AAA28 Continuing with NIbiru.

June 9, 2012

Saturday, 9th June, 2,012.

Nibiru, continuing.
I think I have a better picture now regarding Nibiru,etc. I do not believe that we shall be HIT. But a CLOSE PASS can be expected. PERHAPS July 21st, 2,012. Or maybe not until early in 2,013.

We can expect to be hit by a hail of JUNK from Nibiru’s tail though! Asteroids hitting The Earth.

The idea of a STRIKE by Nibiru – came, I think, from extrapolating from Nibiru DIRECTLY – instead of INDIRECTLY. Meaning that though Nibiru ITSELF is unlikely to hit us, some of its RETINUE well might!!
Nibiru(Planet X) is a planet almost the size of Saturn, about 5 times Earth’s linear size. But with a DENSITY about 4.5 times that of The Earth.(So it is 22.5 times more MASSIVE than The Earth.)
Nibiru seems to be an outer planet of Sirius B – captured by Sol, our sun, long ago. It is thus an ALIEN(foreign) planet which got tacked onto our solar system.(Our big outer planets are gas giants, but Nibiru bears no resemblance to our outer planets! Being composed of iron oxides, and surrounded by a yellow red cloud of iron oxides’ particles. – Which makes it hard to distinguish against the sky.(Also dark and red, and maybe cloaked, plus was in The Infra Red) Is, in addition, far south, and rising at a sharp angle from The Ecliptic. PLUS well blotted out by NASA,etc. Who keep putting black squares and rectangles over it!! AND vigorously DENIED by The Establishment.(To keep tight control of us AND to avoid panic. Also because of West’s resistance and opposition to ANYTHING wonderful and marvellous!!)(Done too to placate the vast proportion of the population – who have little or no time for strange things!! For NUMEROUS reasons this object, Nibiru, is being WELL CONCEALED!!)
Now because Nibiru is an ALIEN planet, a planet from another star, it is not in SYNC with our solar system. And,so, is gradually destroying it – by hitting one planet after another, and reducing them to ASTEROID BELTS!!(Oort and Kuiper were I believe TWO former planets – now asteroid belts. Also there is the asteroid belt between(orbits of) Mars and Jupiter.)(That was Phaeton.)
Nibiru cannot keep to the NORMAL and NATURAL tracks within our solar system. It has a VERY elongated orbit.

Outermost planets seem to have very elongated orbits. Possibly because captured planets! Which, arriving fast, kept going – on VERY elliptical orbits.
Nibiru has 34 satellites. Of about inner planet size! Nibiru itself being huge.
Though Nibiru ITSELF is not likely to hit us, some of its RETINUE might!!


We need Nibiru to ACCOUNT FOR the remaining perturbations to the outer planets Uranus and Neptune!
The best indicators of Nibiru’s approach(It is coming straight for us!), are the progress of our North Magnetic Pole, tidal(oceanic and atmospheric)heights, TEMPERATURES, and DISASTERS – especially earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
There is a HUGE hole in Earth’s Magnetosphere, by the way. Which emissions from the sun COULD enter! Which would probably knock out electronic and perhaps electric appliances world-wide!! And our satellites,etc.

APPALLING TIMES lie ahead – for the next months – and about two years.

It seems that about THREE BILLION humans will die(horribly). And many animals, and plants.(Due to the effects from the enormous gravity, gravity magnetism(hyper-force), electro-magnetism and BOMBARDMENT by Nibiru’s RETINUE.) Many more injured. Some evacuated by aliens.
I am hoping that most of our atmosphere will remain. A Polar Shift leading to an Inversion of The Earth – is about certain. And CRUSTAL DISPLACEMENTS. Magnetic shift now,and perhaps inversion, will later become geograpical.
Tidal heights will be much higher. Get away from the coasts!!(Tsunami and VERY high tides!!(King Tides.))
The air will be sort of on fire. Nibiru’s red dust(iron oxides’ particles) will fall into Earth’s water supplies, rendering it BITTER. Such that many will die from having to drink it!

Much of the sea,etc. will turn to what LOOKS like blood.(Red oxides mixed with water resemble blood.)

With much ORDINARY blood around, PLUS the red oxides’mix with water “blood colour”, AND the red algae forming, – it will LOOK as if much blood around!(Unpleasant because we need water to drink,etc. And disturbing if we cannot distinguish water from blood!!)

Boulders will be falling like hail. There will be much hail – and of colossal size. 70 pound blocks. Up to that weight apparently.
I repeatedly urge as many as possible of you TO GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(So to escape to The Inner Earth! And thus avoid the bombardment from above!!)
The Annunaki aliens will evacuate many – to Mother Craft overhead. UFO’s.


Many other horrors will be occurring simultaneously. Like world war/s. Civil War. Martial Law.
The biggest danger will be Man’s re-action to it all!! As The Mob will GO BESERK!!!!


The main point of this article was to say that no collision is likely, but a close pass.
Also to emphasize that Nibiru is already IN NAKED EYE SIGHT.
Day and night.
It should eventually look like a very large red moon.

Disasters will increase up until Nibiru’s passing. Then die down.



Nibiru VERY MUCH exists! And is VERY close to us!!


Sceptics ridicule the idea. And The Establishment(In The West) won’t mention it!(But they know about it.)


The People NEED to be warned. So that they might adjust and adapt to the idea!!

(And Posterity of 3,600 hence need warning by time capsule!)
And also to avoid having to face their wrath at not being informed!!
It seems ONE of the purposes of The Chemtrails – is to counter global warming – by reducing the light of the sun.

This is very foolish. Because what is coming is Global Cooling.(As the sun gets blotted out by dust!) So it is going to be even colder than it need be.


Deep inside CAVES is the best hope.








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