AAA25 Co-ordinates. See if you can find Nibiru!!

June 6, 2012

Wednesday, 6th June, 2,012.

Can YOU see Nibiru??

Somewhere up there in the sky, day or night – is Nibiru. Has anyone else(apart from airbourne woman) seen Nibiru yet?

See if you can SPOT Nibiru!

Sorry, I don’t know bearings and co-ordinates. It is a left-ward turning set of white circles getting smaller grouped close together.
Queen’s Pageant and Venus transitting sun is where so MANY have been looking. But how many have been looking for the BIG TWO??!!(And seen them??)

Nibiru transitting The Earth AND Aliens massing prepatory to landing is what to look for!

Notice all the wild weather? Could be because Nibiru is so close!

Yes, Queen(of Britain) and Venus dashing across SUN – fine pair, but NOW go one better, and SPOT Nibiru as it prepares to cross The Earth’s orbit!

AND the aliens getting ready to dive down to rescue those they deem worthy!!

TRY not to miss these two big main events. Please let me know if you get anywhere!!(
Nibiru and its 34 piece accompaniment is going to THRASH us. Maybe smash The Earth to pieces.

But the aliens travelling within it – will save those they can(who qualify)!

Look at it this way: We are at The Theatre. The Show is called: “Earth takes its medicine!”.

Queen,etc. and Venus taking its sun walk(one of two quick ones) will soon be leaving the stage. Then the curtain goes up for The Interval.
After The Interval it is Enter Nibiru with servants. And then Aliens to the rescue!

The following items will be The Destruction of Earth(OR the wrecking of Earth). And how the heroes(aliesn) leapt in and saved the worthy. Much smashing up of EVERYTHING.
Check later co-ordinates in the lot FOLLOWING these immediately below!!

5 hours 53 minutes 27 seconds R.A.(Right Ascension)

And -6 10′ 58 Declination. As at August 24th from U.S.

Best seen from Southern Hemisphere.
Go to these FIRST:-(Below)(Up to date.)

Now there is difficulty seeing this object. Because dark, red, surrounded by yellowish red glow. And often hidden by NASA etc.(Behind black squares and rectangles.)(They know about it. But don’t want people in general to!)(So they keep HIDING it, or trying to.)
Look in infra red too! Was originally ONLY VISIBLE in The Infra Red!!
It is in Orion somewhere. Leo, The Bull?
You may need to check AROUND a bit!!

the coordinates of Nibiru (5h 53m 27s, -6 10′ 58″) are viewable ……nibiru…/the-…Moon Axis Poles Shift Clockwise April 8, 2012 – Earth’s Axis Moves NW as Moon Appears in SE April 9 2012 NiBIRU Approach in May 2012 » the coordinates of …

If you punch on a browser “The Co-ordinates of Nibiru” – you should turn up helpful entries.


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