AAA19. The Pitch on Nibiru and 2,012. In a nut-shell.

June 2, 2012

Sunday, 3rd June, 2,012.

Fitting cause to effect: Nibiru AND Wobble!!


There has been a continuing increase in the number of disasters in recent times. Earthquakes,volcanic eruptions,etc. Just about everything one can think of. Going back a century or two, at least.

Effects have causes. What is the cause of this one?

I can think of TWO causes: The Wobble of The Earth. And Nibiru.

Each one of those will produce the results we are observing.

We know that The Earth wobbles.

And we have a HUGE object approaching us.(So BOTH causes are operating!!) NASA found it back in 1983. Then within a week as soon as they learned how big it was – dropped it like a hot potato! Forbidding all astronomers to mention the object!

To account for the perturbations to the outer-most planets, Uranus and Neptune, we NEED another large planet STILL further out(than Neptune) – to account for those. Designated Planet X.(Now actually Planet 1X, because Pluto-Charon(found much earlier), a small twin planet has been demoted from ordinary planet status.)
The Wobble of The Earth produces Centrifugal Force which HEAVES everything higher.
Nibiru, about the size of Saturn or Jupiter, but VERY dense, has very high gravity, hyper-force(gravity-magnetism), electro-magnetism – and HEAT.

The Ancient Sumerians warned us of Nibiru(Planet X). Its orbital period is 3,600 years. Presumably the continental great civilizations of Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Poseidon succombed to Nibiru. When is the next 3,600 year period due to expire? – 2,012.A.D! THIS year!! MANY important reliable sources predict that a TERRIBLE cataclysm will strike Earth in 2,012,or near.

The Mayan Calendar terminates December 21st, 2,012.
Now I don’t need an Almanac or anything like that to tell me to be VERY concerned!


Our current great civilization, Arya, is slated to be next on the list of the victims of Nibiru.
Peruse The Internet for yourselves – and SEE the copious literature concerning Doom, 2,012, Nibiru,etcs.
Accounts vary, but with time and patience it is possible to extract the likely scenario of what is VERY SOON to come. I did this. By spending the last 12 years WADING through many of the numerous reports, and sifting out what we can expect. Which I am relating to you.
Yes. It appears that there are TWO causes of our increasing disasters, The Wobble and Nibiru. Both seem to climax 21.12.2,012. So they are working conjointly.
The Galactic Alignment is coming up soon,too. I do not know what to expect from that.(Immense radiation? Gamma Rays??)

PLUS, there is the start of The Aquarian Age. AGAIN, 22.12.2,012.(Which starts many cycles off following many closing down the previous day.) The Aquarian Age should bring in pleasanter vibrations. But because Earth humans HATE these higher vibrations(Not being that evolved spiritually.)
, we can expect a massive rebellion against such!!
We have just under 7 months to the critical date(22.12.2,012.)


Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,increasing heat,rising tides(oceanic and atmospheric), – all of these,and more, – are what we can EXPECT. Both from The Wobble of The Earth AND from Planet Nibiru.
Just over a year ago we DID have a suddent TILT of The Earth. Of up to 40 degrees in some places. But that tilt must have reverted back to normal – as things like the sun rising and setting much farther east than usual – stopped.(Did Nibiru JOLT The Earth over temporarily, releasing it shortly afterwards?)(Anyone with information upon this subject is welcome to contact me( or
Checking data on graphs,charts on earthquakes,volcanic eruptions,higher tides(oceanic and atmospheric), and rising temperatures – amongst other things, I found that ALL of these have been increasing for very many years now.(Fitting Effect to Cause.)
When we learn about shelter and bunker building, stored seeds,etc. The Preppers.(Those making preparations.). And now U.S. Obama arranging for Martial Law and things like that – it is not hard to deduce that VERY SOON we are in for SOMETHING GIGANTIC AND AWFUL.
The Authorities KNOW SOMETHING COLOSSAL is coming. Something VERY destructive.

Yet their policy(In The West anyway) is to DENY – via Cover Ups and Conspiracies of Silence!!

This is VERY foolish. As the more time The People have to prepare for a cataclysm, the less Pandemonium there should be when the dreadful day arrives.(Officially 21st December, 2,012.) We should all be discussing this! And making PREPARATIONS!!
The Authorities seek to CONTROL us. Not just stop us panicking. Leading to MASS PANDEMONIUM – and the stripping of shops bare,etc.


UFO’s are MASSING overhead. Why?


To rescue the best of us. The best half. And get them aloft into Mothercraft circling overhead.


Any Sherlock Holmes’ among you? Am I putting two and two together well enough??
The trajectories of planets Earth and Nibiru are closing close together. I don’t know just HOW close Nibiru is to come. But close enough to cause ENORMOUS DAMAGE to The Earth and its inhabitants.(Via its(22x Earth’s) gravity, hyperforce and electro-magnetism,etc. Plus its six satellites and and ENORMOUS CLOUD of JUNK.(Red dust,dust, rocks,etc.)
Fortunately, though The West is in denial, there are others, like in Russia, for example, who are not trying to pretend that a cataclysm is not imminent.

There IS a way of escape! And that is DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!! The Earth is HOLLOW. Near to The North Geographical Pole is a tubeway entrance of over a thousand miles wide – leading down – after about 600 miles – onto the inverted INNER surface! – Which has its own lands and ocean! Plus friendly 14 foot tall giants.

