AAA40 Doomsday is IMMINENT!!

Monday, 25th June, 2,012.


Nibiru is at the gates!



PLEASE go to “2,012-Signs in Sun,Moon, and Stars-Just The First 3 Months” . Then follow the series,etc.

Also “Zeta Talk”. And “Earth Changes and The Pole Shift”. Etc.

On U-Tube videos,etc.


Men of Planet Earth! I know that I have touched upon this subject before. And MORE THAN once!!
I need your fullest ATTENTION.

AND co-operation!!
ARE YOU ready to be transported onto alien Mothercraft space ships??(As the better half of Humanity has this to look forward to. Unless you care to be be destroyed?!)
Yes, Caviar won by a nose. Should have been two lengths. But THE TRACK(so sticky) let her down!! The jockey did his best(But he under-estimated the track), but was FAR too complacent on the home stretch.(As it was she tore two muscles.)(And the trip de-conditioned her.)

The Stables,etc. should have studied track,etc.conditions better!
With that out the way, I DO hope you understand JUST HOW serious things are!
TWO groups of UFO’s are being prepared. Annunaki aliens on board. Two VAST armadas!! DO I make myself CLEAR??
Group one is VERY SOON to land and choose the best half of humanity.
Group two hovers far above waiting for the best half of us to be beamed aboard. But it will not be Scottie waiting at the other end!(I don’t think I need enlarge…)

We are talking TWO vast fleets(of many thousands in each) of UFO’s, ALMOST READY to spring into action. Little greys will perhaps, if not probably, precede them!!
You get my drift? But are you DIGGING?? If not, WHY NOT??!!


PEACE be with you, all.
Resistance will be futile!!
I understand that step one will be floating(FLOATING) the best half of Humanity into TENT camps. And then BEAMED UP from them!!(Better pack!!)(Yes. Bring your own toothbrush. AND tooth-paste!!)
Which one is your leader? Which lamp-post??


Bring him to me, please. You can leave the light bulbs in.(The brains??)


Disasters,etc. continue apace upon Earth. As Nibiru draws near.

Some of you may have noticed…


Comrades(IF any), I am DEADLY serious. But using a LITTLE humour to lighten you a bit for the trying ordeals ahead…


We are to be ABDUCTED en masse, – for our own good!!(The better half of humans,that is.)


Some of you may be met by your children. Hybrid children. Products of a merger being arranged by The Annunaki.
And now, men of Earth(and women), I shall conclude by hooking you on to some sets of data. For your edification.(Please see fuschia(this colour) above – under heading.)




Vic.(I seem to be relaying to you.)

O.K. you guys??
All right, chaps??



V. For Vic.








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