AAA27 Continuing on Nibiru.

June 8, 2012

Friday, 8th June, 2,012.
AAA27 Nibiru is Planet X.


Nibiru being Planet X is not news. But Nibiru hitting The Earth and destroying it WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR OUGHT TO BE FRONT PAGE BANNER HEADLINES WORLD-WIDE!!

I wish to know WHY it is going to hit us. Having past us MANY times in the past, why this trip is it going to hit us? Would like a reason!

Some have SAID that it says in The Christian Bible – that Nibiru is going to HIT us.

One or two scientists in NASA have said that it is going to hit us,too!


Now those two are VERY authoritative sources! It MAYbe so of course – but I DO NOT SEE HOW!! WHY this particular trip?!
MANY reputable sources have declared that the world, or at least THE AGE, is going to end 2,012/3.(Nibiru’s SECOND pass(we may regard it is a GIGANTIC asteroid or comet) is due in 2,014 – on its way OUT of The Solar System.
I have been studying this matter closely for ten to twelve years,now. And reporting about it to AS MANY AS I CAN. To TRY to organize that the best specimens of everything on Earth’s OUTER surface, – be whisked down The North Geographical Pole!(Just AIM GYROSCOPICALLY(Compasses FAIL as you get close to The North Geographical Pole so START aiming when you are yet a VERY LONG WAY OFF!!)(By GYROSCOPE!!)(Just keep on aiming for The North Pole!) for The North Geographical Pole AND DO NOT DEVIATE OR GO ANYWHERE ELSE – and you should end up WITHIN – after about 600 miles!!) Around which is AN entrance down a COLOSSAL tubeway onto The Inner Surface of The Hollow Earth. To escape the bombardment FROM ABOVE.(BOULDERS,ETC.) However resistance and opposition are causing me to fail MOST DISMALLY!!!!(WHY would ANYONE try to stop some-one from saving the world??(Jesus tried. Got crucified.) This world is more than bad, it is MAD. And VERY SOON will HAD and SAD!!!!(Humans are SO unevolved.)(Advanced scientifically and technologically. But Spiritually and Divinely – SO backward!!)(We just happen to be close to zero in spiritual evolution.)
All of The Heavenly bodies and fields ARE HOLLOW!! Because THAT is the shape that a spinning fluid HAS TO take(and it SOLIDIFIES in that shape(with Earth, at least) – as required by the laws of physics. Via Centrifuge!!(It is SOLID Earth,etc. which is STUPID!!)(It’s(Hollow Earth) is RIGHT!!)(Whirling fluids fling almost all of their composition TO THE SIDES!(With a small blob at centre.) Leaving over ONE THOUSAND MILE holes at both ends of The Earth. To get WITHIN you HAVE TO go down one of those holes! Then you will THINK it is flat,when it is curving down and around! Because gravity aims perpendicularly down NO MATTER what shape the surface is taking!! You won’t be able to see the curvature.(It will LOOK flat!!) It is SO gradual! But you will end up UPSIDE DOWN in respect to those upon the outer surface!
To me, Nibiru and its arrival is about as obvious as one can get! Some time within the next 8 or 9 months.(And according to best report yet – JULY 21st, 2,012!!)(43 days time fellahs…)(Just over six weeks…)

WHERE in The (Christendom) Bible – does it say that The Earth will be HIT(By this HUGE planet)??

All the other planets marked the spots of some former planet, as ASTEROIDS,ETC. Our turn THIS TRIP?? ??


I have heard about Lens Flares. But one that looks SO much like the pattern shown in a crop circle 4 years back – gives me VERY BIG pause!!
I TRY to reason from evidence to proof. Simple logic. I look for mechanisms. If Nibiru is going to HIT us, then I seek a “raison d’etre”(A REASON FOR IT!!).
Some(perhaps all – to SOME extent or other) reason “I do not like this. Therefore I will REJECT it, regardless. I will believe the report to be phoney.”. I will believe some alternative that does not have Nibiru destroying(or even damaging) us!! And simply believe my opinion TO BE THE TRUTH!! Otherwise too bad for the truth!!(Haw,haw.)

What ARE the indicators that Doom is soon?


The report is not saying “There might be a rather nasty thunderstorm soon,chaps.”. No. The report is saying that the world WILL END soon(Months time,even weeks). Or, at least that this AGE will end. And Earth get severely damaged.


The reputable sources have been saying as much for at least 2,000 years now!
The sceptics deny and RIDICULE it.

The vast majority says nothing.

But last reported watching The Queen of England celebrate her Diamond(60 years on the throne)Jubilee and watching Venus cross the sun,


Now nice though Queen Elizabeth 2’s celebration in London might be, and the passage of Venus across the sun,
I DO think that Nibiru crossing Earth’s orbit, and(Annunaki) ALIENS landing to evacuate the best half of humanity, – TO BE MORE ENGAGING!!!!

Everyone to their taste, of course!!


I am not saying bah to Queen Elizabeth.2. and Venus crossing sun, but “Prepare to die suddenly nastily VERY SOON!!”.



Reason for aliens massing above: To evacute the best of us SOON!!(So whenever Nibiru gets too bad for us, then expect some Annunaki aliens TO LAND!!(To rescue the best, not to take over. They modified our genes with theirs LONG BACK, then handed Earth to us! Idiotic to fight aliens! We wouldn’t have A CHANCE!! But they are here to HELP US. So prepare to meet THE GODS, our modifiers, though not our makers!!)

