AAA29-2.N ibiru,etc.

June 10, 2012

Monday, 11th June, 2,012.

On Nibiru.

Arrival date of July 21st, 2,012 seems to be best estimate yet. But not likely to hit us.

It is forecast to be the worst calamity to hit Mankind on Earth, EVER!!

It is due to occur within the next few months. In fact – in just 40 days! That is when it will PEAK. But things will get bad BEFORE then. Rising to a peak, then dying away.(According to ONE source!!)

Christendom Bible says ONE THIRD of everything destroyed. Most of rest injured I expect. Humans, animals, plants, structures, EVERYTHING. Globally. That is over TWO BILLION HUMANS DEAD.

That is an AWFUL lot…
About ONLY hope is into THE GREAT WITHIN(HOLLOW EARTH). Or get evacuated by aliens onto Mother Craft circling above!!
Unless you can get TWENTY FEET OF STEEL over your head, or into a DEEP CAVE – there is LITTLE hope for you!!(VERY little hope for ANY of us…)

MAYBE if you can get into one of the bunkers and shelters being built you MIGHT stand a chance, but little hope of that.

So bad will it be that the dead will be the best off!!


World War 3 and World Civil War should rage concommitant with The Nibiru effects.

Could YOU survive – coming out of your cave, perhaps – to a world of tremendous CARNAGE. With gangs of CRAZED humans, and PACKS of beserk animals, roaming around tearing into pieces and DEVOURING ANY living creature found!(Because hardly any food,water,air or ANYTHING left!! – ANYWHERE!!)(As The Next STONE AGE gets started!)

I tell you – the DEAD will be the BEST off!!

We are NOW in the last WEEKS of survival!!
Nibiru IS in SIGHT, mind!! And bearing straight down upon us.


Yes, it will be THE WORST TIME EVER!!(Including THE FUTURE!!)(For Man upon The Earth.)


Yet not a murmur in THE MEDIA!!(Many sceptics are arguing from The ORTHODOX Science and Astronomy views. But! Orthodoxy is sadly wrong in many IMPORTANT areas!!)

To keep CONTROL of us. AND to avoid mass panic leading to MASS PANDEMONIUM!!!!


Which is foolish because hardly ANYONE will stand A CHANCE!!

Yes, you can ASCEND mentally out of it, IF you can meditate or pray strongly enough!!(I mean via THE ASCENSION!!(The trick is to HAVE the strength to, the SPIRITUAL strength!!))

THIS happens EVERY 3,600 years.
The CAUSE (The Mechanism) is Planet X, Nibiru, The Tenth Planet(Sumerians said TWELFTH – perhaps because they counted in Sun and Moon.(Which are not planets.))

It is our outermost planet, about a little under the size of Saturn.


I don’t think it will hit us. Though some of its retinue might. And probably will!!(I believe that THIS is what Bible and now Science are referring to. A strike(or more than one) by ITS RETINUE.

This object, Nibiru is like a hollowed out CANNON BALL – made of Iron Oxides, with numerous life forms(alien) on board. Human-like AND animal,etc.(Though The Annunaki aliens THEMSELVES apparently come from the satellite Homeward – which circles Nibiru.)
What can we expect? A rapidly increasing build up or increase of natural disasters. Of EVERY kind!!
It is currently about 15 MILLION miles away – so far as I can glean. About an eighth to a sixth to a seventh the distance to the sun. Too far YET to cause much trouble on Earth.

But that distance is going to drop to about 10 MILLION miles. Or less…
As the two orbits, Earth’s and Nibiru’s pass each other.
Its GRAVITY TIDES will do terrible damage. And its Hyper-Force(Gravity-Magnetism)(A second kind of gravity.). Also its Electro-magnetism. Via Electric Arcs.(Also from a disturbed SUN!!)

The only effect so far upon The Earth is with The Magnetic(Magnetic North) Pole. Which is fleeing towards Russia(From Canada) at about 20 miles per day.And speeding up. About a mile per hour. A slow walk.

I believe it did rock The Earth over up to 40 degrees recently, but The Earth apparently rocked back.

