ZZ28 Latest on Nibiru. DON’T miss it!!

Monday, 30th April, 2,012.





The latest on Nibiru.




Nibiru is one of a number of names given to Planet X, an alien planet captured from Sirius B by our sun, Sol, about 4 billion years ago. This planet is REAL, it EXISTS. It is NOT some hare-brained notion. But because wolf has been called so many times, few believe it.

I have studied this very closely for about 12 years. It has a trajectory which takes it close to The Earth. The most likely date for a pass(It will pass us twice, once coming in to the solar system – and once going out, rather farther off. First time it will wipe out nearly all life forms upon Earth. Second time, very little. It will destroy this current Aryan civilization(so-called civilization). It is about the size of Saturn. Is yellowish red, VERY volcanic, VERY hot, VERY evil. It looks like a small second sun, a V-shaped comet, a black disc, a big red moon.)(Comet Elenin has gone. But Nibiru LOOKS like a comet a bit.)(The Ancient Sumerians described it as a V shaped winged Horus, and THAT is PRECISELY the shape of the huge object NOW closing upon us!! It ALL fits. I think it is better to know – than not to know.)



Its orbital period was originally 3,600 years.(Note that SIMULTANEOUSLY with this event, called THE EVENT, The Wobble of The Earth will peak(December 21st, 2,012.A.D.). The Wobble is due to the gravity of Sun and moon playing on The Equatorial bulge,etc.of The Earth.)(This Wobble ALONE usually produces a cataclysm every 6,500 years.)(Thus TWO(cataclysms)will occur. The first is starting up NOW, and peaking Dec.21;2,012. The Second will occur within about a year. Most likely date is July 21st, 2,012. Which is just under 3 months ahead.


The reason for CHEMTRAILS by the way is apparently I believe to cool Global Warming(Which ended in 1998!). Chemtrails are vapour trails purposely being emitted by a number of aircraft employed for the purpose. This is global. It is seemingly to counter Global Warming.(Allegedly due to fossil fuel burning by Man(Which is LUDICROUSLY small. A wicked ridiculous SCAM!!))(0.004%(Even Nature only produces 0.016%)(Of all global warming)(Global Warming is due to the approach of the very hot Nibiru AND the rising magma ex centrifugal force of The Earth’s Wobble. It is a cyclic thing, has NOTHING to do with Man’s industrial or domestic usage or wars,etc.) It was started in January, 2,010.(But Global Cooling began after 1998!)(Between this deliberate cooling by Man, AND the paucity of sun-spots a few years back, a cold era is being created.)(The next ICE AGE will begin IMMEDIATELY after Nibiru has passed!!)(It should last anything up to a thousand years.)(Creating TERRIBLE famine,etc.)


The particles from The Un-necessary Chemtrails are killing crops, and via that – humans and animals!!

I can only give you MY VIEW. Which I think is VERY accurate. I have both theory and evidence on my side.

There are too many people on the planet. And too much traffic. Humans are also still very spiritually unevolved. Though technically evolved – thanks to a deal made with aliens in exchange for technology.(They give us advanced technology if we let them abduct humans and animals,etc.)(To create a HYBRID race.)(Which is well advanced.)

Apparently we were created long ago by The Realians, aliens.(From The Pleades?)(But it seems The Annunaki aliens modified our genes in order for us to be made slaves to mine gold for them(To eject as particles into THEIR atmosphere(On Homeward planet) to INCREASE the amount of heat and light reaching them.(Their planet accompanies Nibiru WAY OUT in its VERY elongated trajectory, so it gets VERY dark and VERY cold otherwise.))



Claimed to be BALONEY by a large number of skeptics, I find that their claim is FALSE. They are undestandably afraid and have gone into DENIAL. But that gets us NOWHERE!!(Because PRANK mad Johnny has fooled us many times, is no reason to conclude he is wrong THIS TIME. He is right THIS TIME!! But WE NOW are FOOLED into disbelieving him!!)(It is(analogy)LIKE having Johnny see how far he can fill the bath upstairs, whilst there is a river over-flowing(unbeknown to us)AT OUR DOOR. So the simple minded THINK that the cause of the trouble is the over-flowing bath!! NO!! It is the OVERFLOWING RIVER OUTSIDE!!)(Analogy,remember!!)(There isn’t much time left Earthmen(including me) to WAKE UP. But you had BETTER do so, – and FAST!!)

