AAA41 Nibiru,etc.continued.

June 25, 2012

Tuesday, 26th June, 2,012.


Nibiru, continuing.


I wish to extract this from Pakalert – and answer it:-(The EXTRACT is NOT mine.)

“Is Prepping Worth it? What if Nothing Happens? Is it all a Waste?

Posted: 24 Jun 2012 11:34 PM PDT
Earlier this year, I ran across an blog post on the Directive 21 site that asked the question: What if Nothing Happens? The context was that of prepping. You know what I mean: the time, the expense, the worry, the whole shebang. Is it worth it, and, more to the point, will all of this effort be wasted? Now I happen to know that a lot of naysayers out there will point to the year 2K brouhaha as an example of why prepping is folly.”
Some people who do not want to believe 2012 is a threat, point out that there was a big scare over Y2K(The Year 2,000.A.D.), but no thing happened.(Or very little)
Very short-sighted thinking! Prepping(Preparing(for 2012 Doom) IS a lot of bother to go to. How AWFUL. To go to all that trouble – and then NO THING happen! (What a LET-DOWN!!))

Yes, WHAT IF NO THING HAPPENS?! (But,…)What if SOMETHING does?!(And you HAVEN’T prepared.)(It is a case of being PRECAUTIONARY!!)(NOT of arrogant CERTITUDE!!)

The REASON for The Y2K scare was IN CASE something DID happen.
FORTUNATELY, nothing did. IN 2,000, or 1999. Nothing much happened on the computers,etc.


However, those who argue that Y2K was a fizzer(and 1999), therefore ALL scares are fizzers, and so 2012 must be too!!

That is IDIOTIC!!

The IDEA is to be PREPARED just IN CASE the warning is sound.

I think silly criticism put on Pakalert. Should not have asked so OBVIOUS a question!
I suppose many do look for an EXCUSE to reject preparing(PREPPING).

Which is better? To prepare and nothing happen. Or NOT to prepare and SOMETHING happen!
The point is this: The idea is to handle(deal with) the POSSIBILITY that SOMETHING(BAD) MIGHT(happen)!!

The ship may sink. The plane MAY crash. So have a life-jacket on!!

How many are DISAPPOINTED when nothing happens?? This is silly!!


I point out two obvious things:-

1. 1999 and 2,000 were APPROXIMATE dates issued for the TRUE date – which is 2,012!!

The ERROR was to assume that The APPROXIMATE date was the ACTUAL date! No,no!!(Saying 2,000 is just a lazy way of saying 2,012. Rough!!)(2,000 is ROUGHLY 2,012!!)
2. The people(skeptics) who harp on I WISH IT WAS 2,013 so that the matter is settled are ASSUMING that The 2,012 warning is erroneous.

Hey! 2,012 has come. Aye. But NOT gone!! Wise I think to WAIT for 2,013 to come AND go TOO – before rejoicing that nothing happened.(Or, in the words of the prophet: DON’T count your chickens BEFORE they are hatched!!(Some of you may have HEARD of the saying!!(LOL))

It should be OBVIOUS that it is UNWISE(FOOLISH!!) to count your chickens BEFORE they are hatched.(And most people don’t!)(But there are those who do.)


There IS a prediction or prophecy that Doom will occur(or perhaps ONLY start) in the year 2,012 A.D. Yes, it MAY be phoney. True. But on the OTHER HAND, it MAY be SOUND!!

Of all prophecies, 2,012 is VERY sound!!(But wise not to be TOO cocksure until 2012 has GONE.(AND well into 2,013,too!!))
How do you skeptics KNOW(beyond ALL doubt??) that this 2012 prophecy WON’T come to pass????
WISE to wait until 2,012(and 2,013) has GONE before CROWING!! I THINK!!

Because if it HAPPENS(Doom) – WHO will have the most EGG on their faces later??(However we can all expect MUCH MORE than egg on their faces!!)


This is VERY foolish!!


(Let us)
WAIT, and SEE!! – As the saying goes!! OBVIOUSLY!!!!

Shall I break my heart over some AWFUL event that did not happen?(Which I had prepared for.)

Or shall I be THANKFUL, despite my work, THAT IT DIDN’T??!!

All SORTS of predictions get made all the time, everywhere. SOME eventuate. Others don’t!!

But I don’t think it is wise to be SURE IN ADVANCE that it won’t happen!!


In any case, how MARVELLOUS that it didn’t(IF that is so)!!

Psychological compensation!!


At least The Preppers have THEN got a good supply of things – for any future calamities!!



I do not KNOW(for certain) what TOMORROW will bring.(In fact I don’t(for CERTAIN) know AT ALL!! Do I? DO YOU??
I also do not know(for CERTAIN) what tomorrow WON’T bring!


Therefore wise to hedge bets!!

I COULD say “The sun will rise tomorrow”. Yet there is a day coming SOON, VERY SOON, when the sun WON’T rise tomorrow!!

One CANNOT avoid ALL suffering.

But one CAN rejoice despite the work,etc. of PREPPING, when disaster does not occur!!(A sort of good insurance investment!!)


The name of the game is to REDUCE suffering(probably), NOT (TRY TO) ELIMINATE it!!(Elimination is good, but who can expect to be THAT successful??!!)

How many of you think that because I tried to be a bit humourus in my last article, that the whole thing is PHONEY? Bit hopeful weren’t those of you who thought THUS!!

The idea of a little humour, despite the APPALLING GRAVITY of the prediction, was to relieve THE TENSION, not to make a joke of it, or TO SUGGEST that the whole thing was PHONEY!!(Come ON!!)


Fukushima is VERY worrying!!


A REALLY BAD radiation CLOUD could cover the WHOLE world!!(If there was a collapse there.)(And HOW LIKELY given that disasters PROLIFERATE!!)

Let us NOT BANK upon our assumptions!!(Positive OR negative)




Whilst not IGNORING the POSSIBLE!!

Or even the MERELY improbable.







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