AAA30-2 Nibiru and The Dark Star. Counters refuted.

June 11, 2012

Wednesday, 13tth June, 2,012.


Some incredible information from John Moore. Re:Nibiru,etc.(And from myself.)


1. How many of you knew that The Gulf Stream had stopped? (It HAS! Since June 21st, 2,011.)
Why did The Gulf Stream stop? (Note: There is a current of warm water that moves up The Eastern Coast of The U.S. – and then across to N.W.Europe. Right up to Scotland, then back to Iceland,etc.before turning south along the ocean floor. It is called The Gulf Stream. It has been keeping N.W.Europe equatable.(I say HAS…) The Gulf Stream(The Northern Oscillator) is PART of a world round circuit of ocean movement, in a stream. It WAS non-stop. NOW it has stopped…

Cause of the stoppage? The Oil Spill.(Remember U.S. President getting very angry at that Oil Spill in The Caribbean?)(Awful lot of oil released into ocean unintentionally.)(Alien sea creatures appeared, much oil gushed out, and a number of nations sent submarines to the area. Nearly world war over it!!)

What USED TO cause The Gulf Stream(The Northern Oscillator.): Global Warming HEAT is coming from NIBIRU. NOT from Man via the burning of fossil fuels creating carbon dioxide,etc!)(Nibiru is VERY hot.(Its companion The Dark Star is very small, green?, and EXTREMELY COLD.))

Global Warming has melted much ice in Greenland and Arctic,etc. Also Great Lakes draining into sea – much cold fresh water. Now water which is fresh is HEAVY. And water which is cold – is heavy(because denser – more closely packed). So this water is very heavy. It surges out into The North Atlantic(used to!) and SINKS through the warmer sea. Down to Atlantic Ocean floor, and back down south(after moving south west). Keeping the waters mixed and flowing.

The OIL SPILL(Remember all the fuss some years back off Florida?!) sent a HUGE amount of OIL into the sea. This floated(being lighter than water)(EVEN lighter than salt water.) on the surface – forming a MEMBRANE. Which stopped the heavy COLD and FRESH melt water from sinking down. THAT BLOCKED THE GULF STREAM. Stopping it. After forming a DAM film of oil.

So North West Europe no longer got warmer. But fell about 11 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature.

Recall the terrible cold and snow across Russia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and North America, the entire northern North Hemisphere – back in Northern Winter of 2,011??

It was because The Gulf Stream had STOPPED!! The entire global circulation current of sea water stopped. The Great Oscillater. REMAINS stopped… The reason for changed conditions in Australia,etc.


There is NO reason why The Gulf Stream,etc. will resume(soon). That Oil film MEMBRANE will stay on the ocean for a very long time!
THEREFORE expect more extremely cold and snowy Northern winters!!


Which, in turn, will kill much grain and cereal food grown up in The Northern Hemisphere. Which – by chain re-action will starve many animals, and,again, in turn, many humans!! Reducing world population a lot this way.(Which may be a good thing.)(As world population is getting too great now.)
Note: TREMENDOUS number of many species(in big groups) of animals dying! Birds falling from sky, fish piling up dead on beaches,ETC. Due to Nibiru driving Magnetic North Pole faster and faster towards Siberia in Russia!!(Animals are dying more and MORE…It hasn’t stopped. What may have reduced – is THE REPORTING of it!!)


Note: FOUR MAIN reason(About 13, altogether!!)s for the increasing COLD(And snow).(More snow because of the heat producing more evaportion to precipitation cycles.) a. The Paucity of Sun Spots a few years back – resulting in a mini Maunder Minimum(Colder spell than average.) b. Earth’s orbit entering coldest period. c. The Dark Star is EXTREMELY cold(Nearly at ABSOLUTE ZERO!) And d. As these cold and snowy winters succeed one another from now on, the snow height level will fall(It IS moving south…), more and more not melt in spring and summer. And stay on the ground. Increasing annually. Cause Ice Era. And get the glaciers to move south! e. Much dust,etc. thrown into atmosphere – by Nibiru and WW3, plus disturbances on The Earth. f. The Chemtrails being put up (to reduce global warming(one reason), another MAY be to reduce crops,by killing them,(A way to reduce world population.)(This is how THE ICE AGES start!…)
Now all these things will add up. Sun will be greatly dimmed. And produce colder and snowier conditions!!
First an Ice Era.
Later, – an ICE AGE!!

THIS is how The Ice Ages start! Every few thousand years!

This will initiate ICE AGE!!
(Incidentally, when Pole shift gets going The Earth MAY only fall upon its side – and Australia has good chance of becoming next South Pole! With Britain,etc. – a new North Pole.)