Compasses are wild near to The North Magnetic Pole – so use a GYROSCOPE when still far enough south, and work from there! Just head for The North Geographical Pole and KEEP ON GOING! Keep as close to The Geographical Pole AS POSSIBLE!! Then it should be very hard to miss the entrance!!
Just AIM dead reckoning for this narrow WINDOW!!
The Earth is NOT solid. It is HOLLOW. Imagine a tennis ball the size of The Earth, with a shell about 400 miles thick.(And a small red sun in the centre.) At the poles everything curves down – and then opens out again UPSIDE DOWN about 600 miles further on.
Temperature down there is about 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Lush countryside. Ocean… Inhabited. You should need arms. Down there are 14 foot friendly giants, wild tribes, Prehistoric Monsters,Dinosaurs,etc. Cro-Mags; Neanderthals, Mammoths, and so on. Everything is giant size.
Our choices are limited. As VERY FEW will survive the HORRORS and TERRORS now descending upon us all!
You can either(if you wish to survive)get down The North Geographical Pole(South is more difficult. There is a third entrance in Nepal I THINK(I think it is in Nepal.).)
Or, you can go in for good behaviour and hope that friendly aliens take you aboard one of their space ships – and whisk you onto a Mother Craft – or even to another planet. Until The Earth recovers.(After about a thousand years.)
WARN, by Time Capsule those of the future – so that they can defend against THE NEXT return of Planet NIBIRU!!


If what I am telling you is not(near enough)right, then something is wrong with the laws of Physics!!


Survivors face living the rest of their lives in ICY CAVES. Amid UTTER DESOLATION and CARNAGE!!


Don’t commit suicide! Many of us PURPOSELY got born now to EXPERIENCE this cataclysm. Called THE EVENT!!
Yes, the film 2,012 should be a basic guide!
Severe penalties for suicides.
EVERY imaginable(plus) terror and horror will be happening – as events deteriorate to THE DAY.(Which OFFICIALLY is December 21st, 2,012. But don’t expect Nature to adhere TOO closely to that date!!)
I just hope IT KEEPS FINE for us all.


Nibiru HAS been sighted. It has about six satellites. All as big as planets. The Annunaki Aliens use it as a Rescue Ship(also a space and war ship) – for planets like Earth who get in the firing line of Nibiru.(As we ARE NOW!!)


Keep or check out graphs, charts,etc. of earthquakes, volcanic eruuptions, tide heights, star positions(At present ONLY a Magnetic Shift is occurring. But soon a geographical one will happen too! A Polar Shift – leading probably to a full Earth Inversion. Oceans, Rains,etc. And WINDS will sweep across all of the continents.)
Western,etc. news outlets are giving us no warning.
Only a VERY SMALL few are attempting to warn the world. I am trying. But the Opposition and Resistance is TERRIFIC!!

Nibiru armaments include gravity, hyper-force, and electro-magnetism.


Like I say keep a close eye on the heights of TIDES(oceanic and atmospheric), earth-quakes, volcanic eruptions and THE TEMPERATURE(Because of Nibiru’s HEAT and LIGHT, expect much of both to steadily increase over the coming weeks and months.) And watch out for electric ARCS knocking out electronic, and probably electric appliances.
No. Global Warming is not due to Man via carbon dioxide emissions,etc! But to NIBIRU!!(A VERY hot planet.)


I am trying to keep to the MAIN features. (You can)Follow up any you wish more details on via The Internet.


Tsunamis will be high and numerous. A thousand feet high can be expected.


Now they can hardly accommodate 7 BILLION people and choice animals and plants,etc. in the existing shelters, which is perhaps why they are keeping so quiet about it.


It is going to be a case of EVERY MAN FOR HIS SELF!!

Is it true? Yes! VERY!!

When? Within next few months.

Any good deep caves near to you??


Unfortunately it is not likely to come alone. Expect WW3,etc. World Civil War and Rebellion. Global Economic and Financial Collapses. Anti-biotic resistant germs. Growing mini black holes. That HOT patch in space. The Proton Belt,ETC.ETC.


THIS is The Great Tribulation that Jesus spoke of.



The next few weeks, months – up to a couple of years or so – should be THE WORST time EVER(PAST and FUTURE) for Man on this Earth!!



See you on the other side??


You ARE being WARNED…


Remember! YOU will SURVIVE the death of your physical body. When(as MOST will) you get over(Into The Spirit World) – HEAD IMMEDIATELY FOR THE BLUE WHITE LIGHT!!(SHUN any spirits trying to take you down BELOW(Into HELL)!!)(But friendly ones may try to help you UP. 3d and 5d.(Dimensionally. Vibrationally.)


Later on you can re-incarnate if you wish.
Humans complain about death being THE END. Bosh! I don’t think we had a beginning. Nor will have an end. And this for ALL CREATURES.


But which is better. An end at the death of the physical body – OR, NO END EVER!!!!(It is the latter we have.)



Please relay to as many people as you can. Give them a chance.
By e mail if possible. But somehow.


Chin up!!


We might get re-born on another planet…






Don’t let it get to you! But HOW??


All the BEST!!












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