ZZ31 More upon Life on Mars,etc. And The Fukoshima Radiation Threat!!

May 9, 2012


Thursday, 10th May, 2,012.










Tremendous and terrifying news!!












The Red Planet, Mars, is visibly red even to the naked eye!


Is there life on Mars? WAS there? Bacterial, perhaps? LOL! There is not only life upon Mars, but it is HUMAN life! And, more than that, IS Earth Human Life!! Remnant humans and animals live on Mars! RIGHT NOW!! Humans IDENTICAL to us. They ARE part of OUR Humanity!! They are EXACTLY the same as us!!




There are HUGE cities upon Mars. Mostly in some of the craters, and underground. GIGANTIC Real Estate. Cities that once housed up to 40 MILLION inhabitants!! You can see highways, bridges, streets, lakes and forests!(Study the videos for YOURSELVES!!)(Especially on U-tube. Check Human Life on Mars,ETC. through your browsers!!)(And you will be stunned at what The Rovers are picking up!)




Earth humans on Mars? Have space ships containing humans been secretly despatched to Mars, and they are now breeding after colonizing the planet?! No! Not at all. Nothing like that.


The Earth humans NOW LIVING upon Mars have been there a very long time. Millions of years, perhaps.




So WHAT is going on? Is our history of Earth Humanity all wrong?




There was once a planet called Phaeton. It circled the sun between Mars and Jupiter. It was inhabited by HUMANS. I don’t know exactly WHAT happened. Was there a thermo-nuclear war raging between two city states? Was there a war between Phaeton’s humans and aliens? SOMETHING tremendous happened.


Nibiru passed close by.




The up-shot was that the deuterium in the ocean thermo-nuclearly ignited. Blowing off its surface. Asteroids resulted from the land bits. Comets resulted from the sea masses.




What was left is The Asteroid Belt.






Many no doubt died. Some evacuated the planet in space ships. Heading for Mars and The Earth.


A colony was established on Mars. And one on The Earth. Same root, – Phaeton.




Mars, and The Earth, became profusely inhabited.






Anyone who punches in Life on Mars?(VIDEOS) And Human Life on Mars?(Remember to add VIDEOS!) – should be astonished at the scenes The Rovers are picking up.




The question is: What happened on Mars to reduce their HUGE population to just remnants – as now. Were they invaded by aliens? Whatever happened seems to have left their HUGE cities largely intact!!


Yes, there is a colossal wealth of buildings on Mars. A squatter’s paradise.


And, if we can get there, READY-BUILT cities to be occupied! IF the current remnants let us!


There seems to have been A BATTLE. A war. Bits and pieces from this war are scattered over the planet.(Mars)




Mars’ atmosphere is nearly wholly Carbon Dioxide. However, some plastic(or some-such) bubbles can be detected. Perhaps they had oxygen inside them! I do not know. Just trying to piece together A PICTURE.




There is a FASCINATING WEALTH of material on many videos – for anyone who cares to take a look! Artifacts scattered about The Martian surface. Plus some forests and lakes. Signs of an ocean, – now dried up. Plus a few humans and animals STILL LIVING there!! There is even a railway tube track!


No canals found on Mars, but plenty of just about everything else!!








Life appears to be ubiquitous(everywhere).








I repeat: The Martians are EXACTLY like us!! But much more technologically advanced.(Some may recall Orson Welles(1938) story about an invasion of Earth from Mars! Which caused panic in places!!)




The reason they look EXACTLY like us – is because THEY ARE US! It is just that The Mars contingent developed further than The Earth contingent did!!




You may recall that I said Earth Humans originated on Phaeton. Some going to Mars. And some to The Earth!!(Now I learned that LONG before I saw the amazing videos of advanced life upon Mars!!)






Should we go to Mars? MAYBE a better idea would be to go to Venus! But the planet needs SEEDING first with chemicals to induce the creation of oxygen. Then much later on perhaps we can move to Venus IF and WHEN the need arises!!(And it might!!)






Earth has little chance of making much progress if every 3,600 years(maybe less now) Nibiru wrecks the planet!(We need to warn those of 3,600 years hence of the periodical coming of the VERY destructive Nibiru!)(Even as we are being warned via The Great Pyramid and The Crop Circles by aliens,now.)






Mars seems to have got off lightly. Because of its HUGE cities – which appear to be undamaged or little damaged!!






All of this should of course be FRONT PAGE HEADLINE BANNER NEWS world-wide!! But it is DELIBERATELY being HIDDEN, and covered up by NASA,etc!!


People like myself, trying to inform the masses are naturally being resisted and opposed. And with great success. I am only able to reach a tiny few people!!


The WHOLE WORLD needs to know!






PLEASE help me to get this news out to the world!!








Because what happened to Phaeton and Mars could happen to us. As it is we get the prevailing civilization wiped out EACH TIME.(Every 3,600 years. Or whatever it is now.)(Recall Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Phaeton! Great Civilizations on big continents – that sank beneath the waves.)






Lemuria was in The Pacific Ocean. Atlantis was on Antarctica. And Poseidon(wrongly called Atlantis) was in The North Atlantic Ocean. They were not cities, but CONTINENTS.






And NOW it is OUR turn. As Nibiru closes in!


Due within months.








There is another dreadful event likely to happen soon, apart from World War 111, and economic and financial global collapse, and that is the release of deadly radiation from The Fukoshima Plant in the event of an earthquake! And Japan often has earthquakes!!(Which could possibly wipe out this civilization and make Earth uninhabitable for hundreds of years.)


MANY civilization destroying events are now LIKELY. In The Offing!!












GOD bless!


And ALL the best!! We are going to NEED it!!
































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