Meanwhile, Nibiru and The Dark Star(a mini solar
system) will(circling sun between Oort and Kuiper asteroid belts)(But on VERY elongated orbits) pass Earth at about 12 million miles(My estimate.)(Maybe 10 million miles off)(But even that distance – which may sound a lot – will cause TERRIBLE damage to The Earth.)(We are looking at between 3 and 6 BILLION people dying.)(With all the accoutrements to THAT.)


I assure all that Nibiru(And The Dark Star) are REAL!! DEFINITELY not Lens Flares or any of the other escapist denial things! PREPARE folks. Don’t live in denial now, and REGRET later!!…


Why is U.S. and many other countries PREPARING – and for (Also seed,etc.banks and vaults) for Martial Law.

And shelters and bunkers,etc.being built!!


For more than WW3!
And World Civil War.


TERRIBLE days lie ahead.

I think Nibiru is going to APPEAR in the sky VERY SUDDENLY – close up naked eye. Like a large red moon.

Many will be terrified.
Expect massive civil unrest. With awful destruction, as so many go OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!


Mass riots will be wide-spread. Nothing and no-one being spared.

Buildings and vehicles torched…


The air is going to catch fire. Water will dry. Some ocean and atmosphere sucked out into space. By Nibiru.


The red dust will increase. And the boulders,etc. Hail up to 70 pounds in weight. Ice blocks thundering down. Along with countless red hot boulders,etc.


Nibiru is now 38 days away ACCORDING TO BEST ESTIMATE. But PLEASE note this is AN ESTIMATE – which may not be correct!



Money will be worthless. Even gold and silver of no value.(Because you cannot eat or drink them.)


WW3 is POSSIBLE. Perhaps by Israel in self-defence against Iran.(WW3 began some time back – via Cyber warfare and Drones,etc. Commando raids, and NATO led West’s onslaught Arab Spring,etc. against East. Deliberately initiated by U.S.)
NATO now trying to defeat Syria via excuse of genocide of own people. But the bad elements in Syria are PURPOSELY being stirred up to bring down Syrian leader! In order to bring in Democracy. Much of killing is done by West, not Syria!(West, ex U.S. led by NATO has become VERY bad.)(U.S. President is organizing. Good for West, but not for World…)
Yes, World War 3 gets started, deliberately, by U.S. Using NATO as pawn!


Spain not satisfied with HUGE bail out!


Expect Greece to slide further.

Fukoshima could blow any time(leaning over ocean fuel rods)(radiation leaking into sea) – and destroy world by RADIATION.
Yes, PRAY, PLAN, PREPARE. Stand ground. Do not flee…
Cerne near Geneva in Switzerland continues to create HUNDREDS of mini BLACK HOLES every day. These GROW, and scientists HOPE(according to THEORY) THAT they stop growing!…(We shall see!!)(Grown in their Particle Accelerators, old and new accelerators.)

More and more germs becoming anti-biotic resistant.


Too many people on planet!
Many getting very dis-satisfied with treatment by governments and authorities…
Hot patch in space being approached.

Also The Proton Belt.


Aliens and their ships massing above. Prepatory to landing to RESCUE the best of Earth men. THEY KNOW WHAT is coming!! Crop cirlces proceeding,too.

NWO, New World Order, is rising to deal with these problems.

Then there are The Haarp Weapons, which can influence the weather. Now in a number of countries.(Cause of some INDIVIDUAL disasters. But not of GLOBAL ones!!)
RED China RAPIDLY rises and arms.

Putin leading a re-surgent Russia back to Communism!

Russia stopping sending grain to Europe. Giving to own people. Good for Russia. But not for Europe.


Russia now holds Thermo-nuclear superiority!
And Political East now dominant.


Iran approaches capability to build nuclear weapons.
Cyber, Drones, and Commando raid warfare on the increase.


Along with HACKING of increasing number of people’s ACCOUNTS. Monetary AND IDENTITY!!


Nigeria,etc. of course, robbing millions.

Big Brother advances.

CHRIST is approaching too. As world conditions deteriorate.

The Heavenly Hosts are massing. Via UFO’s,etc??!!

December 21st, 2,012. marks The End of The Age. The End of The Mayan and Incan Calendars.
But EXPECT things to go haywire BEFORE then!!

Martial Law rising.


Sceptics ferociously DENY. Going into DENIAL.


The Authorities, Governments,etc. tell us what they WANT us to believe, – and are lying to us. To keep tight CONTROL of the masses.
As well as to avoid mass panic – leading to MASS



Men of Planet Earth: Get your ACT TOGETHER!!!!
Note that the deterioration caused by Nibiru,etc. will be GRADUAL…(We won’t SUDDENLY fall over a cliff!!)








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