AAA22 Probability-odds. Nibiru.

Tuesday, 5th June, 2,012. AAA22 What are the odds? That it was Nibiru. According to reports – and even from one or two NASA scientists, – Nibiru is either going to hit us(destroying The Earth) – or pass by DESTRUCTIVELY, VERY close. Within months. Some say July 21st, 2,012. Causing IMMENSE damage, loss of life and injuries. Now I regard this matter as MOST IMPORTANT, – so am interested in the PROBABILITY ODDS.(Shouldn’t YOU be at least a wee bit concerned??) Let us consider the information: Planet X,Nibiru, is now close to The Earth, and closing in – because the ORBITS of Earth and Nibiru are to cross over each other SOON. When they do, and even when close,then great destruction is wrought(every 3,600 years)across The Earth. We may expect as much this time!(Changing the face of The Earth, greatly.)(I regard a HIT as unlikely.But, I could be wrong!)(In The Christendom Bible says A HIT.)(But perhaps the translators couldn’t spell that well!!)(Correction: Nibiru has passed the sun – and is speeding inwards. It is later as it is going out – that it goes past the sun(a second time).) What are the odds of looking out of a window, or even directly, and seeing SO CLOSELY the VERY pattern given four years back in a CROP CIRCLE??!!(When Nibiru is NOW EXPECTED to appear in the sky.) And THAT is what happened!! Woman on Passenger Plane over Melbourne takes photo. And what she sees is ALMOST identical to the picture pattern done by aliens four years earlier!(This is NOT a FIXED object. But a CHANGING CONFIGURATION in the sky, viewed from DIFFERENT Earth angles And YET we got(bar one object)(which MIGHT have moved sideways…) an ALMOST EXACT FIT!!)(Not biassed are you?? ROTFL(Rolling on the floor laughing…).) Bear in mind, please, that the EXACT pattern of white disks shown(Nibiru and some of its satellites) will DEPEND upon the angle of view from The Earth(WHERE on The Earth seen from.), and of course THE EXACT positioning of the objects in their passage!!(It IS a CHANGING FORMATION, UNLIKE a flight of planes!!)(SHE photographed FOUR objects. The Crop Circle shows 3.(Shall I abandon the task??!!)(But Nibiru has 34 satellites, and depending upon the power of the telescope used, so the number of satellites visible would vary! Also their EXACT configuration is VARYING all the time in their PASSAGE through space!!)(That CORRESPONDENCE was ALMOST an EXACT fit despite the TWO variables of angle of view from The Earth(and the PRECISE configuration of the group as it travelled through space!) AND the power of the telescope the aliens used! Yuk.YUK!!) You can hardly expect an EXACT agreement!!!!(Between the PARTICULAR view the aliens got and showed us in that crop cirlce AND the arrangement seen by any viewer from Earth!)(Am I being too fastidious – or are YOU being too critical??!! Or both. Bah!! ) You following my argument all right?? Keep IN MIND,too, that a more distant picture of Nibiru,etc.(Given to us by The Sumerians.) is a disk with a V shape issuing from it. And that TOO has been seen from a number of places!)(I mean when Nibiru was farther away from us.)(How OFTEN do you look out – and see an elongated V in the sky??!! And less a curving left-wards sequences of decreasing sized white disks.)) I appeal to FAIRNESS!! PROBABILITY odds are key here. So! If YOU, or anyone, looked out of their window(or viewed directly!) – and saw a leftward curving formation of face-on disks, even if not exactly the same number as shown on that crop circle – would you be wrong if you cried out NIBIRU!!(With Planet X,Nibiru, EXPECTED to appear AT ANY TIME!! FITTING the crop circle pattern!!) What are the odds of SO CLOSE a correspondence occurring??!! You expect your spouse home at a certain time. What are the odds that the person who looks so much LIKE your husband(or whatever) is NOT him??!! If that person arrives SO PRECISELY on time??!! Would you not look at me ASKANCE??!! As I do now of YOU – if you are not impressed by that photograph taken by that woman over Melbourne!! Yes. Mock suns, lens flares, refractions and reflections,etc.etc.occur from time to time(So do a MYRIAD weird shapes and sizes,etc!). But how ODD that (IF it was a lens flare or SOME-SUCH) that a lens flare(or whatever) occurs that SO WELL fits the configuration given in that crop circle!!(Four years earlier!!)(The main key HERE is not that it might be a lens flare or a packet of crisps, the correct key here is THE CLOSE CORRESPONDENCE in the patterns!!)(Or are you going to argue that a two-legged duck is NOT a one-legged duck??!!)(AND expect FIRST prize??!!) What are the ODDS against ALMOST that VERY pattern of white circles(Nibiru and some satellites) being SO WELL matched??!!(By that lens flare(or some-such whatever)!!)(How many different shapes do lens flares take??)(Do ANY take the shape of DODGING??!! – Just asking!!)) When(if) you got into bed with your wife one night – and she cried out GET OUT, WHO ARE YOU??!! (Because it certainly CLOSELY resembled your wife!!)