS’ collision was the least destructive to The Olympic(supposedly The Titanic, though denied officially).(This is the picture I deduce. I THINK it is the truth.)


2. Germany could easily have beaten Britain in WW2. – By exterminating The B.E.F.(The British Expeditionary Force.) at Dunkirk.(And invading Britain IMMEDIATELY!!) But he was a tool of The Illuminati. Who wanted Germany defeated. So they saved Britain by getting Hitler to hold back his local panzers – thus letting The British get away. Hitler was obliged to let Britain have 3 days unmolested(pretty well totally) days – thus allowing them to be saved by The Rescue Flotilla. Armada.

He COULD could have taken over The French Fleet too. And given him superiority at sea. But French possessions did not interest him- beyond defeating France(Who capitulated.)
Hitler was OBSESSED with beating Russia. Which he should have invaded a year earlier – and gone for Moscow!(Had he got Stalin or gotten Stalin to surrender, that was his best hope. Also not attacking in Winter! As it was he got hopelessly mired – and lost.)(Despite Germany using atomic weapon in Estonia. And NEARLY attacking U.S. ATOMICALLY!!)(The Japanese also used atomic weapon in Korea – stopping The Soviet Advance!) The whole thing was SUICIDE.(Hess had been sent in the vain hope of persuading Britain to join Germany against Russia.)(I regard USSR as bigger menace(in long run) than Germany.)(But Germany was the more obvious villain.)






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