AAA21-2. The very latest on Nibiru. DO NOT MISS THIS!!

June 4, 2012

Monday, 4th June, 2,012.

Let me say that again!(Nibiru)

Have you all grasped the significance of what I said in AAA20?? I have my doubts!!

Nibiru is in NAKED EYE sight, in Australia, in DAYLIGHT!! BROAD daylight…

AND it is due to hit or pass us closely on July 21st, 2,012!!
A woman passenger in a jet plane above Melbourne, on May 28th,2,012 – just a week ago – took a photograph of an object in the DAYLIGHT sky(BROAD daylight!!), and in AAA20 I told you how to get to the report,site and video – to view and study it FOR YOURSELVES!!(If you haven’t already viewed BOTH of these reports – PLEASE do so POSTE HASTE!!!!)

How do I know that it is Nibiru? Because in a CROP CIRCLE about FOUR YEARS earlier – amongst other things – was a picture – almost identical to the pattern of the white circles(Nibiru and SOME satellites of it.), curving left and down – in that photograph!! Too close in agreement to be anything else!!
That was item one.


Item two is the finding – by two NASA scientists – of THE DATE of arrival of Nibiru NOW SO VISIBLE naked eye to us, in Australia, anyway. At least flying above Melbourne!

What IS disturbing is that they say that IT will HIT us!!
If so(if it does), Earth will be converted into yet another ASTEROID BELT in a FLASH!!

We already have The Oort Asteroid Belt, The Kuiper Belt, – and of course The Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter!!(Plus a lot of asteroids around us(Earth) – due to Nibiru destroying Proto Earth(Tamek was it??) – and creating Earth, Moon(We obtained our moon from Tamek, ITS moon.) and some asteroids,etc – about a million years ago. A long time back, anyway.)))


Nibiru will either whizz past closely – OR hit us!!!! Estimated date July 21st, 2,012.A.D!! – 47 days ahead(Sorry, I believe I said 37 days before.)!!

That is a few weeks time.

We either get wiped out – or almost wiped out.(About 2/3rds of all life and structures upon the planet.(Within The Earth,too, presumably.)(Those living WITHIN, in The HOLLOW interior of Earth.)(AND also undergrounds))

Now, I think that Nibiru will not hit us, merely pass close by.(I could be wrong. They are after all scientists of NASA!!)


We had all better get our holidays in FAST!!(Pardon the jest, if you will.)
Planet NIBIRU, which is Planet X, is, I gather a planet of Sirius B – captured by Sol, our sun, LONG ago. Even FOUR BILLION years ago.
It is NOT one of ours! It is not a REGULAR planet. It is a ROGUE PLANET!!
Our large planets are mostly gaseous affairs.


But Nibiru is best described as a red hot GIGANTIC CANNON BALL!!!! Speed about 3,500 miles per hour.


It isn’t called(among many names) THE DESTROYER for nothing!!
IT IS SMASHING UP THE SOLAR SYSTEM, playing skittles with it, and will in time destroy THE LOT!! – Bar sun, no doubt.

Dense, composed of iron oxides. Slightly smaller than Saturn. 4-5 times as dense as The Earth. 22 times more massive than Earth,then.

Sizes are LINEAR.


It is 5 times Earth’s size, and thus about 22.5 times as massive.
Because it is not a NATURAL planet of our solar system, it does not keep to NATURAL paths! It is also under the control of The Annunaki ALIENS. Some say Reptileans.(Who can take any shape.)
Are you taking all this in?? It may be your last history notes FOR A WHILE!!


So it is careering and careening WILDLY through our solar system, itself an alien captured member, hence the very stretched orbit!


Therefore it hits many an object! Now Nibiru has 34, at least, moons or satellites! And a gigantic long tail of JUNK!! Which we are JUST starting to enter!!


Now Nibiru is already deflecting our North Magnetic Pole, making it flee faster and faster from Canada – towards Russia, the old Siberia!!

And, because many animal species DEPEND for NAVIGATION upon Magnetic North, as do our aircraft,etc. BY THE WAY(!!), (This flight of The (North) Magnetic Pole will get further and faster as Nibiru closes in.(And we SEE how much it has closed in – from that very thoughtful woman’s camera photo! Through the window of that passenger jet over Melbourne. A week ago!!) – MANY(A COLOSSAL NUMBER. Only a FEW being reported! Please note!!) ANIMALS, in groups, are dropping dead. From exhaustion trying to find their bearings!! Hence the beachings, and the birds dropping dead, dead fish washed up, dead crabs in masses, – and dead BEES!!(Which we DEPEND UPON to pollinate our crops by the way!!)(Will Earth, already with many dying of hunger and malnutrition, suffer massive starvations and malnutritions??!! Because fewer and fewers BEES pollinating our crops!!)(Apologies, am sacrificing grammar,etc. to GIVING YOU THE NEWS!!!!)
Am I coming across??
These things should surely(??) be FRONT PAGE BANNER HEADLINES!! WORLD-WIDE!!
OR, is it better to avoid PANIC leading to PANDEMONIUM??!!
Shall we just die in IGNORANCE??
Red dust in Nibiru’s tail has been falling for years. It, when mixed with water, looks(Red rain in India not so long ago.)like BLOOD.
H.G.Wells, wrote a short story called “In the wake of The Comet”. It had rest dust I think!(He was very prophetic.)
I am piecing together what I can – and reporting it to the pitiful handful few I CAN inform!!


The incredible correspondence between the white circles(Nibiru and some of its satellites.) AND the crop circle’s pattern – tells me that it IS Nibiru!(And SOME of its retinue.)
The DATE fits well. Clearly Nibiru is VERY close now!
WILL it skittle The Earth this time? How about other planets?


Please remember that it has 34 accompanying sledge hammers(moons)!!


DO I HAVE your attention,please??!!
I am talking about POSSIBLE end of the world just 47 days hence!!

OR, at least, terrible destruction!!(End of the age.)(Not JUST end of the world as we know it!!)
It is due to pass us on its inwards(to the sun and around it)journey in 2,012. And then again(but no damage then, or very little) in 2,014.A.D!
I think the OCCASION warrants the A.D’s now and again!!


Have I made my point??
Nibiru is ON THE RAMPAGE… IT and its 34 moons!!

It has just entered our solar system, though itself a member, but a CAPTURED one.


Two ways of escape: 1. Down The North Geographical Pole. 2. Rescue by aliens if you qualify! 3. Hole up successfully in some cave.(Which will become ICY on account of ice era AND ICE AGE following up this CATACLYSM!!)


Because all the dust and debris, including from the tail of Nibiru will blot out the sun! Very much – even for years, including 3 to 4 days of BLACK OUT!!(Plus the stopping of the rotation of The Earth,ETC.)(For about 27 hours.)


What are the people around you DOING? Are they stocking up, preparing their bunkers, furnishing their caves, or WHAT??!!
Not much(Prepping.). Many getting married, and putting balls into HOLES!!


It is not EVERY DAY that the world ends or NEARLY ends – now is it??!!
But Government(??) and MEDIA,etc. talk as if we were not facing ANYTHING like what I am delineating!!

Pass the bucket, Mirandi. So I can kick it!!

Am I suffering from Megalomania? Am I exaggerating?

Scaremongering? I hope to get you PREPARING!!

Not terror and horror for their OWN sakes!!

Main reason(pass it on to maximum persons, please!)for informing you? – To get you down North Geographical Pole!(South Pole harder, and Nepal entrance hard to find!!)

ABOVE ALL, TO ASCEND(ASCENSION) and escape all this!!!!
Or at least to qualify for selection by aliens!
I hope you don’t mind my concern.


It took a while for yesterday’s news(In AAA20) to SINK IN!!

How about YOU??







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