AAA6 My Astronomy Course continued. Plus extra points.


Wednesday, 16th May, 2,012






My New Astronomy Course.(AAA6)


How to get the proper and EXACT distance to the heavenly bodies and fields.


Plus some extra points on other subjects.










Re-capping on what I said before: To get the distance to an astronomy object – simply apply the formula: You take the square root of the product of magnitudes times velocities. Apparent magnitudes x Radial velocities. But first you need to multiply the velocities by 1.25 – because vels go up in 2’s only,while mags go up in 2.5’s.(For masses, do the same thing, but go by Arithmetic Mean – The Sum of apparent magnitudes(v) + radial velocities(rv), – and divide the combination by two(2).)




You also need to divide the velocities by FIVE(5).(To bring mags and vels into some digital equalization.)


Then remove OM, Obscuring Matter(Extinction Effect), and The Mass Effect, also G.E. Gravitation Effect. Go by Relativity Effect always(1).(Which I find has been automatically done in The Catalogue(2),anway.)




Go by Astronomy Catalogue 2.(I think that is the number.) The best objects to do first are the stars. Do the 40 (or thereabouts) Nearest Stars! Choose your candidates.


Use Colour Magnitudes when adjusting for Absolute Magnitudes!(NOT Spectral Types!).


For O.M. use R, Reddening – and work out a suitable scale. Subtract that.(Any questions please contact me.( It is The Greatest Scientific Find in history. Will make you world famous. IF you do the necessary work! A little time and effort. Should stun you OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!




When you have MY distances for all 40(or thereabouts)Nearest Stars candidates, MAP them!! (I used Excel 4 many years back and obtained incredible patterns. S’s and Z’s in R.A. Right Ascension. V’s in Declination.)




Try to super-impose R.A. over Decl!(You will need to rotate R.A. 90 degrees to the right – to get them to fit.(Yes, I know it sounds crazy to try to fit R.A. to Decl. – but do it.)


BASICALLY that is all there is to it.






Please refer to my earlier article AAA1,etc. For fuller details.






If you want to QUICKLY see how good my distances are, plot apparent magnitudes(with the nearest stars) against absolute magnitudes! The result should astonish you. A few minutes work. But what a testimony!!




You should know THEN that I have GOT SOMETHING!! Do it. And take a look!!!! THEN go on and do the distances to The Nearest Stars on R.A. and Decl. maps. Right Ascension and Declination. You should hit the roof!! Then inform as many other astronomers as you can! This, if it gets out, should change Astronomy and the world. And alter our future for the better for about A MILLION YEARS to come!!


Try to do different sized and coloured little circles, and you will make another stunning observation!! PLEASE do these things. You should never look back. NOR should THE WORLD!!!!




I did all this myself about 30 years back.(THIRTY YEARS back.) I lost all my maps and charts and lists,etc.moving. But I remember the main features of the maps,etc!)(I will try to do some maps and enter them here.)(This is the biggest or ONE OF the biggest scientific finds in history!!)(You have ONLY to do what I have said here!!)






Just contact me with any questions or comments, or whatever!!




This is just a brief re-cap for now.












2. (I continue giving out the greatest secrets of life in the universe:-)(For YOUR benefit. I want the best for ALL. Friends and enemies and indifferents,etc. ALL!!!!)


Now when you die…you may or may not be surprised to find that you are still alive! Though in a finer vehicle(body). Your old physical body will then be a corpse. It will rot away to bones,etc. It has served its purpose.


Travel(In your astral body or spirit body) to your grave. Read the inscription. To satisfy yourself that you have WHAT THE WORLD CALLS – died!


That is what THEY think! No. The dead are those who THINK that they are alive. The TRULY ALIVE are the ALLEGED the dead!




You may attend your funeral if you wish. But you may be disappointed at the attendance numbers! And who turns up.




Do NOT hang about your corpse! It may still contain(or have near) your GHOST. That is your Energy Field. It(believing that you in your spirit body ARE the physical body it indwelt) will shoot for you and try to enter you! If it does, everything will go foggy. And you will have great difficulty in getting rid of it!(Things will be tricky enough without that!)


Better still keep AWAY from your grave, and indeed all cemeteries!!


OTHER energy fields will be hanging around. Perhaps looking for someone like you…(When we are in the physical body,we have our own body and ghost. So no room for other entities, but once WITHOUT a physical vehicle, then you are an empty vessel.)






PLEASE listen to WHAT I am saying. What I am TELLING you!! I have spent a long life time STUDYING these things VERY carefully.


So now I pass on what I have learned to others. That they may benefit.




Once you are out(passed on) head IMMEDIATELY for the blue-white LIGHT.


Do NOT let spirits(others like you then) take you away. Especially DOWN – into Hell. Where they will torture you for fun,INDEFINITELY!!




Climb UP, in 3d, AND in 5d(Vibrationally). So pray,etc. ALL OUT!!) as high as you can, as fast as you can!!




It may not be enough to just rise in 3d(far up above the clouds).








Some helpful spirits may or will try to assist you up. As many may not know what to do. Not know that one should ascend in 3d AND 5d(in vibration via prayer,etc).






3. Do ALL the good that you POSSIBLY can.(At ALL times!!) Because if your bad deeds exceed your good, you will go to HELL!!(Yes!!)






4. Nibiru, Planet X, The Destroyer continues its relentless approach. It IS coming. And when it comes, you are going to NEED ALL this knowledge that I am giving out!!








5. The great goal of life is to glorify GOD and CHRIST(CHRIST SPIRITS is GOD MANIFEST. Jesus was a man. GOD is HIGHEST SPIRIT. Two QUITE different things!!).




6. In so doing we should EVOLVE in SOUL.






7. I am TRYING to get this KEY TRUE KNOWLEDGE out to as many people as I POSSIBLY can!!


But am resisted and opposed to the maximum. Because The Devil took this world over LONG back.


Why? Because lowly evolve MAN let IT in!!(The Devil(The Forces of NEGATION.) – is THE VERY OPPOSITE of what GOD is.)




Every time we do a bad deed(thought,word,deed or omission) – we let The Devil IN TO this world THAT much.


Every time we do a LOW deed we let PAN in(to this world). He is THE HORNED GOD. The one who drives us to indulge our low urges.(Sex is one. Drugs,another. And so on… …)


This (Giving out The Truth,etc. so to warn,etc. Mankind.)was Religion’s purpose. And that of The Temples and Churches,etc. But many have got rather lost.








8. The WORLD has got The Very Opposite of The Truth!! It is teaching us FALSEHOODS. Making many depressed.




9. It is not GOD that is making us suffer, but the OTHER FELLAH, The Devil and Pan. The Forces of NEGATIVITY. Who just LOVE to drag the good or those trying to be good – DOWN. And only too successfully!! But their lot shall be WAY BELOW!!






10. This Age(Of 6,500 years) is ENDING. It ends December 21st, 2,012. Yes, THIS year!!


It is for THIS reason that EVERYTHING is deteriorating!!


Not noticed the growing anarchy, world-wide??!!


The worldly love it, of course.








11. Live(advisory) for and from GOD and CHRIST(GOD’S SPIRIT MANIFEST.)(Yes, recognition of Jesus CHRIST is key.)








12. So many people THINK that this easy life so many now lead is going to go on and on…!


How MISTAKEN they are!




No. Things are going to get bad. VERY bad.




Impossible might be the best word.




And that VERY SOON!!




Are not ANY of YOU out there SUSPICIOUS of how easy things are getting MATERIALLY?!




Yes, there IS a catch!






The price of our current MATERIAL ease and comfort – will be SUDDEN CATASTROPHE!! AND a lowering of our spiritual and soul VIBRATIONS!!!!










And do NOT think that once dead and out of it,that your troubles are over! NO!! For many are going to HELL!!!!








13. We live for EVER, and already have. In some form or another.


Evolving. To black or white – according to our actions.




People believe SUCH nonsense.




We get told SUCH rubbish!!








14. Go for HIGHER UNION, not lower!(Unite your higher will, heart(love centre), higher mind, VERY being,SOUL and SPIRIT) with GOD. Let the lower DIE!! You cannot KILL it, only hope is to LET IT DIE!!)


(Advisory) Go for heart,etc. and soul,etc. union with GOD. Not body union with another human(or other humans)!!








15. MONEY is NOT the coin of great value. No, your GOODWILL is!






16. Be WARNED!! Money should soon be replaced by gold and silver. ESPECIALLY SILVER!!


A further Market Correction could be occurring.








17. Are Preppers mad? No! They are NOT!!


Dreadful calamities, all EASILY triggerable, are in the offing.


Wise ones PREPARE NOW!!


Because the next months and years – ARE DREADFUL!!!!(And will be for a thousand years or so!!!!)




Because once society collapses, it WILL BE HELL ON EARTH!!(Greece, I think, will be the hole in the bucket!)






18. The Authorities are only telling us what they WANT us to believe, NOT the truth!!


Do NOT be fooled by them!!






19. What I am saying applies to me – as well as you.








20. DON’T be caught napping now!!!!





























































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