We can expect a permanent increased tilt of The Earth soon. Which will start The Pole Shift. And The Pole Shift will change into an Earth Inversion. Plus Crustal Displacements.

The first things to watch for will be rising temperatures, rising TIDES(atmospheric,too), increasing amounts of red dust(looks like blood when mixed with water), the speeding up of The Flight of The North Magnetic Pole.(The Magnetic Pole is Northern.) Increasing numbers of UFO’s, aliens and crop circles,etc.
The HUGE mass of water bulging out from The Earth will increasingly SLOSH about – sweeping over the lands.

So we shall have growing numbers of Tsunami and Tidal Waves(On rivers,etc.) One forecast speaks of Tsunami up to 700 feet high. Coastal and river-side areas will be hardest hit. Right where so many cities and towns are!!(Of course.)

Air, sea, land and MAGMA will be heaved up increasingly. Causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions of increasing size.(I believe that we are already feeling the first effects.)(Note the sink holes, cracks in the ground(and ice), the strange noises coming from below ground(not from the sky!),etc!!)

Wobble and Nibiru are combining INCREASINGLY to produce worsening weather conditions.

The next few weeks and months – up to two years – should be TERRIBLE.
Rising to a peak, and then dying back down.(It all hinges upon WHEN Nibiru arrives, and when Wobble peaks, December 21st, 2,012.)


About ONLY hope of survival will be in a shelter, bunker, deep chamber or cave,etc.(Got one near you?!)
Remember that electronic and electric appliances will get knocked out. Just about ALL of them. And satellites,etc.(Due in the main to powerful electric arcs.)(Society, of course, will break down. Martial Law will come in first. Emergency declared. And finally EVERY MAN FOR HIS SELF!!)(Law and order will go. Along with ALL the old norms.)
Wise to have your own local electricity.
Have your OWN electric generator!! You MAY be able to keep your own devices going!!(But beware of THIEVES!!)

That is probably what will happen. A wise FEW world wide, with their own ELECTRIC GENERATORS, in touch with each other!!

First will come terrible HEAT.

Later, will come AWFUL COLD!!
Lavic fountains shooting up.

The Earth will stop spinning for about 27 hours, then start again in a reversed direction.
Winds of 200 to 300 m.p.h. will be blowing world wide. During The Earth Inversion.

With the sea invading the land up to 500 feet above normal tide heights, then falling to up to 500 feet below.

We can expect CONTINENTS to sink. And new ones to arise.


Sooner or later The Media will be obliged to break its silence.

End of The Age. Not End of The World. PROBABLY not End of The World!! But CERTAINLY the end of life as we know it.(LOL!)(THAT is for sure!!)


It will be Anarchy, Total CHAOS, TOTAL BREAK-DOWN of Society and Law and Order. And The UTTERMOST BEDLAM!!!!


You are going to have dead and dying all over the place. With just about ALL injured. (Emergency Services grind to a halt. Permanently!!)

Bar those who get evacuated by aliens. And those who manage to get into bunkers and shelters,etc.
The best off will be THE DEAD!!
Crime will be the order of the day.


Luckiest will be those who manage to find a Super-Market or some-such! And live inside – upon its wrecked contents. But others will be onto that too!!


Batteries will become VERY valuable. And TORCHES!!


Fire, water, darkness, MOANING humans and animals…



How certain am I? VERY certain!
Stock up ALL ESSENTIALS. Radios,batteries,communication devices of all kinds, medical supplies – as well as food and water, MAPS, and TRANSPORT.
No. The Preppers are not crazy. Those who are not preparing might be(crazy)!
And of course those who DOUBT that THE END is upon us!(It IS true, chaps.)

Starting up about now. – And for the next few weeks – up to a couple of years or so…

I advise: Keep away from all humans AND ANIMALS!!!!(Much killing for flesh and blood!!)(HUMAN flesh is food,too! And blood contains water!!)
Actually stocking up and planting food may not be SO good as ideas. Because of those around who have no or little respect for others’ property!!
Safest place? In The Wilderness. Far from people!!


And you need to know your local area. Going to be a job though amid RUINS!! So little recognizable.

