AAA1 My course in truer Astronomy.


Monday, 14th May, 2,012.






My Truer Astronomy Course.








If you wish to learn truer facts about Astronomy, Astro-physics,Cosmology and Cosmogony, you are urged to read on. Orthodox astronomers who are seeing some short-comings in the general view, – welcome.


I shall speak in an easy colloquial style – in simple terms.






When we look out into space, we are actually picking up light,etc. electro-magnetic radiation waves – at the technical level, particles at the ordinary level. The resulting effect comes to us. Our eyes do not emit rods which collect data.


The light(etc.) that we receive; – does it come through space, space-time or hyper-space(and time)? And does it travel straight – or curved?

At the ordinary level it comes to us through space, but is alleged to take time doing so.(I argue that it actually comes to us instantaneously(or nearly so). But that we REGISTER a velocity of “c”in space.)




In space time it is a line.


Straight or curved?


Space is curved, so if light(understood all other electro-magnetic radiations too) travels in space, then it too travels curved.(Or does it?)




I hold that light does not travel through space. It travels through hyper-space(and time). In a straight line. Instantly!(Or nearly so.)


But WE translate this actuality into light travels curved ALONG curved space, – and is REGISTERED at a velocity of “c”. RELATIVELY, straight to us.


It travels from the object with a picture of itself.




Which is the view we see of it.

















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