AAA36 A supplement. To Nibiru.

June 18, 2012

Monday, 18th June, 2,012.

More upon Nibiru.


It is coming towards us. But not DIRECTLY towards us. It is on ITS orbital trajectory. Earth is on its. The two orbital trajectories cross each other. Twice.
Did any of you SEE Nibiru? It was at about 11.00 against the sun.

It MAY not arrive to pass until early next year. Or some time in between.
A Pole Shift should start at ANY time.(Up until early next year.)







AAA37-2 The Four Great Objects. And to guide you on your way!!

June 18, 2012

Tuesday, 19th June, 2,012.

The Four Objects. Nibiru,etc.

Nibiru is due in 32 days. But that is best estimate I can see. It COULD be UP TO 8 or 9 months away, yet. But IT IS coming!!

Four objects are coming: Nemesis,Herbucolosis,Nibiru and Homeward.

They are moving closer PARALLEL to Earth’s orbit. As the two orbital trajectories close to a distance I ESTIMATE as about 30 million miles. Was 40.

Nemesis is a failed star, Herbucolosis is a giant VERY cold dim dark object, about size of Jupiter, Nibiru is about size of Saturn, and Homeward is an Earth-sized planet circling Nibiru along with 5 minor planets. The Annunanki aliens(Nephelim??) reside on Homeward.(They are POSSIBLY Reptilians. They modified our genes by blending with theirs! From Orion. Sirius. We NEED to be with The Pleiadians! Especially from Central Sun, Alycone!! Orion lot has hijacked us!! Hence, evil. Also from Phaeton – where we are from. Mars is inhabited by HUMANS originally from Earth, survivors of a previous Nibiru pass AND marauding aliens!! LOTS of real estate on Mars!! Some on Moon,etc.too!!!!)
Nibiru has an ENORMOUS tail of junk. Boulders, junk, dust, deadly poisonous red dust and TRILLIONS of comets and asteroids,etc.etc. The tail is being blown(by the our sun’s cosmic wind) into our faces. So it is PRECEDING Nibiru, not following it!

Red dust has been falling for a decade or two. When mixed with water it looks like blood.(I believe that THIS is the blood(looks like blood but is NOT blood)that Revelation refers to!)

A red rain fell in India some years back. I think it was this red dust mixed with water.
Notice the increase in the amount of asteroids,etc. just missing Earth? It is because we are going deeper into Nibiru’s TAIL!!

This is not so much stuff from OUR Asteroid Belt, as material from Nibiru’s TAIL!!

This should acceleratingly increase as Nibiru and retinue gets closer.

There is a growing vague feeling that something BIG is about to happen. Big and TERRIBLE.

We have been warned by key religious and spiritual groups for up to 2,000 years,now!

Jesus warned us. So has Einstein(Pole Shift), Nostradamus – and Cayce – to name a few.
I expect Nibiru(AND retinue) to SUDDENLY APPEAR at ANY time!!(Taking Earthmen by surprise. Like a THIEF in the night.)

It will look like a large red moon.

Yes, it could all co-incide with the start of The London OLYMPICS, July 27th, 2,012.(Or sooner!)
Many seem to be deliriously happy at this time.

That doesn’t happen on Planet Earth! Suspicions SHOULD be being aroused! When the world rejoices, – BEWARE!! Something VERY nasty and big – is ABOUT to HAPPEN!!

You are too COMPLACENT, Earth-men!
And some are too SMUG.

This is EARTH. NOT Paradise!!


The CLEANSING is about to occur. And the wicked DESPATCHED!!

Through death. And dying.

Lust is NOT love!! Neither is NEED. Many humans CALL sex and need – love. NOWHERE near!! Love is the GIVING of God’s SPIRIT, not the TAKING of human desire and need foully implanted by Pan!! Not EVEN Romance is True Love!!
The Earth is about to have its vibrations raised.

I urge you all to escape through ASCENSION. SPIRITUAL ASCENSION.

To embrace the four HIGHER unions. Heart, Throat, Head and Crown Chakras.(Which parallel The Endoctrine Glands.)
And to avoid like THE PLAGUE – the lower lusts. Of sex. ESPECIALLY homo and gay. (Give and receive)
I am referring to the four lower chakras. That Man is OBSESSED with. Dump THEM. Embrace the four HIGHER!!

Private, excretory,spleen and body functions. THEM!!

AND drugs, dope, alcohol and smoke,etc!!!!

Or NOT be saved from THE HELL and HORROR, TERROR and WIPE-OUT about to occur!!
A VERY HARD ask – but you HAVE the CHOICE!!

Abstain, or perish!!

Whatever happened to PURITY and DECENCY?? CLEANLINESS and THE HIGHER??

Man is sacrificing the HIGHER unions to the lower! And the higher self to the lower self.

The penalty for this is WIPE OUT!! Followed by HELL!!!!
YOUR choice. YOUR call, EARTH men!!

Think you that Jesus perspired BLOOD – for NOTHING?? – Think AGAIN!!

