ZZ25 A panacea. Kerosene. Can cure cancer,diabetes and many other diseases.

Wednesday, 25th April, 2,012.





A panacae, – Kerosene!(Can cure cancer and diabetes,etc. Makes and keeps you young too(it can do)!!)(Well known cure in Eastern Europe.)(Do NOT expect support from ANY medics!! Say NOTHING to THEM!! Big Pharma, Big Medicine thrive on our diseases!)(So EXPECT very angry DENIAL from THEM!!)(Don’t mention to Doc!!)




Who would have thought that KEROSENE was a PANACAE? It certainly seems to be. It can cure Cancer, fast. And most, if not all, other diseases, like Diabetes for instance. (I disclaim ALL responsibility and accountability for what I am saying here. PLEASE note!!)(ACCORDING TO a Walter Last…(More anon))

Called Paraffin in The U.K.And a few other countries.

There are certain caveats though(warnings). Of which PLEASE take NOTE!!(DON’T get it into your lungs. Like via vomiting, taking down the wrong way,etc.etc! – Or it can kill you.)(It is fatal in the lungs.)(Do or die sort of thing!!)


I obtained this information from Nexus Magazine(April-May(In Australia.) 2,012.) From an article therein called”Iodine, – The Perfect Panacae.)(Kerosene is ONE of a number of panacaes based on hydro-carbons and connected to Iodine.)(Don’t go by what I say about it here, but in that article!) Written by a Walter Last(January 2,012.).)(Anti-oxidants too figure n panacaes. As many diseases cannot stand OXYGEN!!)

I am ONLY referring you to the article!


If you go onto The Internet, punch in(web-site) http://health-science-spirit.com, you should turn up the article. Otherwise get Australian Nexus Magazine(an excellent magazine) April-May, 2,012 for it. If you wish to learn more about this.(I understand it cures cancer(SOME cancers,at least)fast.)

Remember! Dangerous(it kills) IF got into the lungs! So you MUST NOT vomit, take it down the wrong way, and so on! Keep it OUT of the lungs!!(Or it gives you a kind of pneumonia – which kills – or can kill(kills,I think)). SO be VERY careful IF you do take it!!

I suppose not many people drink kerosene – but there it is.(If you have a serious disease like cancer, then you may be glad to take that risk. But REMEMBER THAT risk DOES exist!!) I know nothing about it. Just going by what I read In Walter Last’s interesting article. It also makes (and keeps) you young(er)!! Good, EXTERNALLY too(like on the skin) I understand.


Lots of people have cancer, diabetes or other serious disease/s. I am thinking of them.(But PLEASE remember, I know NOTHING about it. Only going by Walter Last’s article!!)(JUST a referral!!)

All the best!

















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