The ENTIRE Earth will be SHAKEN, turned upside-down, fired, flooded,wrecked…

No supplies from anywhere. Only what YOU can find!!

NO services. Just silence, – and MOANING…

I repeat RADIOS, BATTERIES, GENERATORS, and a good knowledge of your area!!

On top of food,water,medical supplies, all things essential!!!!


All HELL will be let loose.

And it will be UTTER HELL ON EARTH!!!!

Comparable events in past – to compare with? Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Poseidon! Continents that were wiped out, and sank deep into the sea and magma!!(Not just cities, – CONTINENTS!!!!)

Katrina’s aftermath will be A PICNIC by comparison!!
July 21st, 2,012. IS the most likely date!!

All the VERY BEST chaps. YOU(WE) are going to need it!!


Radios, WELL batteried.

Two-way radios!
Transport not much good. So much wreckage about!


Shelter will be a hard problem. In a world of RUINS…


Many people still disbelieve or doubt.
Check on and STUDY the photos, pictures,videos,ETC. On Nibiru on The Internet. Whilst we STILL have an Internet!!

Punch in Nibiru, 2012, Doomsday, Preparations for DOOM!!

Yes, Nibiru IS coming!(And soon will be going,..)(But MANY will have GONE!!)

You(We) will VERY SOON be in a world of RUINS,CHAOS,DISORDER and JUNGLE LAW!!!!

FEW are going to be able to SURVIVE the conditions of THE AFTERMATH!!

One third may die at THE EVENT, and another third in The Aftermath.
A third THIRD will be WELL advised to be DOWN that North Geographical Pole(O,360), or on board an alien Mother Craft!!


The old world will be GONE. Literally WITH THE WIND!!


Everyone will be desperate, frantic, OUT OF THEIR MINDS, and UTTERLY BESERK!!!!

KEEP your urine! You will probably NEED IT – to DRINK – to survive!!
That is IF you can find any drinkable water TO DRINK!!


INDESCRIBABLE will be the BEST word for it!!…

Killing, raping, looting, assaulting will be THE NORM!!…
MONEY,gold,silver,etc. will be WORTHLESS. Shelter will be at a premium!! ANYWHERE to sleep,…


Only things of material value: Food,water,radios and batteries. Especially GENERATORS!!
Remember, it will be WORLD-WIDE!!


Check on Future Maps of The World AFTER Nibiru has passed!
The face of The (entire) Earth will be UNRECOGNIZABLE!!
I note Australia does (comparatively) well. And Queensland. Though one map has a lot of YELLOW on it. What does THAT mean?

Need to avoid the blue(sea water)!!
So MANY people seem to be deliriously happy nowadays. Going by pictures on T.V. News and Adverts!!(Australia’s Channel 7, anyway.)

WHAT a COME-DOWN we are all in for!!…


CHRIST is coming to take his own out of it. BEFORE THE EVENT I hope!
Yes, best arrival estimate for NIBIRU(The DESTROYER!!) is 40 days HENCE!!

July 21st, 2,012.



Prepare! GET READY!!

It is upon us!!(From NOW on, – LOOK OUT!! As disasters keep increasing.)
I mean that Doomsday IS upon us!!

Sceptics SCORN these prophecies. I do not understand why? THEY are making a MOST TERRIBLE mistake!!(HOW do they KNOW otherwise??)
Nibiru IS IN SIGHT!! To The Naked EYE!!…Aye!!(I find U-Tube best.)

It will be THE WORST DISASTER EVER!! For Mankind on Earth…


You CLOSELY STUDY the pictures, reports, photographs,videos,etc. on THE INTERNET!!

I am relieved that reports of A STRIKE by Nibiru have been misrepresented! Expect not a strike by NIBIRU, but strikes by ITS RETINUE!!

THAT is what Bible and SOME NASA scientists are referring to.

A retinue of 34 Earth sized planets(Nibiru’s moons), deadly poisonous red dust, boulders, JUNK,etc.

Nibiru’s TAIL.

