AAA14 is A909 re-named. A better edition on how to get the TRUE and EXACT disances to the quasars. In my New Astronomy!!

May 28, 2012

(Re-named AAA14.)(28.05.12.)28.03.02.(Up-dated 25.07.03.)
Article A909
How to get the distances to The Quasars!!
(Extracted 1.03.02.(THIS IS THE ONE!!!!)(Use this one!!!!)Now I am going to improve on my four quasar methods:-(This latest article incorporates the earlier ones. So no need to look at those.))
Because my original four are actually only THREE different methods!!!(The last two really being one.)

With the quasars,etc. you multiply the sky arc distance by Pi/2.
Because the LATERAL distances(the gaps) are THAT much deficient!! Since space time is bent!!
However we see laterally AS a straight.(Not only do we see ALONG chords to the objects, but the sky arc ACROSS SPACE VIEW is also in CHORDS!!!!) So we need to multiply the SKY arc(which is a chord!!) by Pi/2!! To convert the SEEN straight gap into its true BENT measure!!!!

Sky arcs(chords!!) are concerned with a DISTANCE(of gap)correction. DIRECTLY!!!!
These require multiplication I THINK by Pi/2 to convert to the correct BENT distance. Just the general bending.(NORMALLY. Local warps can be removed by repeatedly dividing by Pi/2(casting out)until the difference is minimalized. But we do not KNOW what we are aiming for with the quasars and radio sources, because orthodox distances here are so bad!! ) (Normally, with other objects, WE DO.) SO DO NOT TOUCH THE LOCAL WARPS!!!! Just do the Pi/2!!)
Local warps can be positive or negative. So entails multiplying or dividing by Pi/2 repeatedly. Leave alone!!
My NEW four different methods(the REAL four different methods)are as follows:-
(Use this one, not the original version. Which though correct is not by four different methods, but three.)
1. My linear formula. The geometric mean of the product of 3.6(Edit. 28.07.03. No!! I made a mistake. Revert to 1.6)v x rv.
2. H.L. DISTANCE divided by 100.
3. Associated galaxies(Parent, main and associated!!!!)(My method!!) Compare with the associated quasar distances!!!!
4. Almost identical pairs:(Q1 – Q2 divided by 2.) leads to the sky arc gaps in SECONDS of arc. From this you can then(knowing Q1 – Q2 actual distance)convert into the distance away of the common centre, and of course Q1 and Q2.
There are now FOUR DIFFERENT methods.
But of course you will need to get the distances of the pairs, Q1 and Q2.(Q1 minus Q2.)
And use the 3D distance between them from the 2d gap!!(Which is the average 2d gap times 2 to change from chord distance into arc!!)
The quasars will be a little distance away from the various associated galaxies. So these GALAXIES will not be THAT close!!
Did you follow all right??
Any questions, fire away!!!!(You may need an Ouija Board!!!!)
W.F.Thomas.(My two disks, but use this one, they tell you how to get the distances to the quasars.)
P.S. It is not hard, but strange!! And so entirely different a set up may be expected to create an emotional resistance!!!! But although it may LOOK absurd, it is quite correct!! I have been on it for DECADES. And checked it repeatedly all ways. (Not only proving theoretically. But CONFIRMING by the very many amazing results.)
Being into new uncut ground, I have to coin my own terms.
It is simply not possible to discuss this using the old nomenclature!!!!
I HAVE TO BE quite free in my approach and my style!!!!
So naturally it cannot be cast STRAIGHT into a PAPER!!!!
Victor Conway.




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