AAA35-2 A Pole Shift is IMMINENT!!!! PLEASE read. Do NOT miss this!!

Monday, 18th June 2,012.

A Pole Shift is IMMINENT!!


Attention, attention, could I have your attention, please!!


It is now 33 days to the best estimated date when Rogue Planet Nibiru,ETC. passes Earth!

When they pass they will cause HORRIFIC damage. Killing BILLIONS of humans – and animals, vegetable plants, structures, everything. BUT NOT ALL AT ONCE. It will build up GRADUALLY. Starting VERY small!!
I am given to understand(why UFO’s massing above!) that BEFORE things get too bad, that aliens will land and evacuate BEST half of Humanity – to safety. To Motherships high above,etc.

I have URGED that we get as many of best AS POSSIBLE down The North Geographical Pole. As we should be safer WITHIN The Hollow Earth. Just head due north by GYROSCOPE dead reckoning for The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole, and after about 600 miles you should find yourself upon THE INNER SURFACE of The Earth. The Earth is HOLLOW. But with a 400 mile thick SHELL. We are on the top surface. But by going down through funnel tunnel entrance near North Geographical Pole, we will, IF you aim STRAIGHT for North Geographical Pole, end up on THE INNER SURFACE – and at least be safe from BOMBARDMENT by boulders,etc.from ABOVE!!

Maybe LAVIC SPRINGS there too, shooting up all over.

Hail stones on OUTER surface will weigh 70 pounds EACH.

EVERY imaginable bad thing will be happening at once.(Building up to this!)

From Gravity, Magnetic, Electric,ETC. TIDES from Nibiru!(Gravity from Nibiru is RIGHT NOW starting to pull the North GEOGRAPHICAL(and Magnetic) Pole OVER!!(Sun and Moon will rise and set in changed places!!) When Flip Inversion(or POSSIBLY semi-inversion of Earth) starts, this should trigger A CRUSTAL DISPLACEMENT,too!! Global. I reckon over a thousand miles south(MAYBE north) at first, THEN 4 to 5 THOUSAND miles south immediately after.

Mass of sea water at Earth Bulge will SLOSH over the continents.

And winds of 200 miles per hour rage globally.

Tsunami (One reports says 700 feet high)everywhere!!


You either get WITHIN HOLLOW EARTH(I do NOT mean Underground!!)(Though Underground MAY be better than staying out on open surface!) – OR, if not evacuated to safety by The Annunaki aliens, then(because ORTHODOX shelters and bunkers will PROBABLY be forbidden you,) – you will be left to your own devices. Which means likely die. Horribly. And terribly.


Nibiru is VERY close now. And Huberculosis,ETC. is right behind it. Much bigger than Nibiru,even!!
Your best hope,THEN, failing my suggested routes, is Hole in The Ground, VERY deep, OR Deep CAVE!!!!

Your home no good!(You NEED to be surrounded by 20 feet of STEEL!!)

And out in the open is almost certain death, most horribly and terribly.


Safest place is as far out to sea as you can get! So tsunami at lowest height!!(Maybe all right with means to convert sea water to fresh!!)
Concern for YOU, drives me.

We cannot see Nibiru much – for a number of reasons. Half in Infra Red. Coming up at 30 degrees to The Ecliptic.(Nibiru is STILL NOW visible right close to sun. You can see if you look. But DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT SUN!!(Or you risk going BLIND!!)(Use GOOD FILTER. Smoked glass or SOMETHING!!)
Is far to South!(Or was.)
I KNOW you are probably fed up with my articles. But the MAGNITUDE of what is to come IMPELS me on!!
SPREAD the word!!

Authorities lying to us!

And sceptics in denial – are AFRAID, so wrongly THINK that if they believe it is false that it won’t exist – and go away. Which is STUPID!!

I have TOLD you repeatedly WHAT to expect.


It is real and true all right. Have little doubt about THAT!!

It is true Mass Panic leading to Mass PANDEMONIUM would bring world to a halt, and be even worse(riots,etc.)(Mobs wrecking entire cities. Burning down ANY building they target. Smashing IN to your home for supplies, AND SO ON!!) than the thing(Nibiru,etc.)ITSELF!! But I think it best you know what is coming.

Maybe because I need a LITTLE excitement!
It is not(JUST) End of World AS WE KNOW IT. It is End of THIS AGE. Both the 3,600 year cycle AND The 6,500 year one!!


Electronic and electric devices are going to FAIL. Due to electric arcs!
MANY horrors now imminent.


Do NOT commit suicide!(Heavy penalty in Spirit World on that!!)
HELP ME get the news out. I THINK it is better that the people be informed!!

Huberculosis, though huge, is VERY cold, green, dim – so it is VERY hard to see!!

This current civilization(if that is the right word!), Arya – IS ABOUT TO END!!
It is not a judgement, just the periodic fulfillment of Nibiru’s 3,600 year orbit around the sun.

It is not likely to hit us. But it should(Unless you are good at ASCENSION(Meditation,etc!)!!) pass near enough to cause TERRIBLE damage to The Earth!!


This is not just a violent thunderstorm! This is DOOMSDAY!
The SMASHING of this civilization.
It is not(JUST) the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT. It is the end of this AGE.(BOTH ages, 3,600 year cycle AND 6,500 year cycle!!)(Plus all other main cycles. Like the Galactic Alignment of 21.12.2,012. AND The End of Pisces Age, with the beginning of The Age of Aquarius!!
Ice Era and ICE AGE will follow on!!

Back to caves and Stone Age. For the few survivors.
The Pole Shift is TRYING to start. (It will succeed, and invert The Earth(at least turning it on its side)(South Pole will probably move to Australia. North, -expected to go to Britain,area.)
Humans and animals to break up into gangs and packs, and go RAVING MAD!!
I THINK it is better to tell you!!


Nibiru is best visible(Orion,Leo) from South Pole.

All the best. We are all going to need THE BEST!!

The North Magnetic Pole is fleeing faster and faster towards Siberia,Russia, from Canada.

Now 1 m.p.h.

About 20 miles per day!


This is the predecessor of GEOGRAPHICAL Poles getting LOOSENED UP prepatory to moving.
Expect huge global earthquake to accomany JERK move starting The Pole Shift!!(Are you LISTENING??)
It is NOT fantasy!!
Expect to start at ANY TIME!!

Will be accompanied by earthquakes, and EVERY IMAGINABLE horror. But building up gradually. RAPIDLY increasing!!


But best of all, turn to GOD and CHRIST, repent and do ALL the good that you can now.

That our Afterlife be bearable!!





Your friendly advisor,









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