ZZ35 Flee to Arcturus. Spokesman needed.


Sunday, 13th May, 2,012










Flee to Arcturus?








Because Nibiru comes around every 3,600 years, and destroys The Solar System some more, it may be wise to move to Arcturus(A star, our identical twin, therefore it would probably have an Earth, also identical(or near) to ours!)(When I discovered how to get the proper(as well as accurate)distances to the stars,ETC.(note the two different meanings there), – and mapped the cosmos CORRECTLY, I found identical twin pairs close to us, and almost identical separated pairs. Therefore, I more or less know that Arcturus, our IDENTICAL TWIN solar system should have an identical Earth. Hopefully a solar system which has no Nibiru like planet buzzing around its Earth, and all the other inner planets periodically.


We shall need to ask the aliens to confirm that Arcturus has an Earth very similar to ours, and would they mind transporting us, and(I suggest) The HUMAN Martians, the remnants of a war there, to Arcturus’ Earth,too!!




Now this is not fantasy. We just need to ask the aliens if they will take us, and the HUMAN Martians to Arcturus’ Earth, IF that solar system does not have more serious problems than what we have.




It would be a VERY long time before we were ready to space ship the best Earth and Mars’ humans to Arcturus’ Earth. But the aliens could ship the best half of Earth and Mars’s humanities,etc. there!


The aliens might have another planet in mind for us, anyway. Because Earth won’t be worth living on for about a thousand years(after Nibiru has buzzed us again, demolishing our current Aryan civilization)!


The dust thrown up will blot out the sun for a very long time – and cause an Ice Age.(Preceded by an Ice Era due to paucity of sun-spots a few years back!)




Alternatively, we could seed Venus’s atmosphere, So as to create an oxygen rich atmosphere.(No hope of us surviving upon Venus as it is at present!)




On the other hand, the aliens might have an even better proposition than Arcturus’ Earth! We could ask them!






Now all of this may sound mad, but isn’t.




Within MONTHS now, Nibiru should buzz us, causing TERRIBLE damage. Destroying our current Aryan civilization.






The aliens may be expected to take only the best people. The best behaved,too!




The planet Nibiru(I say again) is an ALIEN planet CAPTURED from Sirius B system(most likely). In any case, it is not one of ours! And THAT is the trouble. Were it one of ours it would go around the sun neatly. But being foreign to our system, just collides with various planets, and/or its(Nibiru’s) moons(as big as planets!) do!!






Life in our solar system has no future to speak of BECAUSE of Nibiru coming around and spoiling things(everything,eventually) every 3,600 years.(Maybe less now.)








So we Earthmen of Sun Sol need to discuss these matters IMMEDIATELY. As the aliens will only be here a short while. The Annunaki.






No, this is not the plot of and for some movie, but an ACTUAL FACT








Are you all with it?








Though Venus is another planet closely approached by Nibiru. So no evolutionary future there either.








Something for us ALL to think about!!(I mean emigrating to The Earth of The Arcturus(solar) system!)










Please contact me if you have any constructive ideas!






We shall need a spokesman of course.(The Annunaki aliens probably can converse with us TELEPATHICALLY. In any case they probably know English,etc!!)(Very likely taught English,etc. as they are readied to save the best of their cattle(us) from The Earth!!)










I REPEAT: ONLY months left!!








Men of Planet Earth, lend me your MOUTHS. To speak to The Annunaki aliens.(Bearded human like giants.)










I am too old,now.








Aw, shucks.








Arcturus is red or orange because though it is YELLOW like our sun, its light gets moved down the colour spectrum by the intervening dust,etc.




You would prefer to see YOUR statue in The Hall of Fame at Arcturus, rather than mine, – er wouldn’t you?!






Choose The Spokesman wisely now!!




























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