AAA8-5(e) Nibiru and Re-incarnation.

May 22, 2012

Tuesday, 22nd May, 2,012.
Great news.

Concerning Nibiru – and Re-incarnation.

Yes, related under the circumstances!!

Nibiru is about 24 million miles away yet. So far as I can work out. Still a long way off. I fail to see how it can reach us in MONTHS!! However, it IS approaching us, and will end this Aryan civilization when it passes.(Watch temperatures(rising), and tidal heights(rising).) Because Nibiru is a VERY hot planet. And MASSIVE.) We each have about 1/1000 chances of surviving.(One in A THOUSAND.)(Some say 2/3.(If ONE THIRD of all life forms on Earth perish.(Ex: Christian Bible.))(UP TO 1/1000 chance of surviving.,then.)(MAYBE 1/3.)
The great news I have in mind however is about Re-incarnation.(Which becomes relevant with Planet X,Nibiru, so close!)

Anyone for coming back?(Maybe not on Earth, though!)

Four ordinary people were hypnotized and age regressed back into their last past lives.(That is their previous life.)

Many have now had this done. And revealed extra-ordinary information. Which has largely been verified.

In one case even down to a woman recalling a life(her previous life) in France. In which the stone floor of a stables had a pattern marked on one of its stones. or other, she was able(under hypnosis) to remember the exact shape of the pattern, which she drew on a piece of paper. She remembered the address.

Investigators then went to France, FOUND the address, got the owner to remove feet of straw,etc. – until they reached the stone floor, found the stone with the pattern on, and then traced a copy of the pattern onto a sheet of paper. Superimposed the REMEMBERED pattern over the FOUND one, and they fitted WELL. Even exactly.(This was a complicated pattern.)(The recalled previous life of the woman was 200 years earlier.)

The owner did not even know there was a stone floor there!

Some quirk got the woman to note the pattern of the markings on the stone.(Perhaps snoozing in between work periods she lay down upon the stone floor and noticed the markings on that stone.)
The other three women produced good results. One of the others being superb.

Thousands of good cases have been found. Even from ONE researcher.(A Mr.Ian Stevenson. A psychiatrist.)

The results are not in question.

I am just remarking on A FEW researched results. Out of SOME OF the MANY results obtained by various investigators over the years.(Not all by hypnotic regression.)

Anyone interested may find many evidential cases by simply punching in Re-incarnation cases on The Internet. I went for videos. I found U-Tube videos good.

Historians should find this of high interest(for the historical point of view).
I know of two sound alternative explanations. Genetic memory and Extra-sensory perception.

Care had been taken to eliminate the candidates being informed by other people, of the details. Pertinent persons having been checked out. (To rule out that possibility.)

The four ORDINARY women were chosen partly to reduce the chances of historical records having been read and then forgotten(by the concious mind)(As it is the sub-concious mind that is reached through hypnosis.)

The exact pattern of markings on a stone on the floor of an obscure stables from 200 years ago – is hardly material for historical records.(Not likely to be found in the history books.)
I rule out ESP(Extra-sensory perception), as the person hypnotized is hardly likely to have the time and ability to obtain such information in the brief period under hypnosis.
Genetic memory is hard stretched to be INSTANTLY obtainable, under hypnosis, especially over such fine minor details.(The genes imprinted in the brain of some-one dead 200 years.)

During age regression hypnosis, the hypnotizer takes the mind concerned back in time, and asks what they see. The information then forthcoming is instant.
How many people could IN AN INSTANT, under hypnosis, recall what some DETAIL was FROM GENETIC MEMORY of a scene 200 years ago? Seen by some ancestor.

Supposing I asked you what your great great great grandfather was seeing(if you are claiming that you were him)in some scene of HIS life, 200 years previously.(From your genetic memory. In an INSTANT. AND get it right.)
Could YOU conciously go back in your mind – and FROM YOUR GENETIC MEMORY, INSTANTLY root out the CORRECT DETAILS of some scene?(But of course under hypnosis your SUB-CONCIOUS MIND could do it, presumably?)

The point is this: My understanding is that when we die, our conciousness switches to the brain of our astral vehicle(body) in The Spirit World. We live there for a while, some undetermined length of time(Though I believe the average length of time spend there(In The Spirit World, where ALL creatures go after death) is(for humans) – about 50 years.(55 years is(or was) the average term spent by humans in the physical.))

When our time there is up. Perhaps when we tire of the place and wish to re-enter the physical to evolve better(maybe), the person concerned plunges into the foeutus of some developing human(self-chosen or could be chosen for us) – and hits the physical road again.(A process that seems to be infinite(past and future).)

(Humans normally return as humans(and so on)(animals as animals,etc.).)

Now that(I THINK it is true.) is a straightforward process. Yes,we COULD be our own grandfather(provided he has died).

For some reason many object to re-incarnation.(The prospect of living for ever could be daunting.(What a choice. Live for one life, or live for ever.)
So which is the more likely? Genetic memory or Re-incarnation?(To explain remembered past lives.)

In any case, if it is a choice between Re-incarnation and Genetic Memory, in explanation, both involve a tremendous bank of data. The question is WHERE in the brain is that information stored? Especially considering it is the brain ONLY of the time period CURRENT.(That is in the current individual.)(We have to appeal to MIND(as distinct from brain), a MENTAL construct, which is not necessarily limited to the life-time of the current person.)(And then either Genetic Memory or Re-incarnation can fit the bill.)(Except that GENES are in brains, not in minds!!)
If one’s current brain only goes back,say,40 years,and you cannot access the brain of an ancestor, then WHERE do you get the memory of some previous existence?(On The Genetic Memory Line.)(As if they SOMEHOW KNOW that ONLY the material exists.)(But HOW?!)

Via MIND, however, we CAN access OLD memories(of before this birth). Provided we do live in lives other than this one.
Do you see what I mean? Genes are material entities in brains. Now if you object to Re-incarnation, and argue Genetic Memory(To explain claimed past life memories.), then since genes are in brains, HOW access them to reach and gain memories from BEFORE the current birth??

Mind, here, is what one focusses one’s attention on. No genes in there.

Unless and until one FINDS them. However minds are finding memories. If through genes, then, as I am saying, genes exist in BRAINS, not MINDS. (You COULD find genes in MIND IF they came into view of the minds of the hypnotized SUBJECTS.)

But,as said, only MEMORIES come to view. I wonder what a GENE would look like.(Imagine the subject seeing a GENE, with a guard at the entrances. He says: “This way, please”, – and THEN we go in – and see THE MEMORIES. But for some reason we see MEMORIES straight off. No genes observed that way as yet.)
The only VIABLE valid theory(to explain past life memories), so far as I can see, is Re-incarnation.

I note that sceptics constantly berate anything beyond the material. Or beyond the physical.

I can think of no other viable valid theory that EXPLAINS.

As said, ESP(Extra-sensory perception), is hardly the tool of INSTANT attention by a hypnotized concious mind. Especially with minor details.(Your mind is looking at mental images. Memories.)(The hypnotist takes your concious mind back to memories of an ancestor which apparently was you.)(You in a former life.)

IF you are interested, then you can easily and quickly dig out much material on the subject via The Internet.

There seem to be THREE valid,viable possible explanations, in order to account for memories that pre-date one’s birth. Which evidently do exist.
These are: Genetic Memory, ESP found memories applicable – and Re-incarnation.

INSTANTLY accessible!
Unless you argue pure fantasy. But then that is the possibility I am trying to eliminate.

People informing the person concerned has already been ruled out.(In cases where the investigator/s has(have) checked that out.)
Note: Brains can be seen in minds, though not minds in brains!(Brains are MATERIAL entities. MINDS are intangible mystums that can focus attention on memories and other images. Brains are in minds. But not minds in brains. (Memories are accessible to MINDS. But no genes recalled as yet…)
I am saying that MEMORIES can be found in minds. But if the explanation is Genetic Memory, WHY have GENES not flashed up in the minds of the subjects asked what they see? They straight away see MEMORY SCENES. WHERE are those GENES??
But, of course, GENES are MATERIAL things. To be found in BRAINS. (Or in THE MATERIAL BODY some-where.) And THOUGH genes COULD be viewed by MINDS(given a powerful enough microscope!), IF we have gone through genes first to access the memories, then THEY DON’T SHOW UP!!

Note: It is POSSIBLE, with a powerful enough microscope, to dissect a brain or body part – and produce THEM GENES, – BUT, GENES prefer to remain hidden??(When casting minds back to BEFORE current birth.) – WHY??

ALL of this would have to occur in AN INSTANT.
Do YOU see any genes when remembering events in THIS life?(GIVEN a powerful enough microscope,and the time to view)(“THIS way, please.”)
If the memories are MENTAL, and we have to view via GENES, why don’t we see THEM, first??
On the other hand one does see(even though they are material) the mental constructs we call memories, in MINDS. Both in this life and VIEWING to past(if applicable) lives!
Then WHERE are the MATERIAL structures we call GENES, except in BRAINS, or the appropriate body parts, unless we open the brain – and dig out the gene concerned??
I prefer to think that we enter a much larger mental field, where-in are found our previous(as well as present) lives,memories,minds – AND GENES!!!!
Yes, I suppose it is possible to pass through genes WITHOUT them having to show themselves!
IF we have to pass through GENES to obtain the memories, genes, being material,and being found in brains(the subject’s herein), are not IMMEDIATELY to view(not at all,in the event), in the subject’s mind. -CANNOT(as said)be seen in minds up front, exist ONLY in BRAINS!!
I think it simpler, and indeed ONLY POSSIBLE through current concious MIND, not genes, and in The Re-incarnation line.
Now if I have over-looked some let-out line, please inform me!!
Note that with Nibiru, Planet X, closing in, we need to think in terms of a possible exit from our current physical body vehicle.

And PREPARE for our next birth!
Probably AFTER a holiday vacation in The Spirit World.
Here’s to ya.(Reader. If you are still there.)

Note that Re-incarnation requires a Spirit World – from which to launch off into a fresh foeutus. Assuming you want another!!
Your call!

Re-incarnation is a theory that explains and accounts for much.
What other possibilities are there?
I shall be glad to learn if anyone knows of any other valid viable ones.
Which leaves Re-incarnation. I can think of no other possible explanations.

Note: If ONE survives, then probably ALL do.
People who complain that death is the end(of them), MAY wish that it was!
Tennis, anyone?(Debate or discuss.)
ALL the best,


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