ZZ27 The way to THE STARS!!


Sunday, 29th April, 2,012.










Is taking Kerosene worth the risk?

And 2012,AT END of article!!(Don’t miss!!)









In this article I show you a way to live disease free and to get young and stay young.


I also show you how to die and live on better.




AND how The Earth can leap up in vibration, especially by CONTEMPLATING the re-birth of our sun,etc. as December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. dawns!!




All the best!!










Drinking SOME(Kerosene. But ONLY gargling(??) or mouth washing, a limited quantity, can cure just about all diseases, and fast.


There is a snag: If you get it into your lungs, you may die of Chemical Pneumonia. Possibly, perhaps certainly! VERY quickly!!


You can get it into your lungs by either vomiting it out, or swallowing it the wrong way!!(Do YOU do that often? You might, of course, on a strange alien substance like kerosene!)(The shock might send it down the wrong way, and maybe goodby you FAST!!)


Catching your breath whilst vomiting takes some into your lungs. As does having it go down the wrong way!!


Your body system could well vomit out so alien a substance! Kerosene is like petrol drinking!(Petroleum hydro-carbon stuff. The stuff used for fuel in most vehicles, planes,etc.too.)


I do not think it is worth the risk.


However!! If you have and are possibly dying of cancer or diabetes or some such disease you MAY consider the risk worth taking!!(Or even if you merely HAVE a deadly disease, but are not dying(yet).)




It is your choice and call. A personal risk. A DEADLY GAMBLE!!




I believe BOTH Lugol’s Mixture and Kero are VERY effective. But both can KILL. So DO take care!!




I would say you need to work out the odds against you through disease,etc. And the odds for you(less risk odds). And go by the balance!!






IF you take kerosene successfully, you should quickly eliminate all deadly disease you may have. AND slow ageing right down in the process!!






Now these are gains not to be sneezed at. And kerosene is legal and cheap.




It is called PARAFFIN in U.K.Etc.(Isn’t there a substance called LIQUID PARAFFIN you can take medically?)(There used to be, perhaps?)






Gargle daily with Lugol’s Mixture!(It contains iodine.)(The idea is to get back the idodine Big Pharma and Big Medicine are depriving us of, so they can get rich,etc!!)(It is marked POISON on my bottle. So I do not think you can drink it, even minutely!!)(Our systems NEED SOME iodine.)(Eastern Europe used to take Kerosene.)




Don’t(so much, anyway) go by what I am saying on Kerosene and iodine, but, if interested, go look at Australian Nexus Magazine and read both articles.


Volume 19, Number 3. Iodine The Perfect Panacea, by Elaine Hollingsworth, page 19. To 24, inclusive. Page 25 is interesting too.




The Kerosene article follows on almost immediately. On page 27. To Page 32, inclusive. By Walter Last. January 2012. Followed by an interesting advert!




Nexus magazine articles are interesting. On way out scientific and technical subjects.(Esoteric,etc.)




Both articles are copyright.






Quite a number of good medicines on the market. But of course they all cost money.




Budget so many accordingly.








I hope this article of mine has been useful.









By the way: Regarding 2,012, especially December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. It is important to know that the date marks a RE-BIRTH rather than a destruction! A spiritual or divine re-birth up to a higher vibration!

I do not know how NIBIRU, Planet X, got in on the act, but it is a NEGATIVE! Its purpose is to eliminate the low folk – who are holding back humanity and the animals,etc. By their contstant negativity. Pulling them down every time they try to go up!(But there is A PRICE on that! Be warned, and take ALL heed!! If you drag others down, perhaps out of ENVY(YOU may consider God has made a mistake making certain people happy or advanced, and try to adjust things!)


The price the wicked pay(for their negativity)(The wicked or evil ones are they who do more harm than good. I suppose we all do some good. And all do some harm. What happens is that the vibrations of YOUR SOUL get reduced PROPORTIONATELY to the harm you do, and you suffer accordingly in this world and life, AND after death, AND in future lives!! UNTIL you have paid off the debt!(Which can be done by REPENTING and ATONING!!!! You burn it OUT from your heart! And THEN do ALL the good that you can!!(Repentance is not just saying sorry!)(Saying sorry is too easy. If you MEAN it, it may help, but you have to redress the balance!!)


You also pay by failing to ASCEND at the end of the age(like now!)(December 21st is the closing date for entries!!), and you will then get left behind.(Not get rescued by aliens.)


If you fail badly enough, you will get despatched to a lower planet!


If you succeed well enough(if you raise your vibrations ENOUGH), then you may get evacuated by aliens, even transferred to a better planet. You may also ASCEND(in vibrations).




Remember that sex, drugs, dope(pharmaceutical drugs), and doing sin and wrong,etc.(seven,etc.deadly sins too), all vice… will LOWER your vibrations.






The longer you live, the more time you will have to go wrong. But right,too,of course, IF the world will let you!


