AAA39 Nibiru,more. Don’t miss!!

Thursday, 21st June, 2,012.



Nibiru: More details.

These earth movements that Victoria, Australia (and the one in New Zealand)is(are) having – are, I believe, due to Nibiru approaching.(Hauling the upper Earth higher!!)

Keep CALM, absolutely calm, because this is NOTHING compared to what is coming!

These incidents are part of THE VERY START of The Pole Shift. This is almost CERTAIN!! (As Nibiru HEAVES upon The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole! Nibiru will win,…)(Terrible JERK. And GIGANTIC GLOBAL earthquake. And then Earth swivels over…some say 90 degrees in one hour…That is over 6,000 miles per hour.(I would have thought that The Earth Inversion takes one day, maybe several.)(Sun and moon stand still in the sky. My guess is 27 hours. Maybe days. Anything up to about a week!!))
What is coming, starting now, but spread over the next few months – to a couple of years, WILL BE THE WORST DISASTER MAN ON THIS EARTH WILL EVER EXPERIENCE!!(Past AND FUTURE!!)(I resented putting that word FUTURE in!!)
Called THE EVENT, many now living GOT BORN purposely TO EXPERIENCE!!
Yes, how nice to be able to claim that you experienced THE WORST CATASTROPHE EVER – to hit Man on Earth!!
What will it be like? You know that film 2012? That BASICALLY is what we can expect!! When I say HELL ON THIS EARTH, I MEAN just THAT!!
Tsunami, world wide, of about 700 feet high! Picture one of THEM racing up your beach!

But Tsunami will be ONLY ONE of the very many horrendous weather events!(Weather of all EIGHT element levels!! Fire,Earth,Water,Air,Electricity, Magnetism, and two more!!)

I say again: You(and every creature on Earth!) are MORE LIKELY to die – than to live! Terribly and horribly.
I am spelling it out AS I SEE IT.


What is happening, you see, is that TWO great cycles of disasters are occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY!!

We have the 6,500 year quarter solar cycle – which is due to THE WOBBLE of The Earth.(When The Earth reaches extreme tilt.)(Four equal tilts every 26,000 years.)

AND we have the 3,600 year cycle of Nibiru’s passing us.

BOTH of these cycles are OCCURRING SIMULTANEOUSLY this time!!

In fact, what is happening(about to happen) is an event that happens about once in every 26 MILLION YEARS!!


Normally each one of either produces a CATACLYSM. But THIS time, we have the BOTH together!! So a DOUBLE CATACLYSM!!

PLUS the completion of one revolution of the galaxy(Milky Way)(Do NOT confuse solar system with galaxy! Our solar system is simply Sol, our sun PLUS the planets and their moons,ETC. circling them.)

PLUS the completion of all other astronomical cycles relevant to us. PLUS the alignment with the centre of the galaxy. PLUS The New Age of Aquarius advent!(When Pisces Age ENDS.)
(The GALAXY is a system of MANY BILLIONS of stars!(About half of them solar systems!)(Hundreds of billions of stars,perhaps, in a galaxy. Maybe 300,000,000,000. And there are as many galaxies in a universe… I think the TOTALITY is INFINITE…))

Supposing you lived in a village of 7,000 people. Then the world contains ONE MILLION(1,000,000) such villages in population(equivalent), as yours.(Over 7,000,000,000 people on Earth.)
But an average galaxy contains 300,000 such EARTHS of people!

The number is way too far beyond that of the AVERAGE individual to grasp!

So please do not say GALAXY – when you ONLY MEAN solar system!

Our solar system is the PROPORTIONATE correspondence to


A different and MUCH bigger thing!! Than our solar system!(It is LIKE confusing your village comparison to that of The Earth of the hypothetical equivalent in villages with 300,000 Earths(OF VILLAGES!!)!!!!))

Your(hypothetical)village is ONLY 1,000,000 x short of The Earth number.

But The Milky Way GALAXY is 300,000 TIMES LARGER than
than is the disparity between a village of 7,000 against an Earth of one million(1,000,000) such villages!

