AAA17 The latest on Nibiru, Pole Shift,etc. Don’t miss it! Ready to freeze??!!

Friday, 1st June, 2,012.

More on Polar Shift.

Do you get the picture? Planet X, Nibiru, is approaching The Earth. Its gravity and hyper-force(gravity-magnetism) are pulling its North Pole more than its south, causing an accelerating motion of The North Magnetic Pole from Canada – towards Russia, what was Siberia. The Earth is beginning to topple. A Polar Shift is getting into gear.(Various animals, like some birds, whales, dolphins, turtles?, some crabs, some fish, and bees are dying through beaching themselves, or dying because lost. Groups of some birds dropping dead from sky. Bees not able to find their way back to their hives.

Three runways of an airport in The U.S. had to have their vector signs altered.

As Nibiru gets closer, these results are going to increase.
Now sun and moon cause ocean tide heights, and atmospheric ones.


There has been an increase in the heights of ocean, and POSSIBLY atmospheric tides OVER AND BEYOND THOSE CAUSED BY SUN AND MOON!!

Now this is significant.

As Nibiru, with its great mass(Jupiter sized object!) gets closer to Earth, we should EXPECT the disparity between low and high tides to increase, and similarly with atmospheric tides. Plus temperature increases.(Because Nibiru is very hot.)(Heat coming from it, RADIATIONALLY.)

I checked for changes in the general night sky, but found nothing.(To support a change in Earth’s axial tilt.)(I can only conclude that after the recent change in the axial tilt of The Earth recently(Of up to 40 degrees in some places.), that the tilt returned to normal.
The North Magnetic Pole is moving towards Siberia at about 20 miles per day. Which translates into a ONE mile per hour change in the geographical positions.(Northwards in North America side of the globe.)(Southwards in Indian Ocean side of the globe.).
The illumination(day and night!) should increase as well as the heat.(Some indication of this.)
Australia is moving southwards – and should be getting colder!(Latest indications do agree!)(One mile per hour is 24 miles a day. Simple calculation shows we should reach South Pole latitude WITHIN 3 months! But that speed is INCREASING!!)(Imagine South Pole temperatures(In Winter(we are entering)(Just hope you guys got good THICK flak jackets!)

Similarly Europe should be in The Arctic Region!! As well as North America, Alaska – and Russia.
It is the ELECTRICAL effects that should be of great concern!(And the electronic. As well as the magnetic.)
I am looking for indications of Nibiru’s proximity. And FINDING them!!
An INCREASING proximity, please note!!


However, there is a cover-up and conspiracy of silence on Nibiru, and all things like that. – By The General Orthodox governments and media. As well as by NASA,etc.
Many sceptics SCORN what I am saying.

Nibiru is a long way off yet. So the expected results are VERY slight – AS YET. But they should increase acceleratingly over the coming weeks and months!!!!


The POINT is this: Orthodox deny. Sceptics scorn.

But when I look for evidences of Nibiru’s approach (On The Internet) – I find plenty!!
People believe what they want. A few seek out the truth.
There is a great tendency by most of us – to believe what we WANT to believe.

Some of us take pains to only see WHAT IS THERE!!


I hope that is true of me.


I am EXPECTING the next few months to change the world as we know it DRAMATICALLY!! And ACCELERATINGLY!!


The agents of these changes are The Wobble of The Earth(The 26,000 years Precessional Zodiacal Period is divided into four equal WOBBLES(Of The Earth.).)

Nibiru, now the NINTH planet. Now that Pluto-Charon has been demoted(being too small to be regular planets)(Being, in fact, Oort Objects? No. I THINK Pluto-Charon is a satellite of Neptune – which got knocked back by Nibiru!(Per Titius Bode’s Law!))
Nibiru was Planet X. It still is known as that.


Every time Nibiru comes around(Every 3,600 years), MOST people are mentally asleep, and doing their usual things. Getting married – and so on. Putting balls into holes!!…
Looks like being the same THIS time!!


MOST will be caught “napping”!!


The trouble with stocking up(normally MOST wise) – is that scoundrels sniff out whatever money, food, water, medical supplies – and so on – you have tucked away in preparation for something like Nibiru(And The Earth’s Wobble), and break in and ROB those who were wise. Some of them, anyway.

There is also the danger(later on)that events will be SO destructive – that very little will survive the cataclysm to come. Actually two starting up SIMULTANEOUSLY NOW. Wobble and Nibiru.


There is also World War 3 threat. As there is a disturbing danger of Israel attacking Iran.(Which would almost certainly precipitate WW3.)
We have the threatening Global Economic Collapse and The Global Financial Collapse.(Forcing us on to gold, but SILVER is more practicable! Gold has little value.)


Meanwhile The U.S. Dollar is the life-bouy. But for how long??

How long can one print and electronically create MONEY AND avoid a Zambabwe like HYPER-INFLATION. That is the question.

Otherwise, of course, U.S. has UNLIMITED finances!!
Despite colossal debt and deficit!!!!

Then there is Fukushima in Japan. Where that Nuclear Plant is toppling dangerously towards the sea.(Radiation from that plant has already spread all the way around the world!!)
Another earthquake or some-such could easily produce a SUPER Chernybol(The Russian nuclear disaster.).

And Radiation wipe out most life on the planet.


Meanwhile germs,etc. overcome nearly all anti-biotics!!

AND there are other dangers like Cern, Geneva creating hundreds of mini black A DAY, with their PARTICLE ACCELERATORS!!

Plus that hot patch in space.

Also the expected release on how to manufacture Swine Flu!

It is not safe to be alive! And even worse to be dead, with so many of us facing Hell after death!!

Dangers of civil war, mass rebellion, computer hacking, cyber and other crime. Credit card fraud, and so on…


Minds are caving in under the pressure. Largely assisted by drugs.
As we are fed DOPE(medicinal drugs)which harm us too!! Via their side effects.
Meanwhile they ban Mariuana, but promote ALCOHOL!!(Which causes FAR more harm!!)

The sun meanwhile is increasingly disturbed, as is the entire solar system. Largely due to Wobble and Nibiru.


It is getting quite nightmarish. Right?


It should be interesting to see how we all try to DODGE these growing woes.

There are over 7 BILLION of us.
No wonder minds are snapping.

Do we freeze to death – OR fry electronically first??
All for now. If there is a next time!…

I think we should all stop fighting each other…

And definitely not THE ALIENS!!!!


Glad you are getting my news now?
Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise????









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