AAA42 Some hidden secrets of WW2.

Wednesday, 27th June, 2,012.
SOME Hidden WW2 secrets.(Part 1.)
NOT MINE. I am giving a very brief summary of a Douglas Dietrich’s findings in an Interview with Thomas Kirschner(Publisher of The German edition of Nexus magazine.). As described in Nexus Magazine(Australia), June-July(2012), Volume 19; Number FOUR.(29.04.2012.)(Website: can read the article in this(the CURRENT) Australian Nexus Magazine. Page.11.(Part 1 of it.)
Here are some VERY curious facts about World War TWO.(Part 1.)

I repeat: This information is NOT mine. I am simply doing a VERY brief summary from MY reading of the article.

Herr(Mr.) Dietrich was A SHREDDER.(Of documents being destroyed.) He READ this information AS he was shredding.(CLASSIFIED military documents.)(He was a Librarian’s aide.)

Officially NOT for disclosure!!(By German Officialdom, presumably.)
He is a U.S. citizen.
He was dealing with all the military documents of The United Nations, which gave him a far different perspective of the world around him than most people have.

I hesitate to proclaim this. Because it is information NOT intended for publication!
It seems to be true. It is so unbelievable.

Germany got the atomic(nuclear) bomb first. Japanese, second. U.S. – Third.

People THINK that the atom bomb was first used militarily upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Japan) No. It was(IF the information is correct. And I think it is.) FIRST used by Germany – against Russia. In October, 1944. In Courland, Estonia. Tactical device stopped The Russian advance.(Temporarily)

Japanese used atomic weapon against Russia in Korea in 1945, August 12th. And stopped The Russian push south.(Permanently. Hence The Two Koreas!!)
Under Donitz(who took over from Hitler in 1945, April I believe), 6 German u-boats threatened U.S.(Operation Seawolf.) with atomic rocket/s. But British Intelligence fore-warned U.S. and Canada – and they took preventative action!(This was in the closing weeks of WW2.)
Germany moved Third Reich to Argentinia, then Antarctica(Base there.)(Remains of German U-boat fleet moved there(I knew that BEFORE reading this article.), and later to Unterland.(Where Unterland is I do not know.)(Could be The Inner Earth.)))
A Fourth Reich is being prepared(In U.S. I believe.).(I knew this BEFORE reading this article.)
HITLER stopped the use of atomic weapons because it threatend The Aryan Race!(No anti-bodies can be created against radiation.) Otherwise I think he could have won WW2!

Much better, if sufficiently interested, you read this article for yourselves! As my account is rather garbled.

The Germans had many superb secret weapons. Including Foo fighters apparently amd UFO’s. They had contact with aliens. Underground bases in Antarctica. And Operation Highjump – whatever that is.(Nazi Base in Antarctica??)









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