TRILLIONS of asteroids,comets,meteors and debris…
Turn BACK TO, or TURN TO, GOD,CHRIST,LAWFUL LIVING,and DECENCY!! Whilst there is YET time!!(Aliens will be choosing the best.)
Remember! You WILL survive death! As a spirit. In The Spirit World.

But there will be BILLIONS like you!

Head for The Blue-White LIGHT!

All death(of your physical body) is IS the transfer of your conciousness into the brain of your next higher(vibrationed)VEHICLE(body)(We have SEVEN of them, each one finer than its preceding denser one!). It, in fact, IS BIRTH!!(Birth into a higher component of ourselves.)(Physical birth was our death!!)(YES!!)

You won’t go OUT of existence. ONLY out of your physical body!
Then you will find yourself VERY much ALIVE – in your SPIRIT VEHICLE!!


I do not know HOW EXTENSIVE Nibiru’s destruction is. PHYSICALLY destructive, yes, but how about The Spirit World??!!
The sceptics are NOT thinking deeply enough!! I know that there are people who FANTASIZE all sorts of ridiculous things.

But THIS is NOT one of them!!
Nibiru IS in sight. And you need to distinguish between IT and a lens flare or reflection,ETC!!

Nibiru is NOT a lens flare, nor a reflection!!
As SO MANY of us will VERY SOON discover!!

I been on this 10 – 12 years. I tell you GET READY!!
IS IT a Judgement? Not really. But after 3,600 years, and The End of This Age(Of 6,500 years) – it is to be expected that wayward unevolved(spiritually)Man – will be a bit OUT OF LINE!!

Man is learning.

He needs to learn just HOW destructive Nibiru IS!!(THAT and The Wobble(Of The Earth)!!)
Every 6,500 years The Wobble completes a Quarter Solar Cycle. Every 3,600 years, Nibiru passes rather closely to The Earth.

If you BINOMIALLY break up 6,500 years,you will find disasters occurring!!(As the power of each quarter wobble breaks down and out!) As well as every 6,500 years.(I mean that disasters occur every 3,250 years, then every 1625 years, then every 812.25 years,(and so on)… every 406.125 years, every 203 years,every 101.5 years, every 51 years, every 25.5 years…12.275 years, every 6 years,every 3 years,every 1.5 years, every 0.75 years(smaller disasters, but more of them)and so on…(Keep HALVING the 6,500 year period to get the disaster dates!)

Two cycles. One due to Earth’s Wobble. And one due to Nibiru passing every 3,600 years – because THAT is its orbital period.
So prepare to DIE, and that HORRIBLY!!(As SO MANY will!!)
In the coming weeks.
EVERY creature on this Earth!!
We cannot stop Nibiru. But SOME might still get down The North Geographical Pole. Otherwise hope to get rescued by aliens.(Do NOT commit suicide! Heavy penalty on that.)
I am DEEPLY saddened by the VICIOUS verbal attacks by some sceptics.

1999 and 2,000 were only APPROXIMATIONS of 2,012! Many have erred by taking the APPROXIMATION DATE literally!
No! And CARE needs to be taken. Re: Those who hold different views to ourselves. They MAY have a point!

We all think we are right!

But clearly all cannot be!!(Though all may know SOME THING that others have not thought of.)

Some may have a point others have missed!!

To KNOW what is not going to happen, we need to know it ALL. How many do? ONLY GOD does!!

CARE NEEDS to be taken…
In any case another’s learning temporary ignorance is ONLY because that person has not evolved THAT far yet. A stage we ALL go through!!

Should we not grant others the latitude we ourselves may demand?!


Unless of course we FEAR what is being said!

Then it is less the FACT that of what we are so angry about and may hate the other person for(hardly THEIR fault), but that we may not be able to BEAR it!! Rather let us be wise and ourselves LEARN – in order to know more!!(After all, PERHAPS I have made a mistake!)(They MAY, after all, BE RIGHT!!)

Am I getting old??

Is the other chap smarter than me?! – Then let me learn OF HIM!!

But of course anger is not so easily appeased!!

Yes, 2,013 will come! But WILL rather more than a few of us be around(incarnate) to welcome it??!!


Ah,tis sad,to have to learn un unpalatable truth!!





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