AAA16. Sequel to AAA15. Do not miss! This affects YOU!!

Thursday, 31st May, 2,012.

Sequel to AAA15.Some omitted points.(Extremely important. Please read!!)


1. The North Magnetic Pole is moving away continuation northwards(which is southwards) towards Siberia. That means, I believe, that The North Pole is tilting over further in that old northwards’ direction.

Am I right in assuming that The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole is tilting over more?(If The North Magnetic Pole is tilting over, then The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE must be?! I would THINK so…)

If so, then we have the start of a Polar Shift.
Which, if continued, leads into an inversion of The Earth. Which is what I expect!
2. I believe I mentioned that some(3) runways at one U.S. airport had to have their vectors altered, as they had changed!
Now if this moving of The North Magnetic Pole continues and gets faster – then we have growing problems!

Not only with some animals losing their bearings more and more – leading to an increasing number of birds falling from the sky.(And some crabs, possibly fish,etc.) And the bees.

Also dolphins and whales. And all other creatures who navigate by magnetic compass(presumably inbuilt into them somewhere, their brains, perhaps).
Not only with animals, but with the plotting of vectors for aircraft, ships,etc. All forms of transport, and freight,etc.
Do you see what I mean?? We have PROBLEMS!!

Like with the poor animals, if we get our conveyance(transportation) bearings wrong, we shall – like the birds,etc. end up in the wrong place. That wouldn’t do near Russia,China,Iran or North Korea,etc!!

So things could get very difficult, and perhaps impossible!!

The motion towards Siberia(of The North Magnetic Pole) is not only CONTINUING, but SPEEDING UP!!

It could mean the end of all transporation – which would be an HORRIFIC blow to all civilization!!(No good travelling – if you might end up in the wrong place, possibly a bad place – like Russia or China,etc.(Bad if you are a Western,etc!)

We could have PLANES dropping from the sky, ships going around in circles at sea. Transport being held up in foreign ports, AND SO ON!!
All because Magnetic Bearings are SO VERY important!!

It might affect Global Positioning and MANY other things, and probably would!!
I do know that they had a lot of work to do at that airport with the three changed(vectors)runways.
It could very easily bring civilization to a halt!! And quite soon.


So just think about it for a while!…


It might not be so bad if we lived in a friendly harmonious world!! But much the reverse!!

And chaos leads to chaos!!(Even more chaos.)


Consider satellites and the orbitting space station!!
This is a problem that is simply going to snowball…


It may be months before we grind to a halt, but I see this spanner GROWING in the wheels!!
This is the VERY beginning of The 2,012 horror.


Which must end up with very few creatures left alive on Planet Earth. In just a few short months. VERY few!!

By 21.12.2,012. it should be INDESCRIBABLE!!!!
Please note that the Doom/Ascension YEAR is 2,012, not 1999 – which was an abbreviation.
Have you got the picture? Nibiru upon its orbit trajectory is approaching Earth (and other planets) on its(their) trajectory/ies.
And its enormous gravity and gravity-magnetism will, as with The Earth, pull them over.

The Earth is being PULLED OVER – probably right upside-down.(It may take a month or two, but that is the direction it is heading.)
There is also, I think, the electricity discharging from Nibiru, perhaps arcing to this planet and that, and also THE SUN. Which, I imagine would knock out all electronic(or most of it), and perhaps even all ELECTRIC appliances.

So, you see, this Nibiru, is a trouble-maker of the highest magnitude!!

Our perils and difficulties have ONLY JUST BEGUN!!
In a matter of weeks, we should be in bad trouble, after acceleratingly bad lesser troubles!!

Then finally reaching a complete break-down in all our modern conveniences. All electronic and electric and magnetic mechanisms!!

I had to leave these points out of AAA15 for this article AAA16. Being too unweildy otherwise.
Nibiru is pulling more upon our North Magnetic Pole, than down south, so a Polar Shift is resulting. And it is doing this with EVERY planet and satellite,ETC. that it passes near!!

All this is resulting from just a slight using of my imagination – as I try to visualize what Nibiru is going to do!!

Nibiru, even from afar, disturbed many planets AND the sun.(This is what is causing the sun to be disturbed!)
Recall when there was a tilt in Earth’s axis(sun rising and setting up to 40 degrees east of normal!). AND in that of The Moon!! Affected sun a bit too.

This planet Nibiru, is no spring chicken – if you know what I mean!!
Remember it is not one of ours!! But being ex Sirius B is a ROGUE planet, gone on a rampage!!(It has already(all told in history)destroyed four planets in our solar system.), AND played havoc with others!!
Nibiru will be around for about 2.5 years!!
I hope you are looking at all the various ramifications involved here. I have only just TOUCHED on the subject!!

Like I say, it IS destroying The Solar System!!
All because Sol, our sun, got too close to Sirius B once!!


Have we got PROBLEMS!!!!

We also need to WARN those of futurity of Nibiru – so that they might prepare!



Have you got all that??







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