It is policy of world, especially West, to DENY ALL wonderful and marvellous FACTS.


If Nibiru is so big and so close WHY cannot we see it?! We can!! It is now looking to THE NAKED EYE like a small red spot, inside a cloud HAZE of red-yellow PARTICLES. STILL far too distant to be much noticed.(NASA,etc. have BANNED ALL reporting by astronomers and ANYONE saying ANYTHING about it! Even governments and media,etc. are BLOCKED from mentioning ANYTHING about it.(Though NASA found this object back in 1983. Denying it strenuously within A WEEK – once they discovered its size. Shelters and bunkers being built in a number of countries. And seeds stored,etc.)(The only thing puzzling me is its size. Is it 5 times (linearly) Earth, or is it Saturn sized. Though perhaps THAT is Saturn-sized! That needs checking!)

Neptune and Uranus, as well as Sun,etc. are being increasingly DISTURBED by SOMETHING. Perturbations. Pluto-Charon was evidently a double satellite of Neptune. Nibiru(Planet X)’s orbit of the sun is ABOUT twice as far out(from the sun) as Neptune is. So it is a VERY long way out.

I do not understand WHY the existence of ANOTHER large planet out way past Neptune is absurd! It is THE ONLY THING that makes SENSE!! Explaining the perturbations to everything in the solar system AND the PERIODIC CATACLYSMS.(Sinkings of Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis, Poseidon – the last three.)(Huge civilizations upon very big CONTINENTS.)


Titius-Bode’s gravitational and mathematical LAW FITS this object(Planet X, Nibiru.)!


EVERYTHING is indicative OF IT!!



WHY are The Authorities denying it? To keep OPPRESSIVE CONTROL of us. AND to avoid mass panic leading to MASS PANDEMONIUM!!

ALSO, there is obviously NOT ENOUGH room to house 7 to 8 BILLION people,ETC.(So you and I are being sacrificed so that the blue-eyed ones can be saved!!)(Well, it is human nature!!)


IF The Authorities announced End of Civilization within a year, there would of course be MASS RIOTING all over the world.(And we have seen what the rebellious can do!!)(Cities will get destroyed by them,soon.) So The West(at least) has been IN DENIAL all along.(I am meeting tremendous resistance and opposition to telling you.)(But I THINK(perhaps wrongly) that THE PEOPLE should be informed. Though I have GRAVE MISGIVINGS about this.)(The people, in general, are not sensible, and so would create ADDITIONAL harm. I fear that this is right! But! I INSIST that IF we went down WITHIN The Earth that we could save the BEST of everything – so to start(Life and civilization, so called) again once conditions permitted.)



CLEARLY, as disasters,etc. proliferate, SOMETHING is causing this, and we are heading very rapidly for A CLIMAX!!

The Earth IS hollow. And IF we got the best specimens of everything pertinent SAFELY WITHIN The Hollow Earth(And lived upon The Inner Surface!), then we would at least be sheltered from the HAIL of DEBRIS falling from NIBIRU’s TAIL!!(The alien planet Nibiru is being PRECEDED(sic) by a very big long TAIL of boulders, red dust,ETC.)(We entered this tail some years back. Red dust has begun falling. Red rain reported recently in India. Which is understandable!)

THIS is MY REASON for telling as many as I can reach(which be pitifully FEW), WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN WORLD WIDE)(To give us a chance to GET WITHIN(Not within the SHELL of The Earth, but WITHIN THE HOLLOW of The Earth!!)(Which is WITHIN THE SHELL!!))



Otherwise I would be silent!(As speaking out ONLY brings me trouble!)(Which I can ILL afford!!)



I am HATED and LOATHED for my trouble.



IF you ignore me, HOW are we going to RE-SEED this planet??!! DO tell me!!



Yes, you may regard me as Noah 2!




Except that I have NO ARK. The only arks are alien ships HIGH ABOVE, now MASSING to descend and save THEIR CATTLE!! WAKE UP Earthmen!!(I am one.) This is NOT baloney!! THAT is principally why the ufo sightings,etc. are increasing!)



