AAA43 Barack Obama AKA Osama Bin Ladin?!

Monday, 2nd July, 2,012.

Bin Laden aka Barack Obama!!
Barack is a very smart cookie. Because he IS Osama Bin Laden!

He not only managed to become President of U.S. via a forged birth certificate, and got a corpse or a dummy buried at sea as Bin Laden – but could well win Second Term!

Fellahs. Have I got this right? A worker for Dark Forces, not just dark skin. Now precipitating World War THREE!!!!(Via attacking Syria,then Iran!!)

Barack Obama and Osama Bin Ladin ARE(IS) the same guy! You check on The Internet! He hates U.S. THAT much!!
The Twin Towers were demolished, VERY smartly, by Arab agents USED on an INSIDE job!!(A False Flag. To enable U.S. to attack Iraq and Afghanistan.)(Note: U.S. organized it, NOT The Arabs,etc.)

Bin Laden was, or IS, the Al Quaeda leader. He shaved off his beard, left Pakistan – went to U.S. Successfully became The President! And then got his(alleged) self bumped off!!(And buried at sea.) How is that for turning the tables!(Via changing his name to Barack Obama!!)(And is NOW leading a vile war against The Political East, in Arab Spring, as he works his way from Morocco(Tunisia,anyway) right across North Africa – to Yemen – and now attacks Syria – prepatory to getting Israel to attack Iran, aided by U.S!!

(WHY is The U.S. doing this? Could be for money,etc. because of a COLOSSAL DEBT which it is NOW impossible to pay off!!)(Only a war, preferably world war, could get them out of this. But at expense of ending this civilization!!)

If you check on The Internet, you will find that Bin Ladin(except for a mole near his lower nose) is an EXACT REPLICA of Barack Obama.(The mole is on the right side of Barack’s face, but on the SYMMETRICAL left side of Bin Ladin’s face!)(4d Inversion??!!)
Now, am I going BARMY – or is what I have just said THE CORRECT PICTURE??!!

Must be a genius.

Al Quaeda,etc. allegedly held in check. But ITS LEADER now trying for a Second Term as President of The United States!!
Yes, you could regard this story as screwball. But! WHY is Barack Obama’s physical profile ALMOST(bar mole – which could EASILY be arranged!!) an EXACT replica of Bin Ladin’s?! – Check for yourself!!
Your comments invited.(
Bin Ladin was ALLEGEDLY killed by U.S.Seals. Then buried at sea.

How COULD The U.S. let this occur??!!

The West shouldn’t be attacking The East!!(That’s(As Russia has warned) is the quickest way to start a third world war!!

Which would almost certainly END this so called civilization!!


Either this – or Barack Obama had an identical twin brother(Bin Ladin)!(Supposedly(?) DEADLY opponents.)

But what EXACTLY is Obama TRYING to do(here)?!
He is undoubtedly a VERY talented man.
IS he actually trying to destroy The U.S. by getting Russia,etc. to attack U.S.etc.(The West)??!!(While HE slips away. Perhaps.)


Can YOU figure? Any ideas? Please e mail me, with them!!



This would have to be one of the most incredible plots ever pulled off!!

There is a video showing a MOST DETAILED comparison of the two men. Faces and palms of hands!! They are IDENTICAL!!(Bar that MOLE. On opposite sides of faces.)


IMAGINE the furore if this was announced over the mainstream NEWS!!

There are LOTS of things that are being kept hidden, like this. Nibiru is the chief!!






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