AAA9-4d Please view these videos! Evidence for Re-incarnation.

Thursday, 24th May, 2,012.


The video of the four women regressed.
Do you all understand what is happening? We are living in the end days that Jesus Christ spoke of. The end of this age. The last year of this cycle is 2,012.A.D. That is THIS year. The day of the end is 21st December(2,012.A.D.). Which is only months away now. But the disaster which brings about the END can occur at ANY time during this year 2,012! Clearly the AGENT for doom will be the planet Nibiru, now approaching us. We are living in the most important time, YEAR even, for THOUSANDS of years!!

Many are going to die. Now most people regard death as THE END(of the person who dies). But this is not so! It IS the end of the physical body, yes. But not of the entity indwelling the body! It will also be the end of this Aryan civilization. Earlier ones were Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Poseidon.

Things are VERY quiet just now. But don’t be deceived!

It seems we live an infinite number of lives. Without beginning, or end! Human is our present stage. We (humans) have passed through the animal (Plant before that, mineral before that.)kingdoms. We are on our way to becoming GODS.

I have dwelt upon the negative aspect of the end of this age, but actually December 22nd properly starts a new AGE. And with The Aquarian sub-age starting up then, we can expect a great UPLIFT in vibrations. And for the WHOLE EARTH!! It is a GOOD event really. Nibiru just happens to be spoiling it.

Currently we are sliding slowly into the first cataclysm(Two causes: one is Nibiru via its gravity tides,etc., and the other is the peaking of The Wobble of The Earth.)

As I say, watch for increasing heat(From Nibiru), and rising tides – as Nibiru’s mass of 22 times that of Earth raises our tides greatly. And, of course, the LAVA below our feet! Watch out for increasing RED DUST. Nibiru’s TAIL has much junk in it, including RED DUST from the iron oxides in its composition. Mixed with water, this red dust looks like blood.(Nibiru is being USED, by The Annunaki aliens, AS A SPACE SHIP!!)
FEW of us REALIZE just how MOMENTOUS this COLOSSAL event is going to be! It is just beyond our comprehension.(Sinking and rising continents!!)(Much land will sink beneath the waves. And much will rise up out of the ocean depths.)

Currently we are concerned about Global Economic and Financial collapse(It looks as if Greece precipitates this via Europe crashing, with U.S.following), The Third World War, and a number of other horrors. But Nibiru will eclipse the lot. Our present quiet is about to be broken…
Many will die, but as I say ONLY the physical body dies. The Occupant GOES ON!! First into The Spirit World, and then later into another FOEUTUS to initiate the person concerned’s next life.

I tell you these things that you might PREPARE. And to meet OUR MAKERS!! Apart from GOD, our genetic modifiers! The Annunaki aliens.

THIS is why the ufo’s are massing above.(To rescue the best of us. We are their cattle, so to speak.)
To listen to the main news you might not think so ENORMOUS an event was ABOUT to occur. Had it so good and for so long, – haven’t we! But all this is to end at ANY TIME!!

In case you don’t believe in an after life and RE-INCARNATION, I send you this video.( I tell you how to get to it.)(I tried but failed to send you the video.)

I would draw your attention to the third(or fourth?) woman. She is the one who (in hypnosis) remembers the marking on a stone in the floor. And is able to sketch them!(From the MEMORY of her ancestor WHO WAS HER SELF in her previous life.)

What I would ask you to do is to COMPARE her sketch with the sketch done of the markings on this stone – when the investigators WENT to the address her ancestor(her previous life’s self)also remembered and gave(this is but ONE instance of MANY), and copied the markings AFTER FINDING THAT STONE AT THE ADDRESS GIVEN!!!!

Sorry. I said France, before. But it was England. Maybe not stables, but a stone floor near that cottage wherein her ancestor(her SELF!) self lived.

The video SHOWS the two sketches. PLEASE look at them. Now the SECOND sketch does not EXACTLY correspond with the REMEMBERED(under hypnosis)sketch, but is NOT BAD(I think.) considering that two hundred years had elapsed!!

All four lives are interesting(of four different ORDINARY women).

Now the odds of getting SO close a sketch of the markings on the stone must be ASTRONOMICAL. It isn’t as if re-incarnation hangs upon this ONE case. There are MANY amazing correspondences. This particular video shows the age regressions(under hypnosis)of four. All are interesting(to me,anyway)(I hope you find comfort therein – that you might PREPARE for your next life!)(Who were YOU in a previous life? And WHO will you be NEXT TIME??)

MANY are going to DIE. So I think there is a good chance of many of us exiting, probably this year. And IN CASE you don’t believe in re-incarnation, but don’t relish the prospect of coming to THE END within a few months, I would comfort you IF I CAN – with the prospects through The Spirit World(where we spend our interregnums(in-between lives)) and in the lives INCARNATE to come!

Though our PHYSICAL BODIES come to an end – and rot away, we ourselves(The Occupants) do not!!(Souls, if you like.)
I URGE you MOST strongly to punch in this video. Punch in
“Re-incarnation videos” first – and on that first page that comes up you will find the entry about the video of the FOUR WOMEN regressed under hypnosis to their previous lives. It is IN there, the third or fourth woman – that you will find the one with THE MARKINGS on a stone. Well worth looking at!!
Thanks for bearing with me, if you have. WHERE we shall go after so dramatic an end I do not know. But it will be SOMEWHERE!! Maybe another planet. Even around another star. I do not know. I only know Nibiru is coming! And it is slated to END this current civilization of Arya!

Peace be with you.

I tried to e mail this video to you – but encountered a blockage which prevented me.
Happy landing!!

But SPIRITUAL ASCENSION is the important thing.
The next months and years should be VERY DRAMATIC!!!!




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