ZZ22 WHERE will YOU go when you pass on??


Sunday, 22nd April, 2,012.










Some warnings to the world!!










The world does not seem to be very clued up on the perils that lie ahead!


So I propose to list some of them, and spell out their dangers!




2. The biggest danger is Hell after death for those who have done more harm than good. In the measure that one has done more harm than good.


We currently live in a 3d physical world, a material plane. On a planet in space amid myriads, if not an infinite number, of worlds. Earth is a negative world. Technologically advanced to a degree, but very little spiritually. People do what they wish – so far as they can. Too many are living a RAT race,etc.(Dog fight,and so on.) I observe a world that is too negative. There are too many negative people pulling down too hard for the world to get anywhere spiritually. Even if you avoid physical hurt, it is almost impossible to escape the mental blows. It is one big game of GET THE BETTER OF THE OTHER FELLOW – or he will GET THE BETTER OF YOU. We are all guilty to some extent or other. Indeed it is a necessity in life to get the better of others to some degree! In order to SURVIVE!! So we have to CONSTANTLY WATCH THEM. Or we suffer, mentally at least. Emotionally.


Negatives constantly work all out at preventing positives from doing any good, and will destroy them if they can!(Negatives are evil and low people. Positives are good people. Animals are likewise. All creatures are engaged in this ceaseless battle. Alongside the struggle to get one’s daily bread,etc.to keep body and soul together. To live the best life that they can. For self and family,etc.(Naturally the negatives see the positives as evil and low. Though DEEP DOWN they KNOW!!))






There is a natural and on-going ANTIPATHY between the two groups, the good and the wicked.


I send this out – to try to help ALL people. And thus to avoid suffering as much as possible.


If we get caught in our evil deed,then we get punished by Man. And even if we dodge Mankind’s punishment, we suffer GOD’S in The Spirit World. Where we go that place, our home place, which we have qualified for. Hell is separation from God. But Hades is a set of increasingly(as we descend)set of PLANES(vibrational) – where, if we qualify for such, we suffer at the hands of the unpleasant inhabitants!! On the other hand, Heaven is being WITH GOD. And Paradise is a set of increasing(as we ascend)vibrational planes, in The Spirit World, where we find joys and pleasures amid those like ourselves.


Heaven and Hell are states or conditions of SOUL. Paradise and Hades are MATERIAL planes, albeit of a finer nature than this physical material world.


If we do more harm than good, then the weight of our soul increases proportionately – and we gravitate to THAT level in The Spirit World!! That is for sure.(Believe me, folks, we DO survive death!)(What men call death – is actually BIRTH. The shedding of this physical material body, this outer shell or skin we CURRENTLY wear!(It is NOT the end of us, merely the end of the physical vehicle!!).)




This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in life!! That we go to the best place we can after death!! Which is WHY the good are good, if they are not fools!!


The evil on the other hand HATE all Authority, and believe they should be allowed to do WHATEVER they like. And they do this TO THE MAXIMUM!!(We all do what WE like.)(Or we are not ourselves, but are fools.)


The good do good deeds to the maximum, wishing for the best outcome to their life.(Though one does not have to die to obtain pleasant results to one’s deeds!)


The wicked of course try to THWART the good folk, and the good folk TRY to convert them into doing good!!




Each side sees itself as good. (On the whole!!)




I suppose SOME of each side know what they are, if not all, deep down!!




To be good you usually need to believe in GOD, follow Jesus, be positive,etc. And constructive.


The wicked are just being their low selves. We all have to be our selves, and won’t do better – until we see the wisdom or necessity for it. Many wicked are WILFULY so. Some just don’t know any better.




There is a high self, and a low. The good live from the higher self. The wicked from the lower. Which they see as the way to go for them.(The GREAT need is to succour the higher self and live ONLY from that. Whilst starving out the lower self!!)




Neither(the good and the wicked) understands the other.






The necessity here is to repent and accept CHRIST(The Manifest Spirit of GOD.) IF you see your error. And henceforth live from CHRIST or GOD.(Jesus is Son of Man. CHRIST is SON of GOD. Both were in Jesus. CHRIST SPIRIT was 100% in Jesus, or very near.(CHRIST is GOD. Jesus was the best of men. CHRIST is GOD’S SPIRIT. Jesus a(the) most exalted man.)




Men naturally provide for the body. But we should, and NEED to be, more concerned for our souls!! Though we need to look after the body in order to stay in this world.






The important thing is to be your self, to be honest, and try to improve to the maximum Or you are cheating yourself. Any failure incurs SUFFERING for YOU!! We are all at varying degrees of evolution, and should not sit in judgement upon one another!!(Try to find out what it IS you came here to do. And DO it. To the very best of your ability!!!!)








