ZZ34 Nibiru, The Destroyer.

May 11, 2012


Friday, 11th May, 2,012.








Nibiru is destroying The Solar System!! Mostly planet by planet!!










My belief, theory if you like, is that there were originally 16 planets. And this might apply to all G class yellow dwarf stars like our sun that have planetary systems. I think most, if not all, do.


16 planets – in 8 pairs.


Four inner pairs and four outer pairs.


Though the outer gas giant pairs might lose their gases in due course leaving ordinary sized planets as with the inner pairs, behind.




The Oort Cloud and The Kuiper Belts are asteroids and comets,etc. Which I believe were once planets. Until Nibiru hit them.(Nibiru is, I believe, an alien outsider, a planet captured by our sun from Sirius B’s solar system.)




Because it is not one of our natural planets it has no trajectory that fits proper orbits. It therefore does a lot of damage. Its orbit is extremely elongated – due to it being a capture.


Nibiru is about the size of Saturn, and with a density 22 times that of The Earth. 5 times Earth’s linear size. Thus it is very dense, composed of iron oxides. Rather like a huge cannon ball playing skittles with our solar system.


It is I think(Hence one of its names: The Destroyer.) knocking off our planets from the outermost inwards. Planets Oort and Kuiper have now gone.(Smashed to pieces.) It is like a conquer in that game of Conquers with chestnuts. Because of its density it survives its collisions to destroy again.


One of its moons struck Tiamat – creating our Earth.






Next to be destroyed may be Neptune, then it should work its way inwards, until it destroys Mercury.(Vulcan fell into the sun some time back.)




Our solar system is therefore doomed, and the planets it(Nibiru) closely passes, the inner planets, cannot get into stride – because their civilizations get destroyed every 3,600 years.




All because Sol, our sun, captured Nibiru from Sirius B.






We could land men on Mars, link up with The Martians(who are an early edition of ourselves), the remaining few, and try to set them up again. In return for our help we could obtain property rights.(As they have many enormous deserted cities.)


There was a war upon Mars, possibly internal.


They have some highways and railway tube tracks, so perhaps we could get those going again.




The problem is their carbon dioxide atmosphere and the cold. Along with the many red dust and sand storms.




I don’t know if any of the plastic(or whatever) BUBBLES are intact. If so, perhaps we could fill those with oxygen,etc.


We could teach The Martians English.




What we need is a solar system that has NO alien planet like Nibiru – periodically smashing the place up!(It destroys planetary systems.)


Maybe if we befriend some kindly aliens, they could transport selected humans there!






Some sundry matters:-




1. It is possible to travel in space and time, and possibly in vibration. To do this you need to enter Hyperspace. This is the region within our space time surface, down the vibration radial.(That is down the fifth dimension.)


In order to enter Hyperspace you have to create an Electro-magnetic Force Field. This can be done via a Generator.(Like in The Philadelphia Experiment!)


If you descend The Vibration Radial to The Hyperspace Centre- by raising your vibratory rate to the equivalent of “c”, you can go anywhere in space and time(Past and Future), merely by thinking of where you want to go(in space and time), and then willing yourself there.(You have to be INSIDE of The Force Field to do this.)




The trouble is surviving the conditions at the target end and getting back. As you would need to set up a fresh lot of equipment!








2. What men call death is actually BIRTH onto a higher plane, a higher vibratory rate wave-length.


3. Therefore loved ones can be met again.


4. They can also visit us. If they know how to reduce their vibration rate, and materialize.(Ectoplasm might be needed.)(When you so-called die, you merely lose the outermost vehicle of your being. Your conciousness then moves into your next vehicle,which is finer.)




5. Humans are nurtured unfortunately upon many unpleasant false ideas. We need to isolate these – and remove them from our minds and societies.








6. God necessarily exists – because of the need for a prime creator.








7. Ghosts, apparitions,etc. exist, and are mostly the dimly perceived entities who have “died”. Or perhaps have temporarily projected out of their physical bodies.(As in Astral Projection.)






8. By taking the appropriate medicines,we can improve our health and delay ageing immensely.








9. Communication with The Spirit World is easy enough. But is dangerous, because the spirits you contact will be low types. Who, seeking a physical body they can possess(to live again), may try to take YOU over! Or haunt you.


You need a weak force field. Some ectoplasm(need a medium), perhaps.


And good music,etc. to raise your vibratory rate.




Plus a communication device.








10. An interesting point re: the seeing of apparitions: Because ground level is rising, those who lived in The Past – are progressively that much lower down.


If they lower their vibrations and/or you raise yours, you might see,etc. their current forms if they are Earth-bound. Especially if they have cloaked themselves in ectoplasm.


Death is merely simply of the physical vehicle(body). That dies and rots away. But the rest of the entity lives on. It continues its life,but in a finer environment.




Physical death is a small incident – which is sometimes not noticed! You move to a higher bracket of material vibrations. You can no longer operate in the physical world. But you gain a better world – where you can continue living! Eventually you can re-incarnate, by entering the foeutus of a developing baby. But you need to take a break and have a good holiday vacation in the finer world – which is The Spirit World.


Beware of entities who would try to drag you down into Hell.




Once across(passed on), – head for the blue-white light IMMEDIATELY. And take it from there.


It is like wearing 7 sets of clothing. What men call death is SIMPLY the discarding of the outermost set of your clothes!


It is tempting to try to possess others still alive, in order to live through them. But this is taboo. Don’t do it. It has a price.




It is MOST important to do ALL the good that you can. Because if the bad deeds that you do exceed the good, then you will sink into Hell! ONLY if the good deeds that you do exceed the bad will you rise into Heaven and Paradise!! Now PLEASE remember this!!(Doing good RAISES your vibrations. Doing evil lowers them! At the end of your life you will either be in credit or debit in that respect. THAT decides WHERE you will go in The Spirit World!!)




Things are complicated now because of the approach of Nibiru which is Planet X. It should pass us in a few months time. And do IMMENSE damage,ending this Aryan civilization!(Much like as it has already destroyed Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon!!!)(It was Nibiru, Planet X, passing close by that sent their continents sinking deep into the sea.)




VERY definitely Nibiru exists!


The current heat, Australia is experiencing, anyway, COULD be due to Nibiru – which is VERY hot, and radiating temperature raising radiation!!








































ZZ32 The Origin of Earth-men.

May 11, 2012

Thursday, 10th May, 2,012.





The Origin of Earthmen.




Phaeton, the planet that used to circle the sun between Mars and Jupiter had two city states engaged in a thermo-nuclear war. An untested device went wrong and the deuterium in their sea ignited, blowing off the surface of the planet.

The surface, land and sea, became asteroids and comets.

The planet shot off – through the orbit of Mars, and is anywhere today.



The Proto-Earth, called Tiamek got struck by one of Nibiru’s moons when Nibiru was passing by. Which cracked it open – into asteroids and comets,etc.plus our Earth and our moon which was originally a moon of Tiamat.


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