AAA3(ZZ38(A1058))How to get the proper AND exact astronomical distances,etc.

May 14, 2012

Wednesday, 1st March, 2,006.


A truncated brief simplified version of my EXACTLY ACCURATE Astronomical Distance and Mass Finder!!

This is the most incredible find of my many finds.

Subject: Astronomy. Distances and masses.

Astronomers lament the lack of a good distance finder. And would give their right arms for one.(Let them keep their right arms. But I have one that is not only accurate, but EXACTLY so!!)

Distances in Astronomy(especially of the galaxies,etc., )- are notoriously difficult to pin down!!

To compound things we have not one, but TWO 2-1’s! (That is velocities are 2 x 2 inflated in their values!)

Space is considered to be straight. And here-in lies the root of the error!

Space is NOT straight, but generally curved and locally warped!!

There are two main orthodox ways to find the distances to the galaxies,etc. 1. By Hubble’s Law red shifts.(r or z) 2. By apparent magnitudes(v).

Unfortunately apparent magnitudies naturally include the absolute magnitudes(that is their inherent luminosities), plus other things!! Which renders them almost impossible to determine!

Hubble’s Cosmological Red Shift law is an excellent and quick way to get distances! But there exists a marginally better one, and I have found it.

What I am telling you here will not be found in the orthodox literature, nor anywhere else, but HERE!!

Believe me, it is true. The values I have discovered are accurate and EXACT! For both distances, and masses!!

How do I know? Well, apart from many structural facts I have found to be true, when I plot using my distances, I get INCREDIBLE patterns!! Moreover, they are patterns which fit correct theory! I can tell by the superb expected patterns that I always get, that I must be right!!

You might think that CRS(Cosmological Red Shift)(Hubble’s Law) and apparent magnitudes would be EQUAL.(Though I realize that different values and scales of values are used, rendering the numerical values different on THAT account. But I mean if the distance to the SAME object is obtained two different ways, you would expect them to be equal to each other!!)

That is what I thought. But how wrong I was!!

The fact is, that CRS(HL) and apparent magnitudes are NOT the same. Are in fact, very different! For the simple reason that each one is along a DIFFERENT route!!

No, not mad. But VERY understandable!! WHEN you know the facts!!!!

All astronomical fields are disk shaped. The circumferential perimeters are of cours e ROUND. Also locally warped.

It should not be too surprising, then, if THE UNIVERSE(Our universe) also proved to be round! Einstein proffered a circumference of space. With a radius of time. I hold that this is wrong.(Not a bad first shot, though.) As with the Earth globe, where time goes AROUND, I find the universe to be likewise. Space is one circumference. Time is another, orthogonal to it! The radius is Orbital vibration. In fact there are two different radiuses. The other is Density. In a four dimensional structure! I should say four GROUP dimensional structure!!

Each dimensional group having four dimensions. Four of space, for example.

Though we are aware of only three.

Suspend your judgement until you observe the amazing patterned results!! Which overwhelmingly indicate correctness!!(You will need to PLOT using MY distances to get those!! But SO well worth it!!)(Will alter astronomy profoundly. And change the future!!)(The biggest, most important FIND, ever!!(In Science).)

Light,etc.(Electro-magnetic radiation) travels in straight lines. ACROSS hyper-space(Note! NOT across ordinary space!) But the surface upon which we live(as with The Earth!) is the PRACTICAL distance we use!(We don’t usually measure Earth distance THROUGH the Earth! No. We measure AROUND the surface. Which is the practical distance, because we usually use that route!!)

Picture a circle. The perimeter is the circumference. Let the surface be our space. And the interior, HYPER space!!(I cannot draw a circumference to SHOW you, because my computer forbids such a thing. Therefore I have to ask YOU to do it! I wish it were otherwise.) Now throw a chord(to represent ANY chord) ACROSS the circle!(O observer at one end. G for viewed astronomical object – at the other.) Light,etc. comes to us from distant objects CHORD wise. But we MEASURE ARC wise!(Beginning to see the light. And WHY astronomical distances are SO elusive?!) Chords and THEIR arcs differ in length, OF COURSE!!

We measure AROUND, not across, simply because Hubble’s Law FAR from being velocities – is, in fact, WAVE ANGLES!!(We see by WAVES coming CHORD WISE through the HYPER-SPATIAL interior of The Universe!!(Ours))(NOT by particles coming AROUND!!)(See why the mysterious particles/waves,etc. dilemmas,now?!)

Being WAVE ANGLES, we are ACTUALLY viewing EACH TIME along the angle of receipt to the TANGENT to the circumference!! And such angles are NECESSARILY circumferential(arc wise), NOT chords!!