Yes, we shall go to be with our own kind. But if you are wicked, that won’t be much fun!!






Birth actually was our death! DEATH is our BIRTH!!




When we got born we died to The Spirit.


When we physically die, we simply SHED this outer garment – that many THINK(wrongly) IS us, and get BORN again into The Spirit World. Hopefully with as few regrets as possible!! We ARE responsible and accountable for ALL that we do. Even from birth!!




Our actions change our soul’s VIBRATORY rates – and life treats us accordingly.







It doesn’t much matter(not at all, really) WHAT happens to our physical bodies!



The surprise for many is that we find ourselves still ALIVE after we have died. (In FACT, MORE ALIVE than EVER!!)Even though our physical body has been disposed of(buried or cremated, or WHATEVER).


The truth is that it is the physically alive that are dead, and the supposed dead VERY MUCH alive!!(Comparatively, of course.)(They AREN’T in the graves! They are in The 5D SPIRIT WORLD!!)






I am lucky to KNOW these things. So I share with you. Believe as you wish, but you WILL find, that it IS so.






We usually take a vacation in The Spirit World, until we wish to evolve spiritually some more!(The Spirit World is a set of material planes, getting finer, and we ascend as far as we can go before descending again after having gone as far up(the fifth dimension) AS WE CAN GO!!)(The only place we can go after that – is back into the physical. Most, usually enter some chosen feotus – and get born again.(Re-incarnation.)(I THINK we take on the shape(appearance) of the person we were last.)(Though, of course, we have to GROW to that!)(I am HOPING that we can just possess some WALK-IN adult, and save all the hard growing up!)(A WALK-IN is a physical adult(or some-such) VACATED(by passing on) for use by ANOTHER.)(Not all are happy with the physical vehicle they have chosen, and leave it.(Leaving that physical body still alive!!) But ANOTHER spirit coming back down into the physical MIGHT be glad of it!)(And takes it over – as its own.)(I just hope they will have passed all the best exams!)(It DOES save a lot of trouble!!)






Those who die before reaching maturity CONTINUE to grow up IN THEIR SPIRIT BODIES!!(If a child dies at aged 5, say, in the physical, it will enter Spirit – and finish growing up THERE!)




No one and NO THING ever dies!!


We are always at SOME level.








2. Nibiru, Planet X, continues its approach. It should reach Earth and pass it WITHIN the next year. (Probably some time THIS(2,012)year!!) Taking us all bar a tiny few into The Spirit World. It will wreak TERRIBLE havoc. Not likely to hit us. It hit Tiamat, The Pro-Earth.(Our moon was Kingu, ITS moon.)(Tiamat’s moon.) Creating our Earth.






3. I suppose you could, if you wished, enter an animal foeutus. But I imagine not too many do that.(No wonder some animals are so smart.)








4. I suppose we COULD stay in The Spirit World indefinitely(much easier materially there), but then we would not SPIRITUALLY evolve.(Which is MOST important!!)








And there you have it fellahs.(No hard feelings, you guys who hoped for extinction! It just will never be!!)(So make the BEST of yourself! YOU are going to HAVE TO live with what YOU have made!!)(Always!!)








So PLEASE do not worry about death, or not seeing loved ones again, including one’s pets.




Other spirits will be watching to take care we make the most wise decisions. Like NOT getting born a cock-roach, or some such creature!!




We cannot JUST do what we like. Other intelligences will be keeping an eye open.


You can get re-born in another country.(We move around quite a lot.) Another planet – will be much harder!!






The supreme thing is to not do so much wrong that our karma dictates we get re-born as a cripple or something unpleasant!!






VERY few of us should live to see the end of this year!




So I harp on death and the spirit world, and re-incarnation.






Good to know what is happening and the best way through!!










5. Is it warm (In S.E.Queensland.)for the time of the year? I think the reason for the increasing heat is the approach of Nibiru! A VERY hot planet.(Which resembles a brown or red dwarf star.) Also due if only in part to the extra magma being heaved up by centrifugal force from The Earth’s Wobble.(Which occurs every 6,500 years. Whilst Nibiru comes around every 3,600 years.(Though some say now it is down to 2,800 years.)(BOTH cyclic series are occurring SIMUTANEOUSLY right now!!))








6. I am very disturbed by the almost delirious attitude of some I see on Television.(Like the constant laughing on T.V. Channel 7 News for example.)


I am afraid MANY folk are in for a MOST AWFUL come-down!! WHAT as SHOCK so MANY are VERY SOON to be in for!!









7. Nibiru should appear – much like a big red full moon VERY SOON. Any time in fact. Maybe within weeks. And THEN shall IMMENSE TERROR encompass Mankind. AND the animals!!





8. Even THE SPIRIT WORLD will be damaged!!

































































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