ZZ29b Continuing on Nibiru.

May 1, 2012


Tuesday, 1st May, 2,012.










Ascension best answer to Nibiru!










I mean by Ascension the raising of one’s soul’s VIBRATIONS high enough. It is claimed that that will save you from Nibiru! Though would like to know HOW!!




Meditation and Prayer are good ways to raise your vibrations. Stop doing all evil, bad and low things,(No sinning or doing wrong!!) – as they lower your vibrations immensely. Do MAXIMUM good!!




As Planet X Nibiru gets nearer, we may expect to increasingly feel its effects. Of course.


Now we know that the gravity of the sun and the moon raises the sea level around the world. We call this TIDES. We are familiar with changing tide levels as sun and moon approach and recede.


ANY object near to Earth would do this. And Nibiru is approaching. Its MASS is 22 times that of The Earth. I don’t know HOW close it is going to get, but I understand very close. Naturally this must raise tide levels immensely. So it will be interesting, nay, IMPERATIVE to watch tide levels from now on, very closely!


Some of the changes we can EXPECT as Nibiru closes in(This is an object the size of SATURN!)(We have ONLY MONTHS left!!): Growing HEAT. Increasing LIGHT.(We will see it grow larger in the sky, like a yellow-red full moon.Or a sun.) Rising TIDES(as said). Increasing natural disasters, like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Increasing(because of the growing heat)precipitation. EMPING should occur. Knocking out almost all electronic appliances. And maybe electric appliances,too.(Probably)Tremendous increase in lightning and electric discharges. Power failures.(This is THE END Jesus spoke of!)(It could hit us. But I do not think so. We have survived NUMEROUS previous passings, why not this one?!)(

THE EVENT will be THE GREATEST EVENT and THE WORST DISASTER ever to hit Man on Earth!!)(Past and Future.))

Intense terror and horror by all is almost certain. And a terrible re-action of anti-social behaviour by just about everyone! Which will be almost worse than THE EVENT itself!!



All this is foolish. All that was necessary to do was to warn all and get as many people as possible down The North Geographical Pole. I suggest Cruise Ships preceded by Ice-breakers. Just head due North – and KEEP ON GOING. You will eventually find yourself upon The INNER SURFACE of The Earth!! Inside The Great WITHIN!!!! Safe at least from the outer bombardment from space(out of The Tail of Nibiru). Use Gyroscopes,as compasses fail increasingly as you approach The North Pole.


If you had told the people early enough they would have had TIME to adjust and adapt to the idea! And whilst there would have been some mass panic, we might have avoided THE MASS PANDEMONIUM which I see coming, as everyone sees UNESCAPABLE AWFUL death immediately ahead!!




Boulders will be scudding down all over the place, and tremendous electric discharges occurring all over.(SUPER lightning strikes.)(Some will commit suicide, but don’t do this!! Terrible penalty on suicides in The Spirit World!!)


Now as soon as you find yourself in The Spirit World(Dead you will be called by the world, as your physical body will have died. Been killed.) –

HEAD FOR THE BLUE-WHITE LIGHT!!(As even dead, your problems are not over!)(Get AWAY from your corpse! And do NOT let your ghost capture you! Shun any spirits trying to take you down into Hell!(Though FRIENDLY spirits may,and probably will, assist you to climb up through the air.)(Raise your soul’s vibrations as HIGH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!)




Food and water will run out. The AIR will be almost unbreathable.(And will catch fire I am told, though I do not understand HOW.)



I see about 1/1,000 chance of survival. One chance in a thousand.


Forget about wills and a decent burial. It will be a case of NEARLY ALL will be corpses, and just a few(one in a thousand at worst)alive, out of their minds.


Get away from the coasts. Get to HIGH GROUND. Get OUT of the cities. Into the wilderness.(As humans will be stark staring RAVING MAD.)




The animals won’t be much better. Scurrying hither and thither, not knowing which way to go.




The EVENT is real and about as certain as can be.




I cannot help but think of THE TERRIBLE SHOCK people in general will be getting!!(As at PRESENT, very few SERIOUSLY believe that anything much is going to happen! It DOES take some absorbing! The END of this civilization. The END of this AGE!!)(Yes, it WILL be VERY TEMPTING to commit suicide.But better not to!)




Yes, it will be the end of life as we know it.(That must be about the biggest understatement of all time!!)






Disasters will BUILD up to a crescendo, while continents will sink below the waves, and ocean floors burst through the surface of the sea. World wide. Nearly all structures are going to crash.






THIS is why I have been pounding away ceaselessly for MANY YEARS now. TRYING to get as many of you as possible TO GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!








VERY close to The North Geographical Pole is a thousand,plus, mile wide TUBEWAY leading to WITHIN The Earth. Yes! The Earth IS hollow!! There is an upside down INNER surface, that will SEEM upright(Because Gravity will be upwards THERE!!), where you can survive better than upon the outer surface of The Earth!!(THIS is WHERE wise humans and animals go EVERY time that this Planet Nibiru passes!)(It is LUSH down there. Better than on the outer surface!)






