AAA32 Nibiru, continuing.

June 14, 2012

Friday, 15th June, 2,012.



Nibiru, continuing.

TWO objects are approaching us. The Dark Star. And Nibiru. Accompanied by 34 satellites, much red dust, a yellowish red haze, a tail of JUNK, and many UFO’s.
It is like a miniature solar system WITHIN our Solar System.

Nibiru due to PASS us July 21st – best estimate as yet.
Should do HORRIFIC damage to Earth. Expect 3 to 6 BILLION humans to die.
The worst time is February 14th, 2,013.(Or is it 2,014?)
It will pass us again in 2,014 – on its way OUT of the solar system, but do little or no damage. None at all, I think.


It is definitely coming.

Some are saying there is no planet Nibiru, and that it is a lens flare.(That some are seeing – and claiming it to be Nibiru.)


Long careful study of Nibiru – tells me that it is real.

It has appeared in various forms: A second sun, a black spot, another moon(big and red), a V shape in the sky, a curving to the left succession of whte disks. A big red sphere.
Dark star with Nibiru circling it, as this miniature solar system goes around the sun between The Kuiper and Oort belts.

July 21st(2,012.) has been claimed very recently as the date it passes The Earth. That is when all is over. The Peak.

However, things will get unbearable some time BEFORE then!! It will vary between individuals.
Maybe July 1st.

I hope to be out of it by then.







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