AAA15 PLEASE read. VERY important. Latest on 2,012,etc.

Thursday, 31st May, 2,012.
AAA15(Do NOT contact me via getting through)(Use IF you wish to contact – one gets through)(My web-sites are and wordpress.vicon2000 and vicon2000.wordpress(Three!).)(Help me please IF you can facilitate my attempt to inform the world!!)(Future of ALL life upon this planet IS at stake!!)

Doomsday re-visited. End of The Age.

Extremely important announcement!!


WHERE is Nibiru now? That is a good question. One I find VERY hard to get an answer to. I only know that we are getting better pictures of Nibiru as it gets closer.

When will Nibiru pass us? Within a few months to a year it is EXPECTED to. But it is controlled by alien intelligences. So dare not be too dogmatic!

I try to speak colloquially and concisely – so to be best understood.
I urged people to look for rising tides and growing heat.(To determine progress of Doom.) But there is one thing more prominent than those! – The position of The North Magnetic Pole! Now moving accelerating fast from Canada towards Siberia(Now called Russia.).


Let me spell it out again. 2,012.A.D. THIS year! IS the year of Doom. It is The Terrible Year of The Lord! It is The End of this Age. Not the end of the world. Though it may seem like it!(Unless it hits us. But it is not likely

The last time Nibiru came around – was 3,600 years ago. Which is 1,588 B.C. That was when Joshua stopped the sun. Which means that The Earth stopped rotating, as what was stopped was the APPARENT sky motion of the sun.(Which is the sort of thing Nibiru does to The Earth when it comes around! Via a Polar Shift.)
Previous to that, by 3,600 years,again – 5,188 B.C. The Year of Creation following on Gilgamesh Flood.(Global floods occur whenever Nibiru comes around!)(It would be A creation following on a devastating FLOOD.)
Going back in 3,600 year steps(which is the orbital period of PLANET Nibiru) – we have 8,788 B.C. The start of The Stone Age.(No doubt after some colossal disaster.)
To 11,948 B.C. Which seems to be about the time of a global flood some say was Noah’s.
There is, therefore, extra-ordinary evidence every 3,600 years of some huge global disaster.
And 2,012.A.D.(THIS year!) is the NEXT time that Planet Nibiru is DUE to pass The Earth.(How many will say no problem??…)
So I do urge all to PREPARE. To die. And that terribly and horribly. MANY(BILLIONS!!) expected to perish.(Nostradamus has forecast the latter of these 2,012 dates. And he is hardly ever out, even, let alone wrong!)(Jesus, and I believe other prophets have also warned of 2,012.A.D. (We are nearing half way through this much spoken of year, and SO FAR, very (comparatively) peaceful. Prospects for the remaining half of the year(and beyond) – DON’T LOOK SO GOOD!!)))
Next Doom Year is 2,012.A.D. THIS year!!
WHAT evidence is there of doom this year(or early next)? And following year or two. Up to end of 2,014.A.D.(Which YEAR is when Nibiru exits solar system – to shoot out past sun again.)


What evidence? The North Magnetic Pole is accelerating away North(continuation so to speak!) from Canada towards Siberia, now called Russia. At an un-nerving velocity.(Birds dropping from sky, dolphins beaching, whales beaching and bees being found dead…)(Due I believe to their reliance upon an inbuilt magnetic compass – which they apparently use to navigate by.)(About 20 miles per year, currently, I think. SOMETHING like that.)(Also runways at one airport in U.S. were re-done!)

Normally The North Magnetic Pole is fixed, but for about 150 years has been acceleratingly moving continuation of North(so to speak).

I have mentioned to expect up to about four or five cataclysms over the next couple of years.(Up to next couple of years.))
First one due to Earth’s Wobble. Which, via Centrifugal Force, HEAVES UP the ground. Which increased surface length creates SINK HOLES and CRACKS in the ground, as empty spaces are necessitated deep underground. The strange sounds heard coming from the sky – are actually coming from BELOW. Because as the ground HEAVES up from Centrifugual Force – the ROCKS get STRETCHED. And this produces the STRANGE SOUNDS we have been hearing!(Like some Apocalypse Concerto!)


Second cataclysm will be due to PLANET NIBIRU’s increasing proximity. Planet Nibiru is Planet X. The next planet out WAY past Neptune(Pluto-Charon no longer a planet on account of small size.).(Perturbations were noted to the outer planets. And following this up produced Neptune following Uranus.(Pluto-Charon also found – but was not enough to account for entire perturbations.)(ANOTHER planet is needed EVEN AFTER NEPTUNE to ACCOUNT for the perturbations to the outer planets!)