It will be interesting to watch the EFFECTS of Nibiru(Via its gravity,magnetism and electric tides)(Along with electric discharges from the sun.) steadily increase as the months pass. Becoming more and more DEADLY.






The poorer you are, the safer you will be! Because of beserk angry humans, who will be making the recent riots look like a picnic!






Yes, stock up. Prepare! But others who haven’t prepared will be STEALING from those who have!


I would say: Have nothing. And flee into the wilderness. Get AWAY from all humans. And animals. You can live off vegetation and rain water there.(Should be plenty of rain!)(I advise tents and sleeping bags ON YOUR OWN. Go bush as they say out here. High up as possible. And as far from the coast and cities as possible. Keep away from buildings(which will fall). (Little should remain standing!) Trees will be falling too, so be careful! Your best chance of surviving. But need a cave!(A good DEEP one!)(Though other humans and animals may have same idea. So go where few go!!) As stuff will be falling from the sky. And the ground should be shaking continually.




I expect THE HEAT to kill many. Nibiru is VERY hot. A planet seething with erupting volcanoes.




Nibiru will cause a Pole Shift. Leading to an inversion of The Earth. The sun will rise in The West afterwards.


The Earth is going to turn upside-down. Physically. Geographically.






You may be lucky, and get evacuated by aliens. This is WHY they are massing above RIGHT NOW!! It is why UFO’s have been increasing in numbers and sightings.


Lucky ones will get housed in Mother Craft high above. And some may be taken to other planets.






THE EVENT now only months ahead will be the biggest EVER(including future) experienced by Man on Earth.






The few survivors(a few million people) will start civilization again. Back to The Stone Age,etc. In a new ICE AGE.


There will be a period of darkness(for some). As The Earth stops rotating. For two or three days. Then starts to spin again, upside down, going the OTHER way!!




This is what we can EXPECT!










WATCH the positions of the stars,etc. And where moon and sun rise and set. When The Earth inverts, all the stars will seem to fall, of course. North Pole will become South Pole.






This happens every few thousand years. Because Planet X, Nibiru, HAPPENS to pass so close to The Earth in its trajectory!(It has(or had) an orbital period of 3,600 years. But some say that this is now 2,118 years or something like that. But WHY? After going billions of years in 3,600 year orbits.)




You should find what I am saying to be very accurate.




Nibiru LITERALLY plays SKITTLES with our Solar System every 3,600 years! I think it has already destroyed FOUR planets, and those it only passes by – suffer severe damage.






We shall very anxiously watch it appear larger and larger in the sky as it gets closer. Hoping that it won’t hit us. It shouldn’t do.(IF it does, it will be the first(and last)time!!)






Watch to the south. Near to Orion.








It is ALREADY visible to the naked eye. As a small red spot. The Russians are tracking it.(That small red spot will grow…AND GROW…)






NASA dropped it like a hot potato!








It was THEY who found it!!











Now here are two novel ways to improve your life. They occurred to me this morning. I wish to share them with you.


If you had amnesia and could not remember what happened yesterday, wouldn’t you wish to recall it?




Well, shouldn’t we be interested in knowing what happened in PREVIOUS LIVES(Super-days)?!




It is possible to find out, via a GOOD hypnotist(into age regression,etc.).




Learn what happened, what you did, in previous lives(and interregnums(the periods between lives in the spirit world))




And, if you are interested in what you will do in FUTURE lives, it MAY be possible to go view the lives to come – via age PROGRESSION! And in future interregnums.(Incidentally also in past and future DAYS, including nights(what you do when asleep)(Spirit sometimes leaves body during sleep.)(And goes a-wandering!)(Knowing what you will do in future DAYS should be VERY interesting!!)(Including on the day of your death!!)








Though it should always be possible to switch to a parallel time track!!








If you see yourself dying in a plane crash, then you could avoid flying. At least on that fateful day!






These are only suggestions. The details need working out.








The point is this: If Parallel Time tracks exist, then we can change to another one.




This raises the question: If I see myself in an unpleasant situation, can I avoid it? Like with the plane crash. Can I switch to another time track even though I have seen myself get onto that plane!






Yes. It is not set in stone. I can change the future.




I can even change the past! Go back – and take a better route!! Get onto a better time track!!








Now that is HANDY. But you will need a GOOD hypnotist who is into age regression,etc. And the money and time to invest!!




You will see yourself taking Route A. On one map. That is the route you originally took.


So you take Route B, a better route. On a second map.




Lay a second map on top of the first one. It is a case of using the second map. Where you take the better route, Route B.






Time is not linear. It is a field. I can go back and go a different route!(Though I cannot change the fact that I went the route I did first time.)(The LATER route is the route that scores.)


Similarly with The Future.


Picture the second map overlying the first one. Both maps exist. Go back and take the top map!


You haven’t (you can’t) alter the fact of the first map, the route you originally went. But you can on a second map take Route B, the better route.


You cannot alter the fact that you have taken the route you did, but you can on a second map – take a different route.






It is the route you take LAST that counts the most.












Find a good hypnotist into age regression,etc.























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