Jesus had a good try,and got crucified. But his soul went to HEAVEN!!!!








And a VERY high heaven,ETC.










So it matters EVERYTHING how the individual concerned BEHAVES!!












Now concerning(I digressed a bit there.) the date of The Great Change, December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.(Is WHEN The New Age begins.)




It is IMPORTANT to know WHY and HOW this BIG CHANCE occurs:-








1. Earth and Sun align with The CENTRE of The Great Dark RIFT at The Centre of The Milky Way Galaxy(which we have become part of).


If you study photographs of The Great Dark Rift, you will see(As The Mayans,etc. observed!) that it is like a BIRTH CANAL! Now when the sun(in 2d view)passes down this birth canal at the very time that the dark rift(birth canal) CROSSES The Galactic Equator ECLIPIC, THEN the next New Age gets BORN!!


It is a GREAT EXIT which comes around periodically.


A cause for the greatest celebrations!




We know it as The Galactic Alignment.


At that moment(Sunrise on December 22nd, 2,012.)(YOUR sunrise.)




At that moment The Astronomical Age of Aquarius begins,too.








It is also when The Wobble of The Earth peaks.








AND it is when Planet X, Nibiru, arrives to pass The Earth!!(To RID The Earth of all creatures holding it and its inhabitants back!!)




(x is for my benefit. Where I have saved.)






TRUE MATERIAL Salvation by the way is being saved from Nibiru. Which raising your soul’s VIBRATIONS(By Meditation, Prayer,Divine Yoga and The Sutras(Understanding of The Scriptures. The teachings of the saints and sages,etc.)


Yes. Gardening helps!!






Nibiru ends civilizations on every second pass(I do not mean the contempory RETURN passage each time!) of The Earth.


This occasion is a second pass. So we are FOR The Chop!!






First passes go into the OUTER solar system.


Second passes go into The INNER Solar System. Where The Earth is.










The CROSS is SO very important!




The big cross is where Sol, our sun, crosses the centre of the great dark rift at the centre of The Milky Way Galaxy. But above all where the trajectory of the sun’s passage down this birth canal cross the Galactic Ecliptic(Equator).




The Christian symbol is THE CROSS. So APTLY chosen!!








Four other crosses ALSO occur!! All around the big crosses of The Birth Canal, The Great Dark Rift.






It is important to note that we are PART OF Orion’s BELT!! Those three stars so prominent in the night sky.




What I mean is that in 3d,we would form a T junction. Us being at the bottom of such T!(Do you understand?)






I KNOW this because I worked out(it took me eight gruelling years) the PROPER and correct(TWO different meanings!) disances to the heavenly bodies and fields, stars, stellar clusters, galactic clusters and the QUASARS,ETC!!!!) And then MAPPED the entire cosmos!!






Note: We are part of a small galaxy crashing into The Milky-Way Galaxy, and not ORIGINALLY from The Milky-Way Galaxy!






And Nibiru, Planet X, is ex Sirius B!








There is also a Greater BELT, much farther out!!






The Pyramids and towns in Egypt are laid out to replicate Orion’s Belt!!






Sirius B orbits(or did) Sirius(A)




We are from The Pleiades originally. But Sirius took us over.




Also The Raelians begat us, I understand!




If you punch in The Raelians on your browser, you can learn much about(Intelligent Design) about this group!








Alycone is The Great Central Sun which Sol, our sun, revolves around.(Every 26,000 years I believe, probably THIS TIME too! Possibly anyway.)(And MAYBE one circuit of The Milky-Way Galaxy takes 260,000 years.(Or is it 26,000? Or 25,000, perhaps.))






The Internet is jam packed with articles, stories of all kinds. Most are very interesting. Some are by skeptics.








All I know is that an event of the greatest importance in human history (26,000,000 years?) is ABOUT TO OCCUR! It is called THE EVENT.




It is when the sun’s trajectory crosses The Galactic Equator. AND when the sun exits the dark rift birth canal(At the centre of The Milky Way Galaxy per 2d view!!)(A DOUBLE feature.)






It marks the ending of the old age, and a new beginning!!








Plus the ending of MANY cycles.(All that are relevant to us.)












Some will transit(die physically only)(Pass into The Spirit World.). Some will ascend. Some will get evacuated by aliens. Some will survive(A few million) – in a New Stone Age amid the start of a new ICE AGE. And some may escape down The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole. And enter The GREAT WITHIN.(The Earth is hollow.)(I do not mean that the shell is hollow(that is merely tunnelled). I mean that they will live upside down upon THE INNER SURFACE, yet FEEL right way up, as Gravity will point upwards!






Any questions??








Oh,yes, 2,013,etc. will surely come! But WILL YOU be around to see it??!!


THAT is the question!!








December 21st, 2,012 marks the end of the age. But Nibiru should arrive BEFORE that date! Some time in 2,012, probably. Not likely Early 2,013.






Though some say 2,014.A.D.








Happy landing!!









































































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