All of which PROFOUNDLY changes the complexity of structures and their details!!

Hubble’s Law, in fact, is nothing more, nor less, than the COSMIC HORIZON!!

It happens to CORRESPOND with velocities, but it ITSELF, is basically WAVE ANGLES!!!!

What is more, there is an Hubble’s Law for ALL astronomical fields, not just galactic,etc. ones!!

Naturally Orthodoxy will denounce me to the dust! But if you check, you will FIND that what I am telling you is quite correct!!

Of COURSE there are two different distances! Because two DIFFERENT routes! One is along an arc. The other is along ITS chord!!

You would not expect the distance from London to New York to be the same around the surface, as THROUGH The Earth, would you?!(Similarly for all Earth distances.) So it is universally!!

We need to divide ALL astronomical “velocities”(actually WAVE ANGLES) by FOUR. Two for one 2-1 discrepancy, and two for the other!!(2 x 2 = 4.)

We ALSO need to multiply “velocities”(wave angles!) by 1.25(do that FIRST!) to equalize with magnitudes.(Which rise in multiples of 2.5, while “velocities” rise only in multiples of 2!)(Remember that we are equalizing mags to “vels” in order to halve to get the correct values!)

Remember that orthodox graphs(As with The Hubble Diagram.) are LOGGED!!(I use e logs.)

One 2-1(of velocities against apparent magnitudes) is due to an anomaly in the structure of all spectroscopic devices, which causes them to ALWAYS double the value!!

The other 2-1(of velocities against apparent magnitudes) is due to the fact that since our space is a circumference, we actually MEASURE(note, not view!) out ONLY half a circumference!(That is, to Far Point, directly opposite the observer!) Because, after MEASURING past half way around, we are actually getting CLOSER to home again!(Of COURSE!!)

Therefore we NEED to HALVE the “vels”(actually wave angles) to correct this value!!

Furthermore! We need to multiply apparent mags, v, by Pi/2 to correct for curvature to get the actual MEASURED distances!!(Pi/2, not Pi, because only half a circumference is involved!!)(I am able to remove local warps(!) by repeated divisions by pi/2!)(For the segment INVOLVED, ONLY!!)(Use the orthodox value as A GUIDE to the ORDER of the result. That is the number of digits!)
So, you see, the CRS Hubble Law distance is NOT the same as the apparent magnitudes one! Nor should it be!!

However, when we correct for all the many factors that create a difference, THEN they should be EQUAL!!

Though the quickest and simplest way is to use Hubble’s Law, to be marginally better a superior way, we need to use a simple formula:-

Since(when corrected!) Mags equal Vels(Actually Wave angles!!), then our equation reads M + Vels divided by two, equals masses.(For distances we simply square root the two terms. Because THEN we are using RATES or squared terms, not linear ones!!)(M + Vel = D(OR Mass).)

I divide by two to get the value of ONE term(since they are now equalized), of course.

Not too difficult is it!

And you get EXACTLY accurate values!!

There are a NUMBER of OTHER corrections that need to be made!

For instance, the so-called VARIATION(Mass and “Velocity”) upon Hubble’s Law needs to come off!(In fact the so-called VARIATION is THE TRUE velocity(now wave angle!)!! Be it plus or minus!!)

H.L. ITSELF is simply the view of the cosmic(or whatever the astronomical field is)HORIZON!!(THAT is what needs to come off!!)

Furthermore, and note this incredible point WELL!!, when I halve the value of the two terms, I get the TRUE value, NOT JUST AN AVERAGE!! For the simple reason that one value is as much UP, as the other is DOWN. And, THEREFORE, yields the ACTUAL TRUE values, NOT JUST THE AVERAGE!!!!(Since deducting the ups and downs MUST leave the ACTUAL TRUE value! Which is ingenious!!)(I mean that the FACT is.)

Though it IS the average, of course. It is not JUST the average!!

There is something called Mass(and “Velocity”) EFFECT. Which needs to come off too.(I have FORGOTTEN now, what it is!(But it can be found in my much older articles on this subject!)

Another obvious item for removal is of course the obscuration(due to debris, dust,etc. with apparent magnitudes)factor!(Called “Extinction Effect” by Orthodoxy.)

Note that there is a VAST difference between viewing by X rays in a fog of water vapour particles, to material dust and debris in astonomical space!! You CANNOT compare the two!!

You may have thought it was impossible to determine that(for all its components). No! It is VERY simple: The reddening effect, r, is a measure of the amount of dust and debris in space, simply because of the reddening!! Using a suitable scale, convert this r into OM!! And use that figure!!

To determine PURE apparent magnitude is not easy. First you need to find out what the ABSOLUTE magnitude is!(Which I find by using the COLOUR of the light!)(Do NOT use Spectral Type!! Too inaccurate!!) Work out a scale. Then use the colour degree! Colour will change near enough with the mass. Which is a measure of the luminosity!! Convert colour value to intrinsic luminosity value via getting mass to get absolute magnitude.)

So (when obtained) SUBTRACT the absolute(do NOT use orthodox values, because very wrong!) from the apparent, magnitude. Then remove the obscuration factor. I called it OM, for Obscuring Matter, before. And the other factors.

There is NO slowing down factor. Simply because the field is not expanding. Not per orthodox values anyway!!(The so-called Slowing Down is in fact the result of accrueing OM(Obscuration Matter)!!)

Expansions and contractions occur with all fields. They are small(slow), and VERY different from the orthodox scene and values!!
That is about all the correction factors.(But MAKE sure!!)(By checking with my much older articles!!)

Light,etc. travel INSTANTANEOUSLY, by the way. NOT at c!(We MEASURE(wrongly) at c!)

Owing to a very curious anomaly, the result is ALWAYS in LIGHT YEARS!!

By the way, with the quasars and radio sources,etc., FOUR FIFTHS(EXACTLY!!) of the CRS Hubble Law value is due to MASS, and NOT “velocity”(Now known by me to be Wave Angle!!).(Though “vels” DO correspond! But ARE simply THE COSMIC HORIZON concerned!! NOT anything to do with the old velocities!!)

There is much more to it than this. Get the information from my old articles!!(But use THIS article for the very latest GENERAL picture!!) But the information given simply and briefly here should give you a good start!! And enable you to get a good general result!!

Very different scene, now!!

Use the first two digits of the astronomy catalogue data!! If 6, say, will be 06. Always make it TWO digits!!

Use “Relativity Effect” adjusted(1) values for all z’s.

Einstein Effect IS of course Gravitation Effect.(VERY great with the quasars and radio sources,etc!!)

I trust that you now BEGIN to see WHY Orthodox Astronomy is so VERY wrong!!

Trig values are wrong of course, because space is curved and bent, not straight!!(Since these trig values are BASIC, ALL astronomical values are very wrong!!)

Look at my Quasar articles. The latest ones!! Where I use FOUR quite DIFFERENT methods – to get the SAME results!!!!

The quasars are 100 times(exactly) closer than orthodoxy THINKS that they are!!

We only see the nearest ones. And these are about at the edge of our galaxy!!

I expect you will be astounded at my claims. But you WILL find them to be RIGHT!!

The result of a life time’s work.

There is a LOT more to it than this. For which details refer to my older articles!(But keep in mind that this latest article is correct in the general basic details!!)

A curious fact: Pure apparent magnitudes and absolute magnitudes are equal!!

As are mags and “vels”!!

If all astronomical objects(stars, for example) were at the same distance away, they would all look equally as bright.(BECAUSE the farther away, the brighter they are intrinsically!!)(And thus distance and intrinsic increase would cancel out!!)

The farther away(Keep each category of astronomical separate per evaluations!)a star is, the greater its intrinsic luminosity! Thus, because distance cancels out the increase(BECAUSE abs and app mags are equal!!), they would all look equally as bright if at the same distance away.)

It may be asked, seeing how simple minded and slow I am, why it is that the orthodox astronomers have not discovered the facts that I have!!(An obvious question!) 
The answer is astonishing!!:-

We are ruled by bad aliens! They subtly impose upon us limitations to prevent us from advancing! Astronomers are no exception!

Why have they stopped me? A very good question. I would like the answer to that one, too!!

I can only conclude that God is protecting me!(Thus far, anyway.) Why does God not protect others? He does!! But I seem to be the only one to come up with so accurate an answer!!

Even down here on physical Earth, God rules!! God could beat evil any time He chose.(I mean for MAN.) Down here,too. He chooses not to to give the unevolved a chance. That they might develop too. Later to translate the evil scaffolding into good!!

I think that at the end of each Solar Cycle(such as now!), the good and the high are elevated by God to succeed. So that Mankind can preserve via time capsules,etc. for the next rising of Man(from caves and ice)!!

So it is not just that I have hit upon the correct answers(because the universe is basically so simple(based on the circle!) in principle(though becoming complex in the detail). Otherwise I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT!! But it is because(or so I like to believe) God is enabling those with good finds now to succeed in passing them on to Mankind in general.

And thus it is.

Note that My Exact Distance(and Mass) Astronomical Finder details given here IN PART, is merely the SIMPLE, GENERAL picture. To whet your appetite, and give you a CHANCE to get the rest.(Hard though that will be!!)

You could go A LONG WAY with only what I have given here! But much farther and better – if you take the trouble to GET the rest.(To be found in my older articles!! But latest will be best, of course. Remember that!! So work backwards.)

I am an average if eccentric guy who HAPPENED to like solving mysteries. Just simple ones. That is the only excuse I can find for someone like me doing all this!!

As I am most inferior!!

God helps me, that is all! Directly and indirectly.

God helps ALL who do the spade work!!

Not just me, of course.

I imagine very few e mail me now, because my advertizer(not me!) has made the e mail address look so forbidding!!

Those are my thoughts now.

Hopefully always improving.


Victor Conway.





AAA2(ZZ37) My New Astronomy Course, Lesson 2. How to get the proper AND exact distances to the heavenly bodies and fields!!

May 14, 2012

Tuesday, 15th May, 2,012.





My New Astronomy Course, Lesson Two.




Please understand. Astronomers lack a good DISTANCE finder. Which is very important to Astronomy – of course. Hubble’s Law is good.

I hope to show you how to get the best and exact distances. From those masses,etc.can be worked out.

There are TWO main ways to get distances. Apparent Magnitudes,v, Absolute Magnitude(Intrinsic Luminosity)mv adjusted. AND Radial velocities.(rv)


To understand the problem better, let me use an analogy to illustrate:-


We are out in the country-side at night. It is pitch dark. Looking back along the road a car’s headlights are seen approaching. How far away is the car?

What we see is The Apparent Magnitude. We need to know how powerful the headlight’s lamps are(Absolute Magntitude). It is a foggy night. How thick is the fog? How much does the road bend?(To determine its distance by road.)


What is the car’s speed?(Radial velocity.Rv.) The pitch of the engine may tell me.(The analogy fails here. But with stars,etc.the rv radial velocity helps me to determine the distance of the object.)


(Note that in Astronomy(a point of interest), trigonometric parallax is used to get the distances of the near-by stars. That is easy with straight space, but space is curved! And warped!!(Per the masses in it.))

Astronomers use The Cepheid Variables(And R-Lyrae stars) to get the distance of some stars.


What I do is take the ORTHODOX distances, and then ADJUST them per things I have found out from my maps,etc. For this I use a formula.


My BASIC line is that the distance obtained by apparent magnitudes EQUALS the distance found by radial velocities.

So I take The Geometric Mean of the two. Rooting because rates. So I go Square Root of v, apparent magnitude(adjusted for absolute magnitude) TIMES The Radial Velocity(rv). – Divided by 2.(To get The Mass, take The Arithmetic Mean, do the sum of the two, and divide by two.) Equals The Distance. Making The Equatiion.

Subtract The Obscuring Matter(Extinction Effect.). I find that The Reddening, R, gives a good indication of how much the light has been dimmed.

I used the principle that ON THE AVERAGE, one factor would be up as much as the other was down. (From Magnitudes and Velocities.) And that their mean should give the best distance away.

Square Root of (x + 3 times y – 3) is x), where x = y.(Geometric mean.)

Units will be in light-years.


PLEASE read my old article A1058, which I give again next, for further details on my distance finder.














AAA1 My course in truer Astronomy.

May 14, 2012


Monday, 14th May, 2,012.






My Truer Astronomy Course.








If you wish to learn truer facts about Astronomy, Astro-physics,Cosmology and Cosmogony, you are urged to read on. Orthodox astronomers who are seeing some short-comings in the general view, – welcome.


I shall speak in an easy colloquial style – in simple terms.






When we look out into space, we are actually picking up light,etc. electro-magnetic radiation waves – at the technical level, particles at the ordinary level. The resulting effect comes to us. Our eyes do not emit rods which collect data.


The light(etc.) that we receive; – does it come through space, space-time or hyper-space(and time)? And does it travel straight – or curved?

At the ordinary level it comes to us through space, but is alleged to take time doing so.(I argue that it actually comes to us instantaneously(or nearly so). But that we REGISTER a velocity of “c”in space.)




In space time it is a line.


Straight or curved?


Space is curved, so if light(understood all other electro-magnetic radiations too) travels in space, then it too travels curved.(Or does it?)




I hold that light does not travel through space. It travels through hyper-space(and time). In a straight line. Instantly!(Or nearly so.)


But WE translate this actuality into light travels curved ALONG curved space, – and is REGISTERED at a velocity of “c”. RELATIVELY, straight to us.


It travels from the object with a picture of itself.




Which is the view we see of it.
















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