AAA34 More details on Nibiru,etc.

June 15, 2012

Saturday, 16th June, 2,012.



More details on Nibiru.

In Orion, Leo. Orion’s Belt.(And the much bigger Orion’s Belt MUCH farther out!) Sirius, Sirius.B. In The Pleiades, Alycone, The Central Sun. Arcturus. Nemesis. And Sol, our sun.
Out beyond The Kuiper Belt(of asteroids), will be found the object called Herbuculosis(5x size of Jupiter), an extremely cold object. Just above ABSOLUTE zero. The Frightener. Further out will be found Nemesis and Arcturus.

Coming in we have Nibiru circling Herbuculosis. And then the satellites of Nibiru. 5 minor and one Earth sized – Homeward, on which dwell The Annunaki aliens.

Plus their moons, and one small green dense object.

Nibiru has a big wide TAIL of debris. And red dust.
Herbuculosis and Nibiru,etc. are circling the sun on a VERY elongated orbit. Of 3,600 years.

And that lot is simply on an orbital trajectory which brings it across the orbit of Earth, at what is called THE CROSSING. Nibiru is The Planet of The Crossing. Once on way in, and once on way out. It won’t hit us. But will cause terrible damage every third pass(which this one is on).

Nibiru is not doing anything irregular just following its orbit.

Which HAPPENS to come close to The Earth.


It has happened before, and will probably happen again.

The sceptics are afraid and going into denial.

Not expected to hit us. But gravity,etc.will cause appalling damage.

Best estimate date is July 21st, 2,012.

Herbucolisis almost invisible and EXTREMELY cold. Nibiru is visible. It isVERY hot.
This parade will pass soon.


To live much longer, it is either survive this.

OR hope to be evacuated by aliens.


I have done my best to warn as many as possible.

Few seem interested. Many are in denial.

You HAVE been warned!

Expect Pole Shift, Earth onto side or inverted. 3- 6 BILLION humans dead.

SPREAD the news, please. To as many as possible. Every which way you can.

What MORE can I do?

Use Gyroscopes, not compasses. From where compasses fail too much.









AAA33 Nibiru, more. A better picture.

June 15, 2012

Friday, 15th June, 2,012.



A better picture(Of Nibiru,etc.).

There is a miniature solar system, with The Dark Star(Referred to as The Brown or Red Dwarf.) – an object about 5 times the size of Jupiter. Nibiru circles Hercubolus(The Dark Star). And at least 34 satellites orbit Nibiru, plus much junk.(Nibiru is about 5 times the size of Earth, but 22 times as massive.)

It is due to pass The Earth on July 21st, 2,012.(This year)

Comet Elenin was not Nibiru, nor Hercubolus. But a small comet which crashed into the sun. But sometimes Nibiru and Hercubolus are called Comet Elenin.(Elenin standing for Extinction Level Event, Nibiru is near.)

July 21st is the best estimate, but Hercubolus and Nibiru might not arrive until early 2,013.

It is due to return in 2,014 – on its way out of the solar system(though it is part of it, but on a VERY elongated orbit).
It circles the sun between The Kuiper and Oort Belts.

It is real. It is not a lens flare.
Much havoc due to be caused on Earth.
Remember that it is a whole cluster of things, with very much junk.

GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(The Earth is hollow. Safer down there!)




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