ZZ26 We need a GOOD calendar!

Saturday, 28th April, 2,012.





We need a GOOD calendar! Not The Current Gregorian one!





We urgently need to get rid of this harmful calendar that we are using, and switch to a better one! One preferably based on Moon Cycles!

Our present calendar is very mathematically unsatisfactory and causing massive trouble. NEED to drop it as soon as POSSIBLE!!

A Lunar Calendar based on 13 x 28(Plus 1.5 days.) days, would be mathematically better.(Gregorian Calendar is not amenable to factorizing,etc.)

31 days in January, 28 days in February, except leap years when 29, etc. is extremely cumbersome. And causing very much trouble.



13 months of 28 days should be better. Have 29.5 days in the thirteenth month.

Try to think in terms of number of moons and suns,again!!



When we say How many days in a month? How many months in a year? How many years since Christ, and so on – we are working MATHEMATICALLY.

But when we try to fit to Astronomical orbits, we are into orbits not mathematics!


All being needed to be dove-tailed into our needs. Like when to plant, and so on.


Calendars are ways for marking off TIME. But since Earth,Moon and Sun,etc. are so unrelated, we really do need one calendar for each heavenly body. Number of Earth rotations:Days. Number of Moon revolutions about The Earth: Months. Number of Earth revolutions about The Sun: Years. – and so on.


I don’t know. I have not studied this.


Why not have 13 months, then 1.5 days. And start again. Every year.




What about 3 calendars. All going simulaneously. Moon calendar. And a Sun calendar. Moon calendar showing where you are per moon, in days since last new moon. And Sun calendar showing where you are per sun. Number of days since last Earth orbit of sun. Then a calendar showing number of years since Christ.(Or might I suggest number of years since last passing of Nibiru(Planet X)?)(Though I hear this may be Nibiru’s last passing of Earth.(But I do not see how .)(Why? What is going to stop Nibiru from continuing on and on…?))(Incidentally, IS its orbital period less now?? 2,800 years? No longer 3,600 years. How come??)


A calendar is a device for marking off time. We use moon, sun and then number of suns since last big event. Unfortunately Earth, Moon and Sun are not in synchronization! There is no obvious relationship between them.


I understand the sun goes around Alycone(In The Pleiades.).


So, logically, we need to measure our circuits of Alycone, and then circuits of Alycone going around the spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster that we are in.


And so on.





Unfortunately Man AS A WHOLE is very disorganized. He has virtually NO organization AT ALL!! On the contrary – is in utter chaos!!


The circuits of the heavenly bodies and fields are organized though.


Though, as said, Earth,Moon and Sun just don’t interfit easily, if at all.














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