ZZ21 Continuing Nibiru,etc.


Friday, 20th April, 2,012










I answer myself!! Nibiru,etc.










1. If there were a large object closing on Earth that would arrive within a year, it would be large enough to be seen!(My own question and answer!) By one, at least, of the 30,000 astronomers out there viewing the sky. And reported.


In The Infra Red? Coming in at an unusual angle from below the ecliptic? An object hidden in a cloud of red particles? Plus a golden haze?(It is reddish yellow in appearance.)


Yes, a FEW might see it, and report it.


But bear in mind that all comments by astronomers on this object are forbidden – by NASA!(And all reports are required to go THROUGH NASA!)(Thus effectively blocking it OUT completely!!)(Or they are not accepted as factual.)




There are many laymen with telescopes and naked eye photography,etc. who also have seen and report on it.


Photographs and videos HAVE been taken – OF this object!!




Simply punch in Second Sun and Nibiru,etc. on your browser and you will find a number of videos and reports,etc.


So the answer is, that despite the ban by NASA,etc., – that it HAS been seen, photographed, videod,etc. Reported on.




A second sun, a black silhouette against the sun, and a V shaped object, plus the now naked eye red spot, have all been shown. U-tube.etc.videos are good.




So I note that it HAS been seen! By a number. And reported.






But laymen don’t carry much weight. And there is such a thing as faking.


Also we need to eliminate mocks suns, lens flares, reflections and refractions, temperature inversions,etc.(Which has been done by some observers.)




Still a number of pictures and reports can be found upon videos,etc. on The Internet. Getting nearer for some YEARS,now!




I think we do need to allow for at least THE POSSIBILITY!!






Such a LOT is at stake. The possible hitting of our planet, converting it to asteroids INSTANTLY.


Or, at least the wiping out of NEARLY ALL life upon The Earth!!




Within about a year.




Either get down The North Geographical Pole(Best entrance to The Great Within – to at least escape the hail of boulders,etc.from ABOVE!!)


OR, get into a strong enough shelter. 20 feet of steel around you and deep caves would be good!!






However, conditions afterwards would be SO bad, that it were better to have died!!




Yes, a few million can expect to survive. But what sort of a life will they have? Remember that ICE AGE will be following! Due to so much dust blotting out the sun – for a very long time!!(Followed by famine,etc!!)




We NEED to warn POSTERITY of what they may expect 3,600 years(Or whatever it is now, 2,800 or 6,500 years hence.)ahead!! By time capsules.






Some have been kind enough to warn US.








2. If Nibiru is coming(and it is!), WHY haven’t the authorities warned us. And why aren’t some people to be put inside shelters and bunkers??




A number of countries have shelters and bunkers.(So some have reckoned on some colossal disasters soon!!)




Because although some shelters and bunkers DO exist, VERY FEW of 7 BILLION people COULD be accommodated!!




Only a special few could be chosen for survival and taken inside. I don’t rate our chances of being one of those few, – DO YOU??!!(A few thousand,perhaps, out of SEVEN BILLION(7,000,000,000)people.( A one in a THOUSAND chance!(1/1,000). Among candidates MOST unlikely to include YOU!! Even if ANY outside their SPECIALLY chosen ones were allowed!!






Naturally the authorities will select their best blue eyed ones, and the rest of us left to fend for ourselves – against almost impossible odds!!






And, unless you DO get down THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, your chances of survival are almost NIL!




And even then you would be BEST off!!(Dead)(UNLESS you can find a frindly giant Annunaki alien!)








Little food, any water poisoned by the red dust, all shelters smashed, roaming gangs of beserk men(few women would make it), and packs of CRAZED animals – also desperate for food and drink. And flesh and blood is food and drink!!




It would be dark, even in day-time, for a long time. howling winds, bitter cold. Blood and water everywhere. Plus what LOOKS like blood – water mixed with the red dust!! Who could distinguish?? Corpses all over the place. Amid almost total RUBBLE!! Humans and animals. Little light. Cold, wild,wet and hot,etc.








Only hope otherwise would be evacuation by aliens!!




As in that film(Starts with a C), you MIGHT be taken for a while to another planet. Or a Mother Ship high above.




Don’t commit suicide!!(Severe penalty in Spirit World for that!!)




You would be alone, and without electronic and electric equipment.




Very few would live long.


Just about all survivors would be injured.








Little would be left standing. And all sorts of junk would be crashing down from above – for a very long time.






Hell on Earth is to start immediately, and gradually build up to … UNBEARABLE.


Maybe Nibiru won’t arrive until December 21st, 2,012. Though probably will pass us sooner than that!!






No good leaving a will.




And who is going to bury you??






Apart from the increasingly high WAVES(sea,etc.), there will be growing HEAT, and worsening DISASTERS of every kind.


Nibiru is like a second SUN!! Radiating MUCH heat!!




Get near a good deep CAVE!!(Trouble is OTHERS (human and animal) will have thought of that too!!)(Everyone will be OUT of their MINDS, and in absolute TERROR – and HORROR!!!!)




You will need arms to SURVIVE!!




We are JUST entering THE VERY START of it all, NOW!!










All the best!!



































































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