Nibiru at five times LINEAR size of Earth does the trick nicely.(Nibiru is about the size of JUPITER!!)
Nibiru fits the bill nicely.
Nibiru IS in view. with its retinue of satellites and tail of JUNK. It is even visible to naked eye. Russia is following it. Along with other countries.(U.S. found it via NASA! But within a week DENIED it strenously – and FORBADE ALL astronomers to mention it!!)
I think this is a mistake. The people need time to adapt and adjust to the coming CATACLYSM, ex the gravity and hyper-spatial tides from Nibiru!

NASA,etc. could pay VERY dearly INDEED for not telling the people of Nibiru’s approach!!
HOW does it look to YOU GUYS??
WHY are they building shelters and bunkers plus HUGE underground chambers?? WHY is Obama of U.S. organizing for Martial Law?(As are some other countries.)


Why are millions of PREPPERS hoarding essential supplies?!
Is it not because the PERCEPTIVE can see that cataclysm/s are IMMINENT!!??


STUDY these critical years(When Nibiru was due) for yourselves! The evidence is over-whelming. We can EXPECT the next couple of years or so to be HELL ON EARTH!!
Not many creatures, or structures, are going to survive!!
I understand we can expect TSUNAMI up to ONE THOUSAND FEET high.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,etc. are increasing.


Makes sense in terms of Earth’s Wobble AND Nibiru’s approach!!


IF we fail to get WITHIN, we shall need alien evacuation.(THIS is why alien ships are MASSING above, prepatory to evacuating the best of us!)(We should not fight them, nor each other!!)


Hardly a murmur out of orthodox media! They continue to dwell on the trivial and irrelevant!!(Ostensibly to keep control of us, AND to avoid panic.(We NEED to inform the people ASAP – to give them A CHANCE!! Because IF we wait until they find out for themselves, they will not have enough time to SURVIVE.(And life in ICY CAVES would be WORSE than dying – I would think.)(In another stone age!))(Folks, PLEASE listen! This is about as certain as can be. It is NOT some hare-brained idea! Sceptics keep saying B.S. and many scornful remarks, but I INSIST that this threat is REAL and IMMINENT!!)

So SOME of us, VERY concerned, are TRYING(against astonishing resistance and OPPOSITION) to inform the world of what is coming!!
I have been studying this now for about 10 – 12 years. And putting out my articles. On this – and other subjects!!


I imagine MANY are FED UP with my deluge of articles. Yes, I do not doubt that!!
I am VERY concerned FOR ALL OF US!! I HOLD that we CAN escape the coming HORRORS by getting down The North Geographical Pole!(The Earth is HOLLOW. And one entrance to The Great WITHIN – is around The North Pole. A tube-way about ONE THOUSAND miles wide!)
Dud coins exist,yes. But not ALL dud looking coins are dud!!
Don’t be foolish now! But LOOK MUCH MORE DEEPLY into this! The IMMINENCE of DOOM!!


Yes, I dwell on the violent side of what is coming. Though I well know that BASICALLY, 2,012 is GOOD. Via The ASCENSION!!


I try to see through GENERAL eyes, and consider what most people will think in terms of!!

When boulders are crashing down all around us, – how many will be meditating??!! And trying to ASCEND(I mean SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONALLY!!)



There are TWO great cyclic series. One is every 6,500 years, the other is(has been up to now) – every 3,600 years.

And, sure enough, cataclysms occur(I have checked back thousands of years.) every 3,600 years, and(read my L7 articl proof of 2,012!) in a binomial sequence I discovered based on 6,500 year period!!

Many sun-spots recently.
Though a paucity just of late.


Now all these things add up.

It is true that it does seem unlikely that we should be alive JUST when a cataclysm is to occur!

On the other hand, that may be WHY we are here! Because we KNEW that a cataclysm was coming(2,012.A.D.) – and wishing to experience it – got born PURPOSELY now to VIEW it!!

It is easy to scorn something you do not want. But how much better to research for yourselves – and OBSERVE amazing evidences!!


EXPECTED to happen is that Polar Shift will accelerate more and more rapidly, turn into an Earth Inversion, and via HUGE devastation just about wipe out all life upon this planet!!

The poles(geographical) will almost certainly CHANGE ENDS!!
Naturally the devastion resulting from that will be COLOSSAL.
Hoarding food, water, medical supplies, and other necessities may be wise for the early stages, but there will be many around who will sniff out what you have hidden, smash down your door – and just TAKE it!!
Later stages will be so AWFUL that no preps will be adequate!!

HELL on EARTH is an apt description of what is to come.
And it is ONLY a few months to The Mayan date of December 21st, 2,012.A.D!!














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