We are their cattle, you see!! Being SO far advanced technologically than us. Though they are perhaps less spiritually advanced, and lack our genetic advance(though that puzzles me)(There are of course MANY different species of ALIENS.)(They are similar to us with their variations and fads.)(A few are friendly. Many are not. But Nibiru is being USED as The Flagship of The Galactic Fleet TO SAVE THREATENED PLANETS. Like our is NOW!!)



PLEASE listen to me. We have SO little time left!!




I want the best for us all. No SANE person would want otherwise.




As a born-again Christian(NOT the fundamentalist kind!), a believer in GOD,CHRIST, Jesus and doing GOOD and HIGH,though I fail increasingly. I would have to be VERY sick in heart and mind to be jesting with you!!



An AWFUL lot of us are about to die horribly and terribly. Don’t ANY of you CARE??



So FEW know anything about what is to happen!(And so it is every time.)




The trouble is you see the many negatives among us are only too(so completely!)successful at thwarting the efforts of the good and the high!! And so news like this so little surfaces!! Maybe that is best. But HOW do we CONTINUE Humanity,etc??!!




WHY isn’t Nibiru IN EVIDENCE?? IF it exists and is coming.



BECAUSE there is a VERY successful Conspiracy of Silence and Denial,etc. about it, as with ALL very important subjects, simply because the negatives among us are so many, so strong, so quick, so cunning!! YES!!




We are being LIED to, about ALL important things!!




July 21st, 2,012 seems to be the most likely date. But PERHAPS it will be as late as September,October or November, 2,012. HARD to say.



This red dust is DEADLY poisonous, and it will pollute our crops and WATER!!


Anywhere from a third of all life to all bar a few million are expected to perish!



Antarctica was Atlantis!, a continent, not a city!



The huge island in The North Atlantic that sank in the last Nibiru passing was Poseidon, NOT Atlantis! It was WRONGLY called Atlantis.(The one that Solon, high priest, and Plato mentioned.)




Signs of Nibiru’s approach:(Some of them) – Increasing disasters, growing heat and light. Alterations to Earth’s axial tilt! And the changing magnetic pole! Yes, we can expect a Pole Shift. The Earth will PHYSICALLY INVERT!!



Things are JUST starting to play up.




It is NO good panicking. Won’t get you ANYWHERE.




The ONLY PRACTICAL entrance to THE GREAT WITHIN is very near to The North Geographical Pole!!


Sail or fly in. I mean go in by ship or plane!! Lush(Steady 76 degrees F.Or it may be 72.) down there. Viable. Land where it is good. But you likely won’t come back.(There is a friendly race of giants down there. Everything is giant there! But there are also wild men, wild animals, PREHISTORIC animals,Mammoths, Dinosaurs, and so on!!)

You can fly in through near South Pole too.


There is a third entrance near Nepal somewhere.



I am telling you what I know. I know no more than what I have said.


USE gyroscopes! As compasses fail near poles. Use dead reckoning. As few landmarks!




There are also entrances via hundreds of miles of CAVES at various places.




It is not me you need to contact. Because I am telling you what I know.




Search Internet for more information. But it takes a LOT of sifting out!!









GOD help us ALL!!










Vic.(I have TOLD you. I cannot do more.)















One Response to ZZ28 Latest on Nibiru. DON’T miss it!!

  1. donna says:

    There is lots of evidence in the bible about nibiru,its just not called nibiru.
    In isaiah 54 ;16,17 isaiah talks about a wepon that God made called the spoiler,to destroy..then in isaiah 33;16 it says that He will dwell on hihh and His place of defence will be the fortress of rocks.then in isaiah 30;27-32 .it describes what the indiscribes His wepon,and the Kolbrin says.they are one in the same..then look at isaiah 33;17 your eyes will see the King in his beauty they will see the land that is vety far off 18, your heart will meditate in terror.all through isaiah talks about the devistating effects of nibiru.except it is not called nibiru,planet x, or any of these names that man has given it.imattew,mark ,and luke the Lord talks about the devestating effects that the earth will suffer at His return,mountains will be moved out of their place.it will be like the days of Lot,and the days of Noah.so nibiru was here in those days.and in Malachi 4:1-3 talks about the Sun of Righteousness shall burn them up,but there is healing in His wings for His people.it is talking about nibiru,but God calls it the Sun of Righteousness.now go to 1corinthians;8-11.we should not tempt Christ as some of them did and were destroyed by the destroyer.that is nibiru,God callsit thedestroyer

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