ZZ30 The world situation now. May 8th, 2,012.

May 7, 2012


Tuesday, 8th May, 2,012.












Evacuate to Mars??










There is a lot of interest lately in an alternative planet to Earth – for Earth humans to move to, as this planet seems to be getting too contaminated with problems.




The moon is a dismal prospect, and Venus is worse.


There is Mars, where dwell the remnants of some war against attacking aliens.


Advanced human life exists on Mars! In some of the craters!


Are there plastic or somesuch covers enclosing air? Undamaged in some craters perhaps. After the deadly war has left few survivors(human and animal, plus the little folk).




Mars is not so desolate as is thought! Outside the craters in the red sandy deserts – there is total or near so desolation, yes. But in the craters, some, a few perhaps now, there are a few humans left.(They look very much like us!)


I suspect that Earthmen originated on Phaeton(Where the asteroid belt now is), the few survivors of which(Perhaps from a near pass by Nibiru and/or some thermo-nuclear war between city states, or something else. Maybe a combination of these.) went in space ships to Mars.(And some to Earth. Later, some moved from Mars to Earth. )




On Mars are many HUGE cities in some of the craters. Huge cities of around 40 million inhabitants(originally). Now occupied by a handful – struggling to survive in the deserted cities – and out in the open. Along with marauding humans and animals. (Get the picture! Humans originating on Phaeton, moving(the remnants of Nibiru passing AND attacking aliens) to Mars and Earth. And,later, following Nibiru and/or aliens – moving to Earth.)








Could selected EARTH humans evacuate there? If The Martian remnants would welcome us. – Which is very doubtful.


I think many Martians have gone underground!(Maybe air pockets down below.)








Yes, there is life on Mars. RATHER more advanced than microbial! Far


more advanced than we are. Technologically, anyway.








Maybe we could rescue them, and get welcomed in return!!(The few remnants are struggling to survive against other Martians and animals.)




It is rather cold there, that’s all!


And swept by huge red dust and sand storms.






The universe is alive with alien cultures. Some advanced. Others, more like us. Space, and time, is abuzz with aliens. Various wars.


Many human. Some humanoid.






Our moon is alive with aliens. As is Venus,etc.








Meanwhile Nibiru closes in on Venus,Earth and Mars.










Nibiru is also a rescue ship. Flagship of The Galactic Fleet. A warship,too. But badly damaged.






Much life WITHIN Nibiru. Different life-forms, including animal, forms.










It has six or seven satellites, moons. Moons as big as planets!








UFO’s massing above us. To rescue us, I believe. Not attack or invade.








Will Nibiru hit us? I don’t think so. It is on a 3,600 year trajectory that takes it to 4 million miles from Earth. Near enough to cause severe problems!




WHY would it hit us now after 4.5 billion years of going on that trajectory. I don’t think so.






We have things VERY wrong. There is much we do not know.








It is still too far away to affect us much.










The planet is being used as a home, a base, a warship and a rescue ship.








So its trajectory may vary a bit!






Also, it is operating(originally in the infra red) in 3d,4d,5d and maybe higher dimensions.


Maybe why so hard to see.








I do not think The Earth will get destroyed, just badly damaged.








All sorts of stories abound. It is hard to get a true picture, and certainly not a complete one!










Nibiru, Planet X, EXISTS. And is coming. Some time over next few months. Up to about 2,014, possibly.


July 21st, 2,012 seems to be the calculated date. By a Mr.Lake.




PERHAPS not until Sept;Oct;November or even December 21st, 2,012. Or even later. 2,014, or later still.








I don’t know.






Some say it is waiting for us to get more spiritually developed. If so, I think it has a very long wait.










It is important to focus on ASCENSION, and Transition.






ASCENSION is a mass raising of Earth and its inhabitants’ vibrations, wavelength.






Mass Transition is a mass move of humans and animals,etc. into The Spirit World.




Some will be transferred to other planets. Higher for the worthy. Lower for the failures.(The failures are they who turn to negative evil and low ways.)








CHANGE is certainly coming.




Left to our own devices, we could hardly see this year out!




So many huge negative things in the offing.






Is Ron Paul going places?


Can Obama survive?






In Australia, Labor is hanging on by the skin of its teeth. But Swan is pointing to Surplus.


Julia Gillard is very anxious just now. Coalition in lead at 72 to 71. And if Wilkie goes ahead as threatened, then 73 to 70.




Either way, Gillard is hard put to stay in power.


She should call an immediate election. Yes. Let the people decide.




If she resigns, then almost certainly Rudd would take over.(Or Crean. Or Shorten? Etc?)






She is trying to hang on to power at all costs. But is really up against it now.(Is facing defeat in Parliament.)




Will The Surplus save Labor?






We shall see at next Opinion Poll, maybe.






She is under great pressure to resign – or call an early election.








My articles are now become more like a Newsletter.






Yes, 2,012 should be a very eventful year. Despite a very quiet start.






Greece is nowhere and threatens to drag EU down. So may get kicked out. They want the massive bail-out AND not pay for it. Or as little as possible!




No one but mob now rules Greece. When didn’t they?




Yes, this could initiate economic and financial global collapse.








Israel and U.S. may or may not attack Iran.(If they do, then WW3 likely!)




What is happening in Syria?




Russia is preparing to attack if West pressures Syria too much.




And also to attack if West attacks Iran.




West may back off.




But then later Iran and Russia may throw their weight around.




Obama is actually negotiating(trying to) for the right for U.S. (In Europe) to defend against Iran!


Russia is psychotic and paranoid!! Has been all along!!


This after U.S. gave Thermo-nuclear ascendancy to Russia!




Is West nuts?


Or is Obama trying(at all costs) to hang on to power?!




He is Muslim. Born in KENYA, not Hawai!! Also, I believe Socialist. And maybe Communist.








I fear we have seen our last Christmas.


Political Correctness,etc. is costing West CHRISTIANITY.(Though Christendom is NOT Christianity.(Islam rising.))




Political East NOW subjugating The West!!






Has RED China curbed North Korea??












All waiting to see if West will attack Iran. I think not before U.S. Election.




So will Israel attack Iran. Will they drag U.S. in, or even get them to attack?!






Meanwhile fear of Iran and Russia and North Korea and China grow apace!!!!!(I think we are looking at WW3 starting in June(2,012.) Via the fuses of Iran,Horuz,Missile Defence of Europe disputed by Russia!(What A NECK!!!!)India-Pakistan thermo-nuclear war.


Will India join Russia-China alliance??








West usually turns to war – to get out of its difficulties. Like now!!






We have problems!!






Will HAARP save The West? I think it is the only thing that is. That and THE DRONES!!






Meanwhile killer contrails rain down upon us. 1. To reduce world population via killing crops. 2. To reduce Global Warming(Which ended in 1998!).










Your call. I think it will be World Civil War. Starting with U.S.Civil












Aliens to intervene??






Electronic devices now rule.


And hacking.








WW3 may have started OUT OF SIGHT!!








Obama preparing to suppress U.S. populace.(Which now has many guns.)








West is keeping East in check via Haarp and Drones. Plus Hacking and Electronic devices.




But East is hitting back.








Either West attacks Iran, or Iran attacks West!!




Sanctions aren’t working(enough).








India versus Pakistan war brews.






And Sudan war.






Meanwhile The Pirates are still a problem.












Aids continues.






West badly in debt and deficit.








The great chess game goes on.








West is at bay. As U.S. is sinking.




U.S. dollar threatened.






Gold to rule, soon?




And silver above all??












Houston, we have a problem!




General disintegration gathers pace.




Folks, you better believe in ASCENSION and Transition!!!!











































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