It is NOT Utopia that lies immediately ahead – but UTTER DESOLATION AND CARNAGE!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

You are BEING FOOLED and CONNED by Old Nick!! And The Horned god, Pan!! Low pleasures. Of body.
Do you HONESTLY believe happiness is so cheaply bought??!!


PREPARE to die! And PREPARE for HELL!!!!
Physical death is actually BIRTH. The physical body gets vacated. Conciousness moves from physical brain to etheric brain, then to astral brain – before finally moving up into the lower mental. Prepatory to going higher.(For those that QUALIFY!!)
Religion and The Churches,ETC. have failed!

So I am telling you what THEY should have!!

Save your SOULS – your INNERMOST SELVES, by OBEYING GOD.(Ten commandments plus two Jesus added.), repenting of any(ha ha) evil done, and ACCEPTING CHRIST!! Then FOLLOWING Jesus(Christ)!!

Not ONE of us is TOTALLY innocent!!

The harvest is about to be reaped!!
After death head STRAIGHT for the blue white light! IMMEDIATELY. Have NOTHING to do with spirits who try to get you to go DOWN!!

Climb as high as you can in 3d, and in 5D(Vibration). As fast as you can. As many will be trying to drag you down(as in life)into HELL!!
Tempting you with body pleasures!!(sex,etc.)

And MIND joys(via drugs and dope,etc.)

SPURN them!! Have NO truk with them WHATSOEVER!!!!

So called death is ONLY the death of the physical vehicle, your body, that carcass you NOW wear!! Which so many THINK is them!!
It is but a GARMENT that we wear to make contact with this physical realm.(To speed up our spiritual and divine evolution!!) At death we lay it DOWN!! AND it ROTS away – to dust(and bones). But WE do not!!
Picture an endless scale of a spectrum of octaves of VIBRATIONS. Currently we are in this physical.
Look! There are TWO great Kingdoms: The Inner one WITHIN our auras, and the OUTER one outside of even our physical bodies!!

When we fall asleep we enter, periodically, The Inner Kingdom. And our conciousness spreads out among the images of our aura. We call them dreams. At the borders of falling asleep and awakening we often encounter incredibly beautiful detailed imagery. At the doorway to The Outer Kingdom.
When we DIE, we enter The Great OUTER Kingdom!!
We do NOT go out of existence. Our physical body does though!!

In The Outer Kingdom, many are lost. Not knowing WHAT is going on!!

I would spare you all from THAT!!
After physical death, a SERIES of obstacles lies ahead!

According to how high you have raised your spiritual vibrations!

FORGET the physical body. That never was you!
It was a temporary MOULD, created by our truer vehicle, the spirit body.
First is the danger of THE FOG. A fog which surrounds the etheric vehicle. This is the fog of the energy field we called life during our living.

Get THROUGH that.
Next, get through the fog surrounding The Etheric Plane. It is a MIST. Much finer.
After that we enter The Etheric Plane. This is the ORIGINAL of The Physical Plane. The PHYSICAL is the carbon copy, NOT the duplicate we enter after so called death.

This is The EARTHBOUND state. In it we are trapped at The Physical Earth level. It has its luring attractions. But we need to climb higher!!(Avoiding the temptations – to reach THE REAL MEAT!!!!)

Get into The Astral Plane to start with. Many go there immediately. It depends how we have lived. Which governs our vibrations – which determine how fast we ascend. Whatever you do DON’T go down!!(Hell is down there!)(Hades)(Hell is condition or state of mind(emotions)(soul). Hades is the MATERIAL environment HELL creates. Likewise with Heaven creating Paradise.)
Spirits of LIGHT will help you ascend(3d and 5d) if necessary. And it often is!!
Get through The Astral Planes – and into The Mental.
But the true heights do not begin until in The Higher Mental.
These are Theosophical terms.

Be ASSURED, physical death is NOT the end of you!!
But what IS important is not your VEHICLE, but your SOUL!!

At the end of this life, we enter the next vibratory level up.Materially!!
But what happens to THE SOUL is another matter. THAT depends upon the level of SPIRITUAL VIBRATION you(we) have reached.

And your behaviour in life determines that.

Two great principalities try to capture our souls in life. God and Devil. God through the delights of the HIGHER mind and emotions.

And The Devil, by using Pan to drag us down via the pleasures of sex and drugs, dope,alcohol and nicotonic smoking. Also sin and crime, the seven(and MANY more) deadly sins,ETC…

We live FOR EVER. And already HAVE!!

Hopefully EVOLVING.

Our home is in The Spirit World.

Which we leave to evolve faster in the hard physical!

We re-incarnate periodically to do this.

We have lived before, and will live again. Endlessly.

Nemesis,Herbuculosis,Nibiru and Homeward are coming – ending this civilization Arya. And removing the wicked from Earth.

To a lower planet and a lower plane perhaps.

The higher onto a higher planet and plane.
Usually just a different plane is involved.


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