ZZ23 World needs to improve!


Wednesday, 25th April, 2,012.










We need to change the world for the better,asap!










The world needs to be improved. Which is obvious.


The way to do this is to have ONE GOOD POWER which rules the entire world, and ENFORCES law, order – and IMPROVEMENT!!


The U.S. is TRYING, but UNO is hopeless.(As was The League of Nations before it.)




Emphasis seems to be on material, secular, physical and technological progress. But the most important thing is SPIRITUAL! THE DIVINE!!!!(Animals show us humans up!!)






There are too many people on the planet. Population control via birth control needs immediate implementation!!


There is a CRYING need to STOP producing more children!(We DON’T need MORE people! Time was when we did. But we don’t NOW. STOP promoting sex and reproduction!!)


All countries of the world need to do this.


Wars need stopping, as does Crime. But above all SIN and all wrong doing, need stopping.


There are only so many resources to go around. You dare not just keep on producing more and more humans!


Stop all wars via a World Policeman. U.S. has been trying for years.


There is UNO, of course. And The Security Council. But they have thus far failed.


We need to also tackle SIN and wrong, Crime, Poverty, Disease, Injustice, Education, Health, Unemployment, Traffic, and relations with Extra Terrestials,etc.




A colossal task, but which one day it is hoped will be achieved.




Drug Control, of course. But above all the banning of alcohol and smoking!!


The trouble is that it is almost impossible to force humans to do the best thing. They just resist obeying good orders and advice. And keep on undoing any good achieved.


We first also need to agree on what is best for us.




There is also Production and Supply.(There are many things of course.) Thre is Knowledge(Education).




And Employment.




A World Police – to enforce these things.




Obviously law and order produces the best results. We all NEED to get together – to enforce it.




Via rules and penalties.




Britain was top power until U.S. took over. Around 1943.




UNO keeps trying. But how HARD!!






At present Iran and North Korea are the main problem nations. Backed by Russia,China and Pakistan,etc.






Then there are The Extra-Terrestials,etc.






What is wrong with Mankind? He is evolving. And this is the stage he is currently at.


Alcohol is an OBVIOUS NO-NO. Yet humans just CANNOT or WILL NOT stop its abuse. It NEEDS banning!! A most glaring blatant NEED. LOOK at the harm it causes!!!!


We need to elevate our conciousnesses, and live from the higher self, not the lower!!




Jesus tried, but was crucified! The world remains too lawless. And it will be a VERY long time before it becomes law-abiding!!






So responsible-minded people keep on trying. But what a task!








Religions and philosophies try.


But nations have different ideas, and war against each other.








Will we ever get there? To a world permanently at peace. We need to KEEP ON trying!!






Nibiru,etc. And the aliens are now arriving.






Nibiru has a solution. Wipe- out or start again!!




We cannot tame Nature. We find it hard to even tame our selves.














KEEP The Ten Commandments,etc.


Love GOD, and love one another.






TRY to get off Sin and Wrong, Sex, Drugs, all vice. Get on to all virtues!!




Many know WHAT to do. But self-control is difficult.










Nibiru and Earth Wobble keep on occurring of course. And they bring huge problems, periodically. How hard for people of this solar system to progress and stay progressed!!




We face God’s wrath, The Devil’s wiles(The Forces of Negation.). Nature. And our selves.


We succeed or wallow permanently(even if we survive) in circumstances less than what they could have been. And they are bad ENOUGH!!




It is easy to talk.


But we DO NEED to TRY!!








How many(how few?!) will even try??




THAT is a question!!





















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