(And vice-versa.) – Would YOU be too surprised??!! Do you SEE what I mean??!! What are the odds you are in a similar looking house,etc. With a woman who looks very much like your wife??!! But who is NOT your wife!!(How many drinks did you have tonight??!!) O.K.O.K. So when you get on your bus tomorrow – just don’t trust it??!! It COULD just be another bus going SOMEWHERE else??!!(But they forgot to change the destination sign.) How many LENS FLARES,ETC. do you know of that are in the shape of CIRCLES curving left-wards?? SO CLOSELY.(Even if the aliens show one out, out of 34 satellites around Nibiru! All weaving and bobbing about!!(Matching the VERY pattern illustrating NIBIRU in that crop circle!!!!)As space intervals between objects CHANGE – should we be too surprised if 4 is not 3?!) I prefer to think that you don’t want DOOM!!(Grrr!!) When you put your key in your door, just don’t expect TOO CLOSE a fit – when at the wrong house!! O.K.O.K. So a swan is not a duck. But how long do you argue that your bank account is someone else’s???? Gentlemen. Let us be FAIR please. And not lean TOO HEAVILY against the odds! Just because you are not keen on DOOM!! Great odds against such a marvellously fitting lens flare(or somesuch). AND great odds FOR Nibiru, seeing as EXPECTED SOON!! How many people take photographs out through windows, and then when viewing the result – ponder if it might be a mock sun or somesuch??!! It is good to be critical. But invoking Bugs Bunny too often… …Could be suspicious… It MIGHT be Dracula IN DISGUISE!! A sense of Proportion!! Yes, let’s face it(!), your car might in fact be The Council Cleaning Truck quickly re-arranged by beavers just come up from the local stream!! ANYTHING is possible!!!! But WHAT is likely?? ?? FOUR(OR three!) white circles CURVING LEFTWARDS… Just how OFTEN do you see THAT SHAPE??!! Confess!! …………..(When it comes to pay-packets, HOW MANY are so SCRUPULOUS??!!)(Am I sure THIS is mine??!!) The SHAPE of the configuration ALMOST(but not quite!) exactly fits the shape in a crop circle of the SAME ALLEGED object four years earlier. Now supposing it is a mock sun(or what have you)(ANYTHING) – the NATURE of the object is secondary – isn’t it – WHAT IS surprising – or surely should be – is the FIT of the SHAPES!!(True, not EXACTLY)(But VERY close.) Now did this woman – on that passenger plane – over Melbourne – see something out of the window(port hole) (I often get fooled by reflections on aircraft port holes!)NOT suspecting that it might have been a reflection, sun-dog, refraction, MOCK SUN – or even a passing CAT(meow,meow) – and then take a photograph KNOWING it might have been even a lens flare?? Do retinas have lens flares. So she takes her camera – and snaps. Was she so foolish as to take a photograph of a REFLECTION in the window. IS that possible? Focus for outside the window would be on INFINITY wouldn’t it? In which case NO reflection or what-have-you COULD appear!! Double point here: 1. The Probability Odds! Who cares if the NATURE of the defaulter is a passing mouse?! 2. The UNLIKELYHOOD of a woman taking a photograph through a window,viz plane port-hole, WITHOUT FIRST checking out that it is not ANYTHING OTHER than the strange object seen in the sky?!(Yes, of course LENS FLARES occur independently of object photo’d. But HOW STRANGE if the object FIRST SEEN in the sky should turn out to be a LENS FLARE(or whatever,some-such)(anything) is ALMOST EXACTLY the same shape as the pattern shown four years earlier in a crop circle!! I would have thought that that woman would FIRST rule out reflections,etc. Though lens flares might be unavoidable by her! But HOW ODD that the lens flare(or some such)(if in fact such it was!) should take ALMOST the VERY shape given by aliens four years earlier in a crop circle!! The miracle is the SHAPE agreement – not its specific NATURE!!(Even if a pack of mice had sneaked in through the lens!)(As she was photographing!!) The woman sees a strange shape, then takes a photo – which presumably comes out THAT shape.(Otherwise she would have noticed!) For it THEN to turn out to be a lens flare(or some-such)is baiting the gods – ain’t it?! In normal life few of us DREAM of such demanding criticality! But when the issue is something so controversial as Nibiru, man, the shirts are off!! And we really dive in deep!! Eek, The NATURE of the beast is Up another tree – isn’t it!! Look CLOSELY! That COULD be a FOURTH object in the sky, to the left, small circle! We are looking at big odds each way here!!(Are lens flares,ETC.THAT common??!!)(But ANYWAY, it is the CLOSE FIT, not the EXACT NATURE that is the concern??!!) LOOK at the SIMILARITY of the SHAPES! This is Nibiru,etc.fellahs, NOT the shape of the coals in your fire!! Vic.


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