The coming SUPER CATACLYSM(Because TWO cycles of cataclysms involved!) will be(my estimate) About 4x(Because Wobble, Nibiru, Galactic Alignment AND rebellion against end of Pisces Age, – comes to FOUR TIMES the USUAL cataclysm(every 3,600 years) – MEANS
…THAT we are ABOUT TO SUFFER One ATLANTIS type event.
One Atlantis type event equals ABOUT 1000(roughly) World Wars. Of World War two size.

Or 4,000 world wars. Now THAT’S devastation…

So we are looking at something “rather nasty”…

THAT is ABOUT the size of it.


Can YOU imagine 4,000 WW2’s compressed into one?

THAT is what we can EXPECT over the next 8 months to two years.



Which is WHY I POUND you FEW with my pitiful warnings…

It will be(I am estimating) UTTERLY unimaginable!!

ALL words fail UTTERLY. And beyond all comprehension…

However, two points, 1. It will BUILD UP to this.(The earth trembling,etc. in Victoria and the earthquake in New Zealand are among only THE VERY FIRST fleas in an ARMY of tyranosaurus rexes NOW bearing down UPON US…

And 2, You can only die.(And death will be preferable(in my opinion) to surviving to live in the most extreme devastation IMAGINABLE…With Ice Era and then ICE AGE following,…)

Folks, comrads,…PLEASE fasten your SEAT BELTS!!

Turbulence ahead!(As The Captain swallows his false teeth AT THE VERY THOUGHT!!))



I am TRYING frantically, desperately, to give you all SOME IDEA of what to expect.

An AWFUL number of humans will of course die in their tracks. Like The Dinosaurs did in perhaps some earlier EVENT!!(Of like nature.)


I struggle to render an accurate picture, as to nature AND magnitude.
I am having a job…



Get as high as possible. Get away from the coasts. And, I DO advise, from people. AND from animals.(Because BOTH will be STARK STARING RAVING MAD… In mindless packs – COMPLETELY OUT OF THEIR MINDS.)
We have never had it so good. This generation. And VERY SOON, will never have had it so bad!


Yet SOME will survive. Even millions. Don’t know how many millions. POSSIBLY billions. But WHERE are they going to HIDE??!! From the destruction LASHING everything???? In ALL forms, from EVERY DIRECTION!!!!

Nibiru is as big as Saturn!
IT won’t hit us(very unlikely to). BUT, some of THE STUFF accompanying it – PROBABLY will.(Moons, rocks, dust, the deadly red dust, and much very much more.)
I STILL say GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE! Aim for it and KEEP ON GOING for at least 600 miles – and you SHOULD find yourself upon THE INNER SURFACE of this HOLLOW EARTH!!

Just about every settlement on Earth turned into an HIROSHIMA!!

Not from Radiation though. Though we can expect some of that,too.(Just about ALL of the nuclear plants on Earth are going to broken WIDE OPEN!!)


People have NO IDEA!!


We have had a flea bite or two so far. But VAST PACKS of Tyranosaurus Rexes are coming,…
Death will be best,…But do NOT commit suicide!

What makes it worse THIS TIME is the number of people on Earth, and the degree of technology reached!!

Electric arcs will leave hardly ANY electronic and electric devices working!
It will come gradually…(Until The Pole Shift STARTS, – and then – WHAM…)


Nibiru is the cause. Pole Shift the mechanism.(PHYSICAL Inversion of The Earth.)

ANYTHING bad that you can think of…And worse. All over the place. Will BE so manifest…

Watch out for that huge red moon in the sky….soon…

Go to “Earth Changes and The Pole Shift” site.(VERY interesting.)

AND to “Zeta Talks”(ALSO GOOD).

AND others like those.

The two named are the best I have found so far.

Earthquakes in Victoria??
Just an early BREEZE in the coming SUPER HURRICANE!!!!

And MAN, am I falling SHORT by way of DESCRIPTION!!

There are no words,…






Best hope? Get buried(with plenty of water,etc(medical supplies,radio,batteries,AND SO ON…AND SO ON….)) IN a Super-Market!

And JUST HOPE NO ONE can reach you!!



I repeat DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE.(Awful penalty in Spirit World. So don’t do it!!)



Did you remember to add smelling salts to your list??!! GOOD IDEA!!!!


Heat, cold, fright and TERROR will take many off BEFORE they realize it!!















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