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May 13, 2012


Monday, 14th May, 2,012.










What if Arcturus has a Nibiru,too?!


Plus some Astronomy secrets!!










It is possible, though perhaps not likely, that Arcturus’ Earth is buzzed by a Nibiru,too!


Worth checking with the aliens about!




Now what follows is on Astronomy. Not Orthodox Astronomy, but Astronomy AS IT TRULY IS!!(Obtained through my maps and charts,etc.)

Note that if you do Right Ascension and Declination maps using ORTHODOX distances – that all you get is CHAOS! Which is probably why we see no R.A. and Decl. maps of the cosmos.


If you do R.A. and Decl.(Right Ascension and Declination) using MY WORKED OUT PROPER AND CORRECT(accurate) distances(You can also get TRUE masses,etc.now too,please note!) – you will get DEFINITE PATTERNS. Namely: Filaments and SPIRILLA,etc. S’s and backwards S’s(Like Z’s) in R.A. And V’s in Declination!!





Orthodox Astronomy has some truth in it per the FLAT view. But the true view is CURVED!! And is Space-TIME with HYPERSPACE within(inside of) that circumferential surface!!






Some Astronomy secrets:- I worked out(took me eight years hard slog) how to get the PROPER distances to the stars,ETC.(Note: Not just the CORRECT distances. In other words, Astronomers(Who have said that they would give their right arms for the knowledge)(They may now KEEP their right arms.)have been using good methods but on the WRONG pitch!)(By that I mean that their view of the cosmos is wrong.)


Stars,ETC. means stars, stellar clusters(closed), clusters of galaxies – and quasars,radio sources,Seyfert’s,etc.




Once I knew the PROPER distances, I could then enlist the aid of a student mathematician and do four maps of the cosmos. Stars,closed stellar clusters,clusters of galaxies and quasars,etc. Which I did In R.A(Right Ascension) and Decl.(Declination)




From my maps I learnt many things. One being the fact that everything goes in identical twin pairs!


AND is growing slowly along two spiral arms out of a WHITE HOLE(sic) at centre!!




Space has two basic patterns. We live in a vast field of FILAMENTS – filaments WITHIN filaments – and so on.(And that these are within BUBBLES.


Not only that, but that the basic building block is a SPIRALLA(A VORTEX!!)!(Like in a spiral galaxy)(But from largest to smallest units of matter-energy.)




I call them “The SPIRILLA”.






Now the proof of this lies in reproducing my maps and charts!! Wherein also lies the EVIDENCE.


R.A. provides – with ALL classes of object – an S shape(Or a backwards S(Z) shape.)(Depending upon which side of the Spiral you view from.).




It seems that The Spirilla exist at ALL levels of size throughout the cosmos. Down through the micro-scopic.(I think that largest and smallest meet and become one!)






Declination – is a V Shape.


But in R.A. An S or Z shape!!








There was no big bang. It is a little PLOP. And there is no field expansion, it is a slow LINEAR expansion! – Though it does speed up. And there are five INFLATIONS.




Everything goes in identical twin pairs. Two sorts: One is unseparated pairs. The other is pairs that have spatially separated.






The Cosmological Red Shift is not due to any expansion! It is SIMPLY our view out to The Cosmic Horizon!


Note that Hubble’s Cosmological Red Shift Law does not just apply to clusters of galaxies,etc. but to stellar clusters,too. It applies to ALL CLASSES of objects. All sizes.


We do not see out by Space per times,velocities; but by space per VIBRATIONS, my Wave Angles!!(Simply our ANGLE of VIEW OUT through the curved circumferential surface of the field concerned,via HYPER-SPACE.)


Visualize a SPHERE. The surface is Space vertically and Time horizontally. Depth is Vibration! There are actually TWO depth dimension groups. The other is a special DENSITY dimension(NOT the ordinary density dimension.).


HYPERSPACE(including hyper-time) is the vast WITHIN of this sphere!






In addition to The General Curvature. Space-Time is curved, NOT straight.,AND there are WARPS!




There is no Optical Doppler’s Effect. That is a lot of RUBBISH!!






Light,etc.Radiation does not travel at c, but is ONLY REGISTERED at c(velocity). The speed of light,etc.electro-magnetic radiation is INFINITE.


We do NOT see back into the past! We see everything in THE PRESENT. As it is now!