Now once(as NOW!!) Nibiru heaves into sight to the naked eye – then those in The West who have been denying and ridiculing Nibiru’s arrival with SUCH confidence, even arrogance – for so long, – then they will HAVE TO explain to The General Public JUST WHAT THAT THING is, closing in upon us. THEN maybe FRONT PAGE BANNER HEADLINES will appear all over the globe!!
Men of Planet Earth!!

ANYTHING is possible, INCLUDING Nibiru!!

Consider the facts: Nibiru has an orbital period of 3,600 years.(And every few thousand years, we have had some great civilization upon some huge continent, getting destroyed: Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis, Poseidon. Looks like WE are next, folks!!)(Within the next 8 or 9 months. And more likely within the next few months, even July 21st, 2,012!!(Normally, after death, we can expect to go to our Spirit World – and have a break. But might Nibiru destroy our Spirit World, too??!!)

Atlantis was more than a city. It was a CONTINENT. The Continent of Antarctica!(If you study a map of Atlantis and compare, you should see an almost exact lay-out, albeit upside down(But Earth inverts every few thousand years!)

It is confusing because(among other reasons) the last cataclysm destroyed Poseidon. In The North Atlantic. And Poseidon has wrongly been called Atlantis by Solon and Plato!!


Atlantis was the cataclysm BEFORE the last one. And Lemuria(Mu) one before that.


THIS is what Nibiru does each time it comes around. THIS is why The Preppers are stocking up,etc!!(And, I imagine, why Obama(U.S. President) and others are ORGANIZING Martial Law,etc. Because ONCE the PEOPLE learn about Nibiru – and how The Authorities lied to us, then EXPECT a TREMENDOUS BACK-LASH by The Public!!


Australia largely escapes damage – according to one Future World map I have looked at.(Less so on another.)


I think the main reason for this – is that Australia is SO CLOSE to one of The Two SWIVEL NODES. Just south of Rapa Island south of New Zealand is one. In The Pacific.(I BELIEVE it is a Swivel Node. A Point around which The Earth swings AS IT TURNS UPSIDE-DOWN!!!!)

At the swivel nodes, winds,etc. will be minimal(From Earth Inversion following a Polar Shift.).


Australia is not all that far from Rapa!

At least I am HOPING that Rapa is one of the swivel nodes!!

It would appear that we have our first public naked eye sighting of Nibiru. By a woman flying in a passenger jet above Melbourne.

More and more people crying out WHAT IS THAT STRANGE OBJECT in the sky – must surely OBLIGE The Authorities,etc. to start mentioning it in THE MEDIA!!


Whilst it is true that The Public as a whole do not know what is good for them, I think that it is better to TELL THEM about Nibiru and how it either HITS or close passes The Earth, causing WIPE OUT or GREAT DAMAGE, respectively!!

The evidence is SIMPLY too great! I am intelligent, been on this 10 to 12 years. I am saying: PREPARE TO DIE SOON, unpleasantly and suddenly!!!!


Nibiru is COMING!!(WATCH Nibiru in sky(increasing in size(until it passes(or hits!)), TIDAL levels, TEMPERATURE levels(because Nibiru is very hot) AND watch The North Magnetic Pole’s flight from Canada towards Russia’s Siberia!! AND watch out for ELECTRIC ARCING from Nibiru to Earth(knocking out all electronic and electric appliances,etc.)!!

Yes! It can be expected to haul The North Pole over, create a Polar Shift, and then INVERT THE EARTH!!(With HORRIFIC consequences.)(Does it every 3,600 years, thus far!!)

Nibiru is Planet X. One of its many names. It is a DESTROYER(of planets,etc.)
It is about 5 times the linear diameter of The Earth. It is slightly smaller than Saturn.

And is NOW visible to the naked eyes in our skies, night and day!!

I gave the co-ordinates last time. Anyone check? This is about your(and everyone else’s) DEATH!!

Down South, Orion region.Look back an article(of mine)or two for THE CO-ORDINATES!! See if you can SPOT it(Nibiru).

It might be exciting were it not for injury or probable death!!



Shall we adjourn to another planet?

Maybe another star??!!

















AAA26. On Nibiru. Can you YOU see it??

June 8, 2012

Thursday, 7th June, 2,012.

Nibiru. The Refutation.
Nibiru is between 3.5 and 35 million miles away, in my estimation. That is COMPARATIVELY close.

At the speed it is alleged to be travelling, yes, it could reach us by July 21st,2,012.(If 3.5 million miles away.) And past the middle of next year( About Early September,2,013.A.D.), if it is 35 million miles away.
This object is INHABITED. It has levels within containing various species, of human like beings and animals.

It is MULTI-dimensional, and is controlled by intelligent Annunaki aliens.

It is dark red in colour with a red-yellow haze about it. Possibly, at times, in The Infra-Red.
I don’t think that it is cloaked(hidden).


What I am saying is speculative and tentative. It is not set in stone!!

I do not care if you do not agree with my view. I simply report as I find.


Few of us seek THE TRUTH. Most of us only believe what we WANT TO BE THE TRUTH!!(In other words we tend to believe WHAT WE LIKE.)


Truth is a hard pill to swallow. As it does not care for egoes!!

There are all sorts of views on The Internet. From fact to fantasy. Usually a mixture of both. Few have all facts. Few are all fantasies.


Trying to distill the truth from SO mixed and differing a bag – is an almost impossible challenge.
Many of us confuse OUR views – with THE TRUTH!!


And none of us like to be disagreed with!!



Any objectors??!!





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