AAA10 MOST important of all!!

Friday, 25th May, 2,012.

The biggest danger!
Did you like The Re-incarnation video/s? Did you compare the two sketches of the markings on the stone??

A better way to go to THAT pattern on the stone is – Punch in Re-incarnation-Regression 11/11 on the browser. Then on THAT video you will see that stone with the markings on! You can then compare.


It is MOST important to realize what our biggest danger is! It is the danger of going to Hell after death – due to our having done more evil than good! Not the religious Hell, but one commensurate with the harm we have done, please note. Until we have PAID off what we owe. What we owe The Lord, The Spiritual LAW!! Once we have paid up in full we can go free.
There are NO short-cuts to get around this!!
THIS is what the churches,etc.should be preaching.(They used to long ago.) So people do maximum good. THIS is why the saints,etc. strive all out to do good! Jesus did not perspire BLOOD – for no thing!!

People fear death, but it is HELL they should fear! Death is the best event in life. Birth is the worst. However, what matters MOST – is where we will go AFTERWARDS!! After our physical body dies.
Death is only of the physical body. I mean that what dies when people say “He’s dead” is only the physical body! NOT YOU, the soul.

So many think that we are our physical bodies. And therefore THINK that when the physical vehicle dies – that is the end of them!! HOW untrue!!
Sex and Drugs are the two greatest temptations for Mankind. With Drugs being more appealing than sex.

We SHOULD go for spiritual divine union with GOD. Not material or physical union with humans!

And we should not get the joys of Nirvana and Paranirvana on the cheap – by taking DRUGS!!

Because the penalties are VERY high.

IF we are wise – we accept CHRIST SPIRIT into our hearts – and live from that. Plus try to get as many others as possible to do likewise.

Christendom talks(or used to!) about “Jesus saves”. But(Jesus was a man. CHRIST is The Spirit of GOD.) actually it is CHRIST that saves. We save ourselves by accepting CHRIST SPIRIT into our hearts and infusing this into others, unto the maximum.(Yes, I know I make myself unpopular by saying these things. But I am less interested in my popularity – than your salvation!!)

FEW REALLY understand just HOW important these things are.
Yes, FOLLOW Jesus(what he did) AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!


Christendom is going down. Islam is rising up.
Christendom is really FORMAL Churchianity, as initiated by Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The Catholic and Protestant lines respectively. In other words – RITUAL!! TOKEN acts by people who may not understand the deep spiritual meanings. A sort of half-way house to Christianity. Better than nothing, but not the full-blown thing that Jesus preached. Being good without the tokens is better than the rituals without the SPIRIT of goodness!!
CHRISTIANITY is the spiritual and DIVINE expressing of GOD and CHRIST.
I believe Christianity best lies through The Gospel of Saint Thomas.

Gnosticism is(I think.)the best MENTAL route.

But goodness is more than IDEAS, it is EXPRESSION. From THE HEART!!


He who endures to THE END – shall be saved. Saved from Hell. And the death of the SOUL. Not from the death of the body.


Words are dry. It is the meanings that matter so much.



The way is Repent of all wrongs done. Accept CHRIST SPIRIT into YOUR HEART. Infuse others with IT. And do maximum good, minimum evil. Do no thing but good, if you can. And NO evil whatsoever!! How hard. But do BEST!!

Repenting is not just saying Sorry to God. But BURNING out of your heart the wrongs you have done. Not easy. It hurts.
THIS is the best way to go!!


How foolish to go to Hell after death, when for the price stated above – you may go to Heaven!!
It is almost impossible to do NO harm. But we can try. And should.

I think WOULD – if we REALIZED that what we do comes BACK to us MULTIPLIED – some time. Whether done to humans,animals,plants – or whatever. Humans scoring most. Including one’s self. We should not hurt ourSELVES either!!(Rewards(good and evil) come not just after death, but in future lives.)(Karma.)


How necessary to KEEP The Ten Commandments. Plus the extra two Jesus added: Love God, and love one another!!

WHY do so many get turned off by reading or hearing these words? Since they are THE KEY to HAPPINESS!!(Found only when soul enters Heaven.)(Note: Heaven and Hell are states of mind, conditions of soul, that one can enter whilst alive.)(Remorse and regret are terrible things.)
They get turned off because so many humans prefer to indulge the low appetites and avenge,etc. How hard to not avenge. How hard to pray for an ENEMY!!

We need to love our enemies AND pray for them!!(As well as our friends and strangers,etc; of course.)

Here is the key to Happiness!!


Forgive all done against one!
Refuse to hold it against them!! But pray for them instead. And love them.



There is much more to being good than this of course, but it is a primer!!








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