Astronomers are frustrated at getting DISTANCES.(And Masses,etc.) This is because there are TWO different methods of obtaining distances!




Apparent magnitudes are viewed STRAIGHT across Hyperspace. But Hubble’s Law of Cosmological Red Shifts is measured AROUND the cosmos, around the circumference. Thus we have CRS distances being Pi/2 times the magnitudinal distances! Got it??!!


This explains the strange 2 to 1 that keeps cropping up. And the Pi factor!!






You need to read and study my articles very carefully. Going back to the first ones – and working through. Simple if done STEP BY STEP. Hard only if you attempt it all in one stride!!






Time is experienced because out mental attention is usually obliged to follow The Moving Now along The Time group-dimension. Per material view this is called CHANGE. Mentally we experience DURATION.






Via time travel we can circumvent this.






In order to travel in space,time,vibration,etc. you have to FIRST enter hyper-space.(This can be done via an electro-magnetic force field, ex a generator or ley-lines or a pyramid or a pentagram,etc. Or even a medium.)


The problem is getting back. As you need to get your equipment and arrange it again!!






Another method is to jump through an Electrical Jacob’s Ladder window.







A SPECIAL NOTE: There exists a strange 2 to 1 ratio with distances, and ANOTHER DIFFERENT one with SPECTROSCOPIC views.

There are TWO 2-1 anomalies, not just the one.


One is due to the fact that we see out Hubble’s Law,etc.fashion AROUND the cosmos, but ACROSS HYPER-SPACE with Apparent Magnitudes!! Which, after removing the pi differential is at a ratio of 2 to 1!




The other 2-1 anomaly (As with alleged(They are S/Vib’s not S per Times!!)(My WAVE ANGLES!!) radial velocities(rv) to apparent magnitudes with the galactic clusters,etc.) is due to a SPECTROSCOPIC DEVICE error!


The cosmological red shift obtained this way is double what it should be!


Due to measuring wrongly by a factor of two!




When you eliminate both 2-1’s AND allow for THE DUAL view out with distances(Hubble’s Law and Apparent Magnitudes), you will find that distances depend upon whether you want the view AROUND THE OUTER CIRCUMFERENTIAL SURFACE – or the view ACROSS HYPER-SPACE.


BOTH views are correct.




Same as(an analogy) if you were asked to get the distance from London to New York,say. Do you want the distance around the surface?


Or the view across the inside of The Earth!!


Two different yet correct distances. Depending upon WHICH ONE you want!!




So it is cosmically!!






Note,too: There is NO OPTICAL Doppler’s Effect!(Though there is an Auditory one!)(What astronomers CALL Doppler’ Effect is a reddened WAVE-LENGTH via my WAVE ANGLE of view, NOT a radial velocity!!)


Space redding is due to dust,etc. lowering the observed spectra of the light.(A different thing.)


We are simply viewing THROUGH HYPER-SPACE via Space per Vibrations, NOT Space per TIMES. Though radial velocities DO parallel their Wave Angle(Space per Vibration)views!!


Wave Angle is my name for Space per Vibration views. S/Vib.




It is an angle of VIEW,NOT a velocity. Though,as I say, radial velocities DO parallel The S/Vib Wave Angles!!










I think that will do for a brief introduction to this subject.




I assure you all that Orthodox Astronomy is completely wrong!!








MANY gods exist – in an infinite field.(And demons,too.)








Only a few are ready for this.








When we VIEW or TRAVEL in space, we actually look or travel through hyper-space!! That is: We do not go around the CURVED CIRCUMFERENTIAL SURFACE of the FIELD concerned, but ACROSS it!!(Hubble’s Law applies to ALL fields,not just the galactic,etc.one!)




You may have heard about the short cut through space where you bend a piece of paper(in the analogy) around upon itself and cut through.




No,that is not practicable! You simply raise your vibratory rate(wave-length) and travel to the centre of the field(hitting the electro-magnetic equivalent of c), and then come up the appropriate radial to arrive back upon the surface space and time where and when you want!! Past or Future. And anywhere in the universe! Since you can exit at a CHANGED vibratory rate,too,and enter The Spirit World,too,perhaps!!


Like as if you went in an elevator to the centre of a solid Earth, and then cam up a DIFFERENT radius on another elevator – to reach your destination.


On, in other words, cutting across via a SHORTER arc!!


































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