AAA20. Nibiru. A disturbing report.

June 3, 2012

Monday, 4th June, 2,012.
Can this be right?(Nibiru)    AAA20.

I have two items of dubious news.

1. Very conclusive proof of a sighting of Nibiru. A woman aboard a passenger jet(Taken over Melbourne, Australia, May 28th, this year, 2,012.)took a photograph, in DAYLIGHT, of an object in the sky. Showing three decreasing white circles bending left-wards.

The pattern almost exactly fits a pattern given in a crop circle 3 years earlier!

Go into(on browser) “Latest on Nibiru”. Page 2. Near bottom of listed sites you should see one with a picture. A picture of what I have just described – White circles, getting smaller, bending left-wards. Click on that – and(if you will) view the video. Compare the two pictures. Allegedly of Nibiru. Though I find this a STRANGE view of Nibiru and satellites.(Which is why I said dubious.)(You can view for yourself in video.)


2, The other item is VERY disturbing. It declares that 21st July, 2,012(THIS year!) is when Nibiru STRIKES The Earth. Some scientists in NASA say!!(Go into “Will Nibiru hit Earth July 21st, 2,012?”)
I question this.

If correct, The Earth should be smashed to smithereens. Asteroids and comets – like in The Asteroid Belt!!
It seems most of us haven’t seen Nibiru with naked eye as yet – because so far South, and so dark,red and surrounded by a red-yellow haze.

Myself, I say watch tide levels(ocean and atmosphere), temperatures, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,etc! So dense and large(Slightly smaller than Saturn I understand.) that it has to affect our tide levels and temperatures. THAT should indicate how close Nibiru is.

You will find many entries on Doomsday!


End of world(if by world you mean Earth) of course.

Not just end of age.


Thanks for reading(if you did).

If World equals Earth – and not Universe.


I find it surprising that Nibiru will hit us this time – after BILLIONS of years of PASSING us.(I expect a PASS. Doing MUCH damage. A second pass in 2,014 does no(or little)damage.)(On its way out again. It is actually part of our solar system – but has a VERY elongated orbit.)

These are NASA scientists!(NASA itself, and nearly all of its scientists DENY collision AND deny Nibiru.)
It MIGHT be when Nibiru passes us. But I have difficulty believing that it will hit us!!

PERHAPS some LESSER object will. An asteroid maybe.


View the video – and see what you think.
I think we should play safe – and prepare for death and doom, almost certain, or merely probable – around July 21st, 2,012.(Now 37 days ahead.)(A few weeks.)(I wonder if Gillard will still be Australia’s prime minister. Just wondering…)(What a way to go!!)


All the best…








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