AAA26. On Nibiru. Can you YOU see it??

Thursday, 7th June, 2,012.

Nibiru. The Refutation.
Nibiru is between 3.5 and 35 million miles away, in my estimation. That is COMPARATIVELY close.

At the speed it is alleged to be travelling, yes, it could reach us by July 21st,2,012.(If 3.5 million miles away.) And past the middle of next year( About Early September,2,013.A.D.), if it is 35 million miles away.
This object is INHABITED. It has levels within containing various species, of human like beings and animals.

It is MULTI-dimensional, and is controlled by intelligent Annunaki aliens.

It is dark red in colour with a red-yellow haze about it. Possibly, at times, in The Infra-Red.
I don’t think that it is cloaked(hidden).


What I am saying is speculative and tentative. It is not set in stone!!

I do not care if you do not agree with my view. I simply report as I find.


Few of us seek THE TRUTH. Most of us only believe what we WANT TO BE THE TRUTH!!(In other words we tend to believe WHAT WE LIKE.)


Truth is a hard pill to swallow. As it does not care for egoes!!

There are all sorts of views on The Internet. From fact to fantasy. Usually a mixture of both. Few have all facts. Few are all fantasies.


Trying to distill the truth from SO mixed and differing a bag – is an almost impossible challenge.
Many of us confuse OUR views – with THE TRUTH!!


And none of us like to be disagreed with